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As the well-known proverb says, man is a wolf to man, and perhaps that is why people are so much looking for love in other earthly creatures. Indeed, according to statistics, in 70 percent of apartments or houses there is some kind of living creature. Hamsters, mice, cats, dogs, turtles and many others become urban residents. All these pets brighten up the loneliness of any person, and sometimes they become the soul of the whole family. Most often, the role of universal pets is occupied by dogs or cats. But it so happened that the usual representatives of their classes are left without proper attention, since modern fashion is chasing new breeds. Recently in a trend of a cat with short paws. Some analogue of dachshunds in the feline world.

History of origin

cats with short legs

Not every inhabitant of our country is known for the breed of cats with short legs. These animals are proud and warlike name - munchkins. For the first time such cats were seen in 1983 in America.And presumably the very first found on a street in Louisiana. One woman found a stray cat, which had small deformed paws, most likely due to various borne diseases and poor nutrition, and brought it home. After the cat got into the house, it was discovered that she was also pregnant. The day when the young were born, can be considered the moment of formation of a new breed. All kittens inherited the mother’s short legs, and, not least, they were completely healthy.

There is also a version that cats with short legs existed in Europe. It is rumored that they were seen in the battle of Stalingrad, but this information is not supported by any evidence.

The very name of the breed of cats Munchkin received from the mythical little men from the works of the Fairy Tale of Oz.

Breed features

Among each species of any animal, one can distinguish certain subspecies. The same can be done with the munchkin breed. Cats have the following varieties:

  • Ultra short.
  • Standard.
  • Dwarf.

The color and length of wool at the munchkins can be completely different. However, the eyes of these cats, unlike a fur coat, are quite ordinary.We can only note the characteristic for them the correct round shape.

It also happens that a kitten is born with ordinary paws, and there is nothing to worry about. Such individuals are carriers of the gene and are suitable for crossing. As a result, purebred cats with short legs will be obtained.

cat breed with short legs

Munchkin character

Many believe that little cats are much calmer than representatives of ordinary breeds due to their short legs. But do not underestimate them! Cats with short legs with excellent dexterity and decent speed can climb where they like. Munchkin tail is used as the fifth paw: with its help they can sit. At such moments, they are very similar to the kangaroo.

These cats have a very sweet temper. Calm, playful, very curious and peaceful, almost never showing aggression kittens will be excellent companions in games with children. Unlike other breeds, the Munchkins perfectly tolerate changes in their surroundings, as well as quickly and easily go into contact with new people, get along well with other animals. Moreover, there is an opinion among cat loversthat munchkins can be taught to the simplest teams.

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Whims of the Munchkins

Unlike ordinary cats, this breed has some amazing properties. For example, each individual has a craving for arranging caches. So that those who like the breed of cats with short legs, it is necessary to give up the bad habit of throwing their belongings throughout the apartment. Otherwise, you will have to look for them in all the secret corners of the house, which no one suspected.

In addition to hiding places, munchkins love to nest, which makes them look like dogs with their booths. If you have such a miracle at home, take care of buying a special house. And then the cat itself will be able to build a home from all the available means.

Not to mention the special love munchkins for walks in the fresh air. If you teach them from childhood to the leash, they will be very happy to regularly walk outside.

Required care

Munchkins first of all are the same cats, like all the others. They do not require any additional care, but the general recommendations are still worth mentioning:

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  • Regardless of what length of wool, cats need to be combed.If the coat is short, once a week is enough, and you will have to tinker with the long-haired much more.
  • Cats need to be washed at least once a season, while they can not wash their heads. If the munchkin is not afraid of loud sounds, then you can safely use a hair dryer to dry the wool. But otherwise you should not shock the animal.
  • Munchkin teeth should be treated with a specially designed paste for this purpose once a month, and eyes and ears should be cleaned only when necessary.
  • Once every two weeks it is worth remembering about clawing. Moreover, this process requires special care, because in the case of any rash action can damage the blood vessels, which are located in cats in the nail plate.
  • As for the toilet, it is better to take it more, because the munchkins are very large cleaners. They diligently accumulate their waste, trying not to walk only for a small need. When choosing a toilet, it should be remembered that its sides should not be very high, otherwise the cat on its small legs will not be able to climb there.
  • Vitamins for animals is better not to abuse. They are given only as prescribed by a veterinarian.

Favorite food

munchkin cats

In the diet Munchkin, you must always include high-quality dry food. In no case should not give them any food on a plant basis: because of the special structure of the stomach of cats, such food will be poorly absorbed. An alternative to dry food can be natural meat dishes.

Your pet should not be overfeeding much, food should be dosed. If this process is not controlled, then the cat will eventually suffer from severe obesity.

At any time of the day, a munchkin must have access to clean water, here they have no restriction.

Something about health

cat breed munchkin

The main questions that torment all cat owners are: "How often do Munchkins get sick and how long do they live?" You can calm down many now. The life of short-lapies is about the same as that of other representatives of the feline species - about fifteen years. The main factors that affect the longevity of a cat are comfortable atmosphere, good nutrition, care and lack of stress.

As for diseases, the main disease, which is typical for munchkins, is lordosis or spinal curvature.When it changes the cat's skeleton, and the load on all internal organs increases several times. But recently, experts in the field of veterinary medicine have argued that this disease is also observed in other breeds, and it is not worth associating it exclusively with the Munchkins.

Price range

Undoubtedly, a cat with short paws, a photo of which can be easily found in literature, has become the object of dreams for many people around the world. The popularity of this breed today surpasses not only in America, but also in the open spaces of our native country.

Not everyone knows that cats with short legs, the price of which varies from $ 250 to $ 800 per kitten, are not so widespread, and therefore it is quite problematic to acquire them. Most likely, you will have to work hard to find such a pet. But it is worth noting that the munchkins are worth it.

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