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Shopping on the Internet has long ceased to be something unreal and amazing. Today, to purchase something through the network is not difficult. It is enough to make several movements with the mouse, select the product, specify the delivery option and pay. The postal service and the delivery staff will do the rest for you. But with the advent of cashback services, shopping is much more profitable, since it is realistic to return a small percentage of the amount spent. For example, the Letishops service helps to do this. Reviewsabout this site we consider in more detail.

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For those who are not in the subject

To begin, let's be clear on what cashback services are. In simple terms, cashback implies a refund of a certain amount of money spent on purchases at specific online stores. In this case, this kind of bonus is compensated to the client with each purchase, but under certain conditions.

In most cases, in order to receive this discount, you need to go through a simple registration on the site of the service and install a special application or extension in your browser.For example, a similar registration with the possibility of installing the application is offered by the site LetyShops ("").

 Letisops Cashback

Get acquainted with the service closer

LetyShops is one of the most well-known cash back services for online purchases. According to users, the resource itself has been working for a long time. Currently working with more than 1155 online stores. Letishops regularly updates this list, works on the relevance of the site design and monitors the smooth operation of the support service.

What does the service offer to its customers?

At this time, the resource "" offers its customers to register, get a basic reward (up to 200 rubles bonus for registration) and start shopping.

To do this, select the appropriate store and start spending money. Under the promise of the site, this way you can return up to 30% of the cost of your costs for the purchase of goods. And then there will be a cashback credited to your account. But only after the store (in which the goods were ordered) confirms the purchase.

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Convenience of site navigation

According to many reviews, "Letishops" - a very convenient service. His official website is constantly updated with new services and features. Thus, the ease of navigating a web resource deserves special attention.For example, the site has the ability to select online stores. They can be sorted by popularity, category and even name. Now you know how to use Letishops. Everything is simple and extremely clear.

In addition, in front of each store a percentage of cashback is already available, which can be obtained after purchase. To go to the website of the online store you like, you just need to click on its icon once.

Easy and quick registration

If you pay attention to many reviews of "Letishops", thenmost of the users highlight the simplicity and speed of registration on the resource. According to the buyers, first you need to log in to the site using any existing account from the social network. Or it is enough to enter your e-mail address and set an uncomplicated password.

And then you will be prompted to activate your account and start shopping through the Letishops resource. In this case, the cashback will be available only after activating your account and making a purchase in any of the stores indicated in the list.

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Pleasant "buns" for new users

It is noteworthy that at the first stage, representatives of the resource actively support and encourage new participants.To do this, they give them the opportunity to appreciate all the delights of the Premium account, which is presented for several days.

After the specified period, this account becomes paid and, if desired, it can be paid and re-activated. And the amount for this is very symbolic. Also, site representatives can donate 200 rubles to the account, thereby encouraging your registration. These are the wonderful “buns” that the Letishops resource offers to its new customers. Cashback with an increased percentage is also one of the privileges for site customers.

However, to obtain it, you need to “cash in” a certain amount of money and go to the “Premium” account. And, of course, you need to get one of the following statuses:

  • LetyBronze (gives + 10% to a fixed percentage of cashback).
  • LetySilver (+ 20% received cashback).
  • LetyGold (+ 30% cashback).

But if you get one of these statuses, then increased cashback is guaranteed.And, of course, an additional bonus for you will becoupon code or promo code from Letishops.

 how to use lettershop

Convenient services and applications for users

As the representatives of the company themselves say, they care about the convenience of their users.For the same reason, they regularly introduce new services, services and other amenities. For example, not so long ago a mobile application was launched on a resource. It allows you to make purchases and receive cashback directly in your smartphone and phone. This application is available on Google Play, and soon will be on the App Store.

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Why download and install the extension?

For everyone who likes to shop online, the LetyShops service offers its own extension for existing browsers. It looks like a beautiful hummingbird bird, which is the Letishops logo. For Yandex.Browser, Opera, Safari and Chrome, you can download it directly on the website of the resource What is it necessary to do?

First of all, this extension is located directly in the browser that you use most often. It will let you know if the chosen store cooperates with the LetyShops service, whether it is possible with cashback and in what volume. Further installation of the extension will make it possible to activate the cashback in just one click. It will also tell you if a cashback has been activated or, for example, you need to reload the page.

Moreover, to search for suitable stores it does not necessarily go to the company's website. The entire list of available boutiques is in the extension itself.And, of course, this service will let you know about current promotions and discounts. The extension installed in the browser will inform about this. The same information is confirmed by many reviews of Letishops.

Letishops for Yandex

How to transfer credited funds?

Thanks to a large selection of options for withdrawing funds credited from the cashback, you can always transfer to a card, a virtual wallet (WebMoney, Kiwi, Yandex.Money). Also, this amount is quite realistic to spend on replenishing an account on a mobile phone. It can also be sent to your Paypal account.

According to users, each of the withdrawal options is quite working and necessary. However, many are frustrated by the size of the minimum amount for withdrawal. According to users, it can not be less than 500 rubles. Of course, to dial it is quite realistic if you make large purchases and often. But if these are small amounts, then you will have to make purchases for a very long time to withdraw funds. Actually, this moment and do not like most users.

How realistic payments on the service?

As many shopping lovers say, getting the long-awaited cashback in this service is quite real.Another thing is that sometimes the process of its enrollment may take more than one day. For example, there are cases when the response from the store where the purchase was made using the LetyShop service was not available for several months. Consequently, the promised cashback also temporarily hung up waiting.

Sometimes it happened when the credited cashback came back. This happens if you return a product or for some reason are not happy with the order received, open a dispute and expect a refund. Well, here it is understandable. Why should you pay for a purchase that you did not actually make.

Why are there negative reviews about the resource?

Sometimes there are negative reviews about the resource. In particular, some users are outraged that their cashback was not credited. However, as representatives of the resource themselves say, the reason lies in non-compliance with the rules for crediting a bonus or trivial errors. This is explained in Letishops. Promotional code or coupon code, for example, is best taken exclusively at the service site itself. All other coupons and promotional codes provided by the seller, can prevent the company counter to fix the real amount of your cashback.

In addition, before making a purchase, as recommended by the site administration, you should study the reputation of the seller and read the reviews. It is also useful to find out if cashback is available for a specific store in your area. It also happens that it is not available. In other words, it is always better to double-check three times than to place an order and then write angry reviews.

By the way, in the administration itself they always contact the buyer and resolve issues even in very conflict situations. The site support service is always in touch and is available from 9 am and 6 pm Moscow time. And only on working days.

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