Charming crochet stoles

In the wardrobe every woman of fashion must have a tippet. This fashion accessory will help you out very much, wrapping you with warmth and tenderness at any time of the year. And the models created with their own hands will not only complement your image, but also attract attention with their airiness and beauty. Crocheted hooks will become the highlight of your image and protection from the coolness of summer evening.

crochet stoles

Palatines, shawls, scarves ...

In the fashion world there is a huge variety of accessories, like stole, in which confusion often occurs. Let's see what is what.

Palatine - a thin rectangular product. Crocheted hooks are often openwork items that will adorn the evening outfit, complete the look and simply protect in cool weather. The sizes of palatines can be different, although most of them are about half a meter wide and one and a half to two meters long. This product can be used as a scarf or a cape.

A shawl is considered to be a large knitted shawl that leans on shoulders.They can cover the head or use it instead of a scarf. The most expensive is the shawl of lace.

A scarf is also a long knit that is wound around the neck. There are many methods of tying, each of which gives a unique and uniqueness.

Another accessory is a poncho. It is a cross between a cape and a wrap. This product is often square with a hole for the head. It can be worn instead of outerwear in the cold season.

These accessories complement the image favorably, give it a femininity. But at the same time, they are designed to protect from the cold, especially in the autumn.

crochet shawl

What are they made of?

In order to knit a shawl, a stole with a crochet hook, you need to get threads and a suitable tool. It should be remembered that when using a thin hook, the fabric is more dense. Therefore, depending on the figure, it is necessary to choose this tool. This parameter is always indicated in the description of a particular model.

Threads can also take any. Cotton, acrylic, merino, half-woolen - the choice depends on the personal preferences of the woman and on the season, which fit the product.

Palatines, crocheted knitted from simple cotton yarn, will save from the summer cool. A good stole will come out of the merino thread for autumn. For winter products, it is advisable to choose yarn from wool or mohair.

crochet stoles

Manufacturing Technique

There are many variations of crochet crochet stole. Some models are made in length, the loops in this case are typed over the entire width of the product, and the pattern is repeated according to the repeat.

Some products are knitted from individual, often floral motifs, which are further combined according to the scheme, forming the finished product. This technique of knitting is called patchwork. You can also alternate the finished floral elements with parallel long chains of air loops. This is what crochet is all about. The palatines connected with the help of this technique are light, airy, gentle.

When performing these products, almost all types of loops are used. Their combinations and alternation make it possible to end up with a beautiful, delicate, elegant and very stylish product.

crochet stoles


Undoubtedly, this part of the female wardrobe, as a stole, deserves close attention.Thanks to this accessory you can transform the simplest image, decorate it and complement it.

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