Characters "Lord of the Rings": to embrace the immense

The epic saga of Tolkien became a classic in the middle of the XX century. Books from the Lord of the Rings trilogy were read as simple housewives and schoolchildren, as well as professors at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard. The writer managed to create a whole world, holding it in three volumes. The characters of “The Lord of the Rings” seem to us to be real heroes. Their biography, history is described more carefully than any of the living people.

After the film adaptation of the novel, which was launched by the movie “The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring ”, Tolkien fans got the opportunity to see how the heroes of their favorite books look and talk.

The hobbits

The central hero of the saga is the representative of the glorious Hobbit tribe - Frodo Baggins. He is the nephew of another famous halfling - Bilbo Baggins, who is in the first part of The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring appears before us as a pensioner.

By the will of fate, the humble hobbit from the peaceful Shire becomes the bearer of an incredibly difficult and responsible mission.

characters "Lord of the Rings"To bring the ring of absolute power to the land of horror and darkness of Mordor and destroy it in the crater of the volcano - that is what determines the fate of the fantasy world. All free peoples of Middle-earth depend on the little man.

Samuise Gamgee, or just Sam, is a gardener and loyal servant of Frodo. He is fanatically devoted to his master and friend and at the most crucial moment takes on the unbearable burden of the Baggins mission.

Merry and Pippin are Frodo's best friends who accompany him on the campaign of the glorious detachment of the Fellowship of the Ring until its collapse. Modestly keeping the background in the first books, they actively begin to act independently in the third part of the saga.


This is the wisest and most ancient people of Middle-earth. At the meeting, which was held in Rivendale, from the elves to the Brotherhood to accompany Frodo delegated to Legolas. The Lord of the Rings was edited many times by Tolkien, and the original character of the forest elf was secondary. However, now it is difficult to imagine this story without Legolas and his unusual and strong friendship with Gimli - a representative of a tribe of dwarves, whom the elves dislike.

The characters of The Lord of the Rings are represented by a huge number of elves, many of whom are only mentioned in the novel. Among the acting heroes occupies an important place Galadriel - the wise mistress Loriena. She is powerful and beautiful. Her wisdom is immense, since she lives an incredibly long time, no less than seven thousand years. And her beauty battles even such a harsh and grumbling hero as Gimli, who, being a gnome, already a priori does not like all elves.Legolas "Lord of the Rings"

Elrond is another elven lord. He dominates Rivendale and is so wise that they turn to him for advice from all corners of Middle-earth. Elrond's daughter Arwen fell in love with a descendant of the ancient masters of Aragorn. But only if Aragorn could regain the lost kingdoms, he would receive permission to connect with a beautiful girl-elf.


The characters of “The Lord of the Rings” are adequately illustrated by representatives of the peoples of the people. Central among them is Aragorn, a descendant of the ancient family of kings, designed to contribute to the destruction of the power of Sauron and return power to the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor.

Boromir is a tragic and controversial figure.The son of the heir to Gondor, he is eager to get himself a ring of absolute power in order to fight Sauron with his help, and almost accomplished irreparable, seriously ruining his relationship with Frodo. However, he completely redeems his guilt, and, dying in an unequal battle with the hordes of orcs, thereby rescues Frodo and Sam.

"Lord of the rings, Brotherhood of the ring"

Faramir is the brother of Boromir, the second son of the heir to Gondor. His paths intersect with Frodo and Sam near Mordor, he participates in the terrible battle for Gondor and almost dies when his distraught father tries to die out with him. He finally finds his happiness with Lady Eowyn, the niece of Theoden, the ruler of Rohan.

Eowyn, like any woman, should stay at home while the men fight, but, in love with Aragorn, in the guise of a warrior, she goes to war with him. Realizing that his heart is occupied by another, she turns her eyes on Faramir.

Sauron, orcs and other villains

Tolkien conceived his epic story primarily as a fantasy for children and teenagers. The negative characters of The Lord of the Rings are therefore painted exclusively with black colors. There are no halftones here. If elves are beautiful in both soul and appearance, then orcs, trolls, goblins are unusually disgusting and do not cause any sympathy.

Sauron is the main villain and almighty black wizard.It is so terrible that it is not even directly described in the book or shown in the film. Only the Almighty Eye of Sauron penetrates the space of Middle-earth and inexorably attracts Frodo and his ring.

Saruman - a traitor and defector, formerly a bright magician, he chose the side of Sauron and reigned in Isengard. Having once betrayed, he is not averse to setting up his current ruler, but as a result he suffers a defeat, Gandalf deprives him of his magical power.

Gollum - the only negative character that can cause sympathy. In the shriveled emaciated body of the former hobbit, there is a constant struggle between two personalities. In the end, the ring-possessed Gollum takes over the unfortunate Smeagold, and the creature perishes along with its treasure.

Free peoples of Middle-earth

Orcs - a race of fierce and cruel monsters, created by the evil will of Sauron. After the death of their ruler, they scatter, no longer bound by the will of the dark magician.

Gandalf and others

Dumbledore from "Harry Potter", Obi Wan Kenobi, like twin brother like Gandalf, and this is no accident. Gandalf is a typical figure of a wise omniscient mage and mentor, whose image originates from Celtic myths and echoes the legendary Merlin.He accompanies Frodo and directs him, the decisions of the rulers and kings are impossible without the advice of the wisest wizard.

Fangorn, or Treebeard, is a colorful character who represents a tribe of the most ancient arboreal giant people, the Ents. He leads their campaign against Isengard against Saruman, who set out to destroy Fangorn’s beloved forests.

We have considered, of course, not all the characters of The Lord of the Rings. In addition to the above characters, numerous people, orcs, elves are mentioned in the epic, and each of them contributes to the creation of the immense world of Middle-earth.

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