Caring cosmetics "Planet Organic": reviews

The phrase "organic cosmetics" entered into modern everyday life quite firmly and is one of the most important indicators when choosing a care product. In this article you will learn everything about the well-known brand of natural face and body care products “Planet Organika”, reviews of which only prove the effectiveness.

"Planet Organic" - in search of beauty recipes

The history of the global brand began several years ago, when three ambitious girls decided to create a line of organic products for women. Today, Planet Organic is the largest manufacturer of natural cosmetics.

The uniqueness of the brand lies in the use of the latest technologies, allowing to apply the minimum amount of chemistry, but at the same time preserve the property of natural extracts and components of the products. In addition, according to the company's slogan, the composition for cosmetics is carefully collected from all over the world, meets all safety requirements and is completely hypoallergenic.

planet organics reviews

Organic cosmetics or chemistry?

Natural cosmetics are always delighted with most women. While its chemical analogues gradually lose their relevance. However, innovative technologies today allow the optimal combination of natural and chemical components, while creating high-quality products for skin and hair care.

Perhaps, most manufacturers are cunning, saying that their cosmetics is completely organic and does not contain any synthetic additives. Indeed, on an industrial scale it is impossible to create a completely natural product that can be stored for more than a few days. For this purpose, special preservatives and auxiliary chemicals are used. Buying organic cosmetics, you should not think that this is a 100% natural product.

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Caring means "Planet Organic"

Cosmetics "Planet Organic" has gained immense popularity among buyers from Russia and CIS countries. This can be explained by a rather budgetary range of prices for products with high quality of the raw materials used.Organic products based on natural ingredients allow you to provide professional salon care at home, without bringing the harm that can be obtained from chemical products.

In developing products, the company's specialists took into account not only the latest innovations in the field of cosmetology, but also world heritage. The collection "Planet Organic", assembled from the most unusual and exotic components, is based on traditional recipes of the peoples of our planet. Perhaps this is the secret of the company's success, which stands out from its "chemical" counterparts.

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The composition of cosmetics

The basis of cosmetics "Planet Organic", reviews of which speak of its effectiveness and high quality, includes only natural ingredients collected from around the world. As proof of this, the manufacturer publishes on its official website video expeditions of the company's team to different continents. During such trips, the study of new extracts and their properties for future series of organic cosmetics is carried out.

At the moment, in the assortment of the manufacturer, you can find products based on such oils as avocado, shea, macadamia, mango.In addition, a series of Dead Sea mud and arctic plants is very popular with buyers.

As auxiliary chemical components of the means, without which, of course, no production can do without, the manufacturer uses sparing surfactants aimed only at preserving nutrients. However, their composition in production does not exceed 2%. It should be noted that a distinctive feature of organic cosmetics is the absence of aggressive chemicals, such as silicones, petroleum products, animal origin, parabens, SLS.

Hair Series

The following products are a part of the caring and restoring series for hair from the manufacturer of natural cosmetics.

  1. Shampoo "Planet Organic". Feedback on this tool is positive among users due to its unique composition and effect on the hair structure. Due to the shea butter contained in the shampoo, the hair follicles are strengthened and their structure is restored. With regular use, Planet Organica shampoo, reviews of which prove its effectiveness, is able to give the hair a vibrant shine and strength.It is noted that the product helps to restore damaged curls.
  2. Mask "Planet Organic" on the basis of mango oil. This tool is able to strengthen the hair and eliminate their fragility, which is very important with regular staining. A mask based on an Ayurvedic recipe activates the growth of new hair follicles and prevents their loss. Indian herbs used in the composition, traditionally used to power and restore curls for several thousand years.
  3. Oil "Planet Organic", which consists of exclusively organic ingredients. Its action is aimed at microcirculation of blood in the capillaries of the scalp and the normalization of metabolic processes. According to the manufacturer, the regular use of oil can accelerate hair growth and stop the intense loss.

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Face Series

Facial care products from the company "Planet Organic" for the face are also very popular among fans of natural products.

Cream "Planet Organic" for all skin types created on the basis of the Arctic thermal water and is aimed at deep moisturizing. In addition, the tool is able to smooth out small facial wrinkles and relieve the feeling of tightness after washing.And the juice of the polar cranberry nourishes the deepest layers of the skin with nutrients, without causing allergies, which is the uniqueness of the entire series of products from the Planet Organica company.

The mask, reviews of which are exclusively positive in nature, is designed specifically for all skin types, which allows each woman to get the perfect tool for themselves. The basis of the product includes: arctic peat, algae, natural mud of the Black Sea and other exotic components. According to cosmetologists, regular use of a mask can give an effect not worse than professional chemicals. But the composition of cosmetics "Planet Organic" is completely natural.

Cleansing foams and lotions of the natural series are based on kaolin and olive milk, which allows not only deep cleansing of the skin, but also to provide a matting effect. The gentle texture of the tools makes the procedure pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

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Body series

As you know, any woman loves to pamper herself with various creams and lotions to maintain a beautiful figure. In this case, the company "Planet Organic" has developed a special series for the body.

Anti-cellulite cream based on Dead Sea mud and natural kelp is able to correct the figure in the process of intensive weight loss. In addition, according to buyers, it can be used as a preventive measure before the beach season. In the anti-cellulite series, there is also a scrub that removes dead skin particles and a tightening gel.

In addition to such products, Planet Organica cosmetics for the body includes shower gels, soaps, clay wraps, organic oils and bath salts. The composition of all products is as natural as possible and does not cause allergic reactions, which allows using them even for the most sensitive skin.

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"Planet Organic": prices for products

What should be said about this aspect? Despite the exotic composition of products from the company "Planet Organic", reviews of which guarantee its safety, the price range for caring products is quite democratic. So, you can buy shampoo for all types of hair for only 200 rubles. Oil to restore the hair structure will cost the buyer only 150 rubles.Buy the popular anti-cellulite cream from the Dead Sea mud for 250 rubles. For the same price, you can buy the "Planet Organic" cream for the face. Reviews about the care products of ordinary customers once again confirm that high quality can be purchased at an affordable price.

Where can I buy?

Today, you can purchase products of the Planet Organika brand both in chain stores of luxury cosmetics, and in ordinary stores of household chemicals. At the same time, intermediaries do not make high margins on goods, as the manufacturer claims.

The most complete range of Planet Organic products can be purchased at the online store. You can also arrange free home delivery and get various bonuses when you buy several products at once.

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"Planet Organic": reviews of real buyers

To judge the quality of any cosmetics can only be based on reviews of people who have already managed to evaluate its quality. Numerous comments from fans of the Planet Organica brand prove that the manufacturer can be completely trusted. In addition to unusual and sometimes exotic components, stylish packaging and convenient dispensers attract customers.A low price allows you to purchase organic products regularly, try new products from each series.

Negative reviews are usually associated with a scanty assortment of Planet Organic cosmetics in regular retail stores. That is why it is better to give preference to online shopping, where you can find any instance of natural cream, oil or shower gel.

Opinion of professionals

Cosmetics "Planet Organic", reviews of which are amazing even among specialists in the field of cosmetology, really meets all the canons of safe production. Proof of this are numerous clinical studies that are regularly conducted by pharmacists and dermatologists of the company. In addition, the composition of cosmetics allows its use for all skin and hair types. Perhaps that is why the Planet Organic brand has become actively used even in professional salons and beauty centers.

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