Car insurance without life insurance. Impose additional insurance to CTP - what to do

In Russia, motor third party liability insurance is enshrined in law. Without CTP, it will not be possible to register with transport. The absence of the policy can lead to a fine, financial losses, if an accident happened. But now it is possible to insure a car without life insurance. You just need to know how to act when you make a policy.

Insurance involves the indemnification of drivers in case of emergencies. A list of situations is included in the contract. Life insurance can be arranged upon request. But this is not a reason for the client to refuse to issue the main document.

Types of insurance

Companies usually offer different types of car insurance. CTP is a mandatory service.Without it, it will not be possible to register a vehicle, to undergo a physical examination. When you stop the inspector DPS write out a fine. CTP assumes compensation for damage caused by the insured car to someone else's property, health, life. The law establishes uniform rates for the insurance car insurance

Another service is DSAGO - additional insurance to OSAGO. In the case of such a policy, the amount of payments increases. As stated in the law on CTP, the payment for one case can not be higher than 400 thousand rubles. Tariffs in companies may vary.

CASCO - insurance, indemnifying for damages in damage to his car. This is a voluntary service. Conditions are not established by law, therefore, differ in each firm. The difference may be in tariffs, risks. The insurance cases usually include car theft, accidents, falling objects, natural disasters, the actions of animals, intruders. Tariffs in companies are different.

Accident insurance involves the payment of compensation for injuries, injuries, which has resulted in deterioration of health, disability or death. This is a voluntary service.

There is also a green card - a car insurance option in the Schengen countries.Departure from Russia without it is prohibited, therefore, before leaving for another state, you need to take care of obtaining the policy. At customs checkpoints usually work clearance points.

Insurance terms

Terms of car insurance are different from the risks that are included in the policy:

  • hijacking;
  • causing damage to the car during the theft;
  • damage in case of an accident;
  • harm from natural disasters;
  • robbery;
  • natural forces.

The list of cases may vary. There is also a choice of a list of risks by the client. Forms of CTP can include additional services: life insurance, health, property, passing inspection. But they are drawn up at will, so no one has the right to force the conclusion of transactions.

Features of life insurance

If desired, drivers can activate this service. Before signing the agreement, the company assesses the risks associated with the likelihood of the client dying during the validity of the document. Therefore, the subject is required to undergo a medical examination, which will help to establish the presence or absence of chronic ailments. Such conditions are necessary to minimize the risk of contacting the client's insurer.

car insurance insurance and Casco

An interested citizen can insure life in several firms. The main thing is that you will need to strictly follow the deadlines for the payment of contributions. Heirs have the right to receive financial compensation in case of death of the insured. The client can stop the agreement to return the money.

Now life insurance is of 2 types:

  1. Urgent
  2. Lifelong.

This type of insurance allows you to receive money, provided that the insured person does not live to the age specified in the agreement. The client is required to make regular payments until the validity period of the document expires. If a person lives to the age, then the agreement is automatically terminated.

Life insurance is different from the previous service in that payments are made one-time or periodically. The factors of death include loss of capacity (16-60 years) and surgical intervention (16-75 years).

Upon the occurrence of an insured event, the beneficiary must prepare the following list of documents:

  1. Statement.
  2. Contract
  3. Death certificate.
  4. Statement of the causes of the insured event.
  5. Inheritance documents.
  6. Personal documents of the beneficiary.

The cost of life insurance may vary. By law, the price affects:

  1. The demographic situation in the city, country.
  2. Profession place of work, gender, age, lifestyle, health.
  3. Insurance history.
  4. Insurance time, risks.
  5. Cost analysis, the availability of reserves of the company.

No life insurance

For some time, life insurance for a car without life insurance has become laborious and expensive for many drivers. It is difficult to obtain a CTP policy without additional contracts. In case of refusal, many insurers use different excuses to allow a person to overpay for services or expect to receive a policy for several months.

The drivers in this case, there are 2 exits. You can pay for additional services. There is another way out, which is knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation and its rights. Almost all insurance companies issue policies. Before you make a car insurance OSAGO and CASCO, you must carefully select a company. You should not purchase a policy at a lower price, as this indicates a scam.

Rules of law

cost calculation osago

Many companies do not take out car insurance without life insurance.Employees are misleading customers. Because of ignorance, drivers make a deal, overpaying the company many times more. In this matter it is necessary to focus on the norms of legislation. In 2014, the law on CTP insurance policy was slightly changed, some features were introduced into it:

  1. The company can not require the driver originals from the list of necessary documents.
  2. Employees of the company cannot refuse to issue a policy if an application and documents are submitted.
  3. The policy is issued no later than one day from the date of deposit of funds into the company's account.
  4. The imposition of additional services may cost the company 50 thousand rubles.

What to do when a failure?

If the company does not provide car insurance for CTP and CASCO without additional services, then there are several solutions to the problem. The car owner may agree with the refusal, but this must be confirmed in writing, or there must be other evidence that the firm does not want to make a deal. In the latter case, you can record the appeal to the camera or voice recorder.

The victim should have a material substantiation of the appeal to the court. The application is considered for several months, but after a long wait there will be a material reward.You can issue an MTPL agreement, but indicate in the fields of the document that the provision of a life insurance contract is refused. This policy should be attributed to the Federal Service.

