Canopy from polycarbonate do it yourself. Step by step installation instructions. Cost of materials

With the advent of such a material as polycarbonate, the process of making various sheds and visors has become much simpler. Excellent strength and flexibility of this product makes it possible to create the most complex structures with unusual geometry. At the same time, ease of installation allows you to create a canopy made of polycarbonate with your own hands, even for beginners.

canopy polycarbonate do it yourself

What you need to know

Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully study the varieties of this material and their properties. It is also worth knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of such structures in order to understand all the consequences of the use of such a material as polycarbonate. Price, size and some other parameters of certain models are completely different, which should be considered.

polycarbonate price sizes

Sheet thickness and strength

It is very important to choose the right material thickness. It depends on what loads the sheet can withstand and at what radius it can be bent. Such information should be sought from the manufacturer or in the specialized literature, which will help create a canopy made of polycarbonate with their own hands, taking into account the specifics of the product.

At once it is necessary to say that this is exactly the cellular material, the insides of which consist of specific cells. The fact is that monolithic products of this type are very heavy, although they have great strength. A single sheet 12 mm thick can stop