Car DVR Review of Key Features

To date, automotiveDVRs whose main features are described below are represented by a wide variety of modern devices that utilize the latest security advances in daily driving on a car.

All car DVRs are conditionallyare divided into two classes: devices for professional use and models of wide application. Professional are the DVRs intended for hidden installation in vehicles, most often in non-removable form, with the connection of several external video cameras and external microphones. Recording of information obtained with the help of such DVRs is carried out using flash-media or HDD. These DVRs allow you to connect an external GPS-receiver, as well as a GPRS-modem, which in turn allows you to record not only video and audio data, but also the location of the transport at the time of an event, and to transfer information to a PC, It is used to monitor the movement process located remotely. It should be noted that the price and complexity of the installation of such devices allow their installation and use only in vehicles operated within a limited number of projects represented by special transport vehicles, long distance trucks, municipal transport. Also it should be noted that professional car DVRs whose review is presented on specialized sites is quite difficult to find on a free sale.

Installing professional DVRs inpassenger cars for use by ordinary motorists are inexpedient, and can not be characterized by a proper level of operational convenience, and is too expensive, because most of their capabilities will not be used. Considering all these factors, manufacturers have established the production of simpler devices, characterized by lower cost, but a higher level of comfort in use. These devices combine the following features:

- DVR using SD-flash-card as a storage device;

- Up to 2 built-in video cameras;

- Microphone;

- GPS-receiver;

- Acceleration sensor;

Car DVR Review whichoffer many car resources on the Internet, they are easily installed in the car, and this does not cause difficulties even for the user who is first involved in such installation. Such devices are a monoblock device, which is enough to get out of the box and fasten it to the windshield by means of a special mount supplied with the autoregistrator. The power of the device is from the cigarette lighter, although it can subsequently be carried out from the mains of the car. Car DVRs review which reaches the proper level can solve the following issues, often arising on the roads:

- Restoration of the picture of an accident, which allows to avoid the responsibility of the driver in case of his innocence;

- Resolve issues arising when identifying the perpetrator of collisions in a parking lot;

- Facilitating the search for a criminal if a robbery or theft occurred while driving;

- Carrying out of the control of movement of the car, and also an estimation of a level of conscientiousness of hired drivers;

- Formation of evidence to assist in obtaining insurance;

- Realization of video recording for personal purposes.

Especially popular is the DVRAutomobile Phantom is a well-known brand of additional equipment for cars. In view of its unprecedented low cost, as well as ease of use and installation in the car, a mini car DVR also became widely used.

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