The car owner has the right to terminate the contract without penalties and overpayments, and then he will be given compensation with losses. This option is risky. The driver accepts the terms of the company, concludes a contract. A few days later, it is terminated, and a penalty is calculated from the insurance premium. But this option works. It is necessary to take into account the amount of the premium and the penalty, since everything should be beneficial for the car owner.

Policy design

How to insure a car without overpayment? It is necessary to choose only the necessary services, and to refuse the rest. The procedure for car insurance is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to find the site of the company, to study the rates for tariffs.
  2. Using the installation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will calculate the approximate amount of the premium.
  3. Pay the insurance premium, save the confirmation of the transfer of funds.
  4. Prepare copies of documents.
  5. The application is transferred to the insurer.


What documents for car insurance are needed? This will require:

  • passport;
  • certificate for the car;
  • driver's license;
  • checkup card;
  • confirmation of payment of the premium.

car insurance terms

Most firms accept a list of documents without complaints. After that, a car insurance without life insurance. The second service is not obligatory, therefore the client should not be persuaded to need its connection. This is enshrined in law. Once issued, the CTP insurance forms can be used for travel.

Electronic CTP

Since the end of 2015, online policy has become available to drivers in Russia. Because of this, you do not need to go to the company, because you can order a document through the company's website. In this case, also takes into account the region of residence, standard information about the car, the owner and drivers - experience, age and so on.

Online reconciliation of data is performed using a request to a single PCA database. As a result, the driver receives the value of the electronic policy. You can pay by credit card. The cost of the document is the same as the paper policy. The procedure is easy, so no difficulties should arise.

Cost of

On the website of each company, you can calculate the value of CTP and CASCO.You can calculate the service without life insurance. Cost may vary depending on the list of services. It is taken into account who owns the car - a private or legal person, as well as the make, power, number of drivers.

types of car insurance

Takes into account the age of the owner, experience, registration. The initial cost is 1600 rubles. The cost of the policy depends on the case and the company. Prices may be in the range of 500-2000 rubles. Some companies offer a service such as payment in installments.

You can calculate the cost of CTP with life insurance. Then the price increases significantly. Each company has its own pricing. Price increase may be 2-4 thousand rubles.

Return of money for the imposed life insurance policy

If, nevertheless, workers imposed life insurance, you can get a refund for it. This should not be delayed, as the legal deadline may simply expire. And then it will be much more difficult to perform such actions.

It is necessary to make a statement about the refusal. It is filled in 3 copies. But it is necessary to confirm that the service was imposed. Therefore, when you make a CTP, you need to make a record or carefully check the policy.If any additional services are noticed, you will not have to look for evidence. After the cancellation will be valid car insurance without life insurance.

Documents for refusal

To complete the waiver procedure, you must prepare the following documents:

  1. Passport;
  2. PTS and STS;
  3. Driver's license;
  4. Diagnostic card

car insurance company

All will need to bring in the originals and copies. There may be a situation of failure of the company to return funds. The statement must indicate that in this case, follow the appeal to the court or other competent authorities. Since such measures may result in a revocation of a license by the Central Bank, usually employees quickly return funds. In case of refusal, it is necessary to require written confirmation of this, after which the paper should be sent to the Central Bank.

Company Information

You can learn about the car insurance company in the Russian Union of Motor Insurers. Information is publicly available on the site. With the help of the service, you can find out which firms belong to the number of PCA, and from which licenses have been revoked or stopped. Useful information can be found by name, number, date of issue of the license, contact information of the company, TIN.

Rating agencies create lists of reliable insurers that are popular among motorists. Drivers when choosing a company usually take into account the following parameters:

  1. Payment rate compensation.
  2. Service.
  3. Reviews
  4. The number of customers.

Looking for cheap options is not worth it, since the price of the policy is considered fixed. And its increase is possible when working with brokers, agents, other intermediaries.

Can you trust ratings?

If you familiarize yourself with several ratings, you can select several companies that always remain in the leading positions - Alfa Insurance, VTB Insurance, Guta Insurance, Renaissance Insurance.

documents for car insurance

But it should be remembered that user ratings are not always reliable. You must choose from those firms that are included in the PCA. The company must be not only famous, popular among drivers, but also reliable.


Every day there are more accidents due to which drivers suffer financial losses. Many insurers seek in various ways to reduce the amount of payments or refuse to issue it. What to do to be paid the damages? Auto-lawyers are advised to use the following tips:

  1. Contact the company need immediately after the accident.It is necessary as soon as possible to conduct an independent examination, according to which the payment will be made.
  2. With payment on OSAGO, depreciation funds are deducted, the amount of which is about 16% per year. Given this, you do not need to rely on full cost recovery Experienced drivers other than CTP, prefer to order and an additional policy.
  3. If the insurer ordered a study, the results of which do not agree with the report of a personal expert, do not despair. Prove the rightness will turn out by appealing in court.

Compensation of losses is determined not only by the selected insurance options, but also by the company in which the contract was executed. Therefore, before drafting a document, you should carefully read the conditions and procedures for the implementation of actions, as well as customer reviews. Information of this type can be found on the website of the company.

Pros and cons of car insurance

If you want to insure your life, the driver should contact one proven company. It will be much more convenient. Life insurance has its advantages. The service allows you to receive compensation for unforeseen circumstances.The disadvantages include a high rate of conclusion of contracts, which is why many motorists do not want to make a deal.

Insurance of a new car or a supported car allows you to protect against many unpleasant moments that may happen on the road. Therefore, it is important to contact a trusted company, as well as to conclude an agreement on terms acceptable to yourself.

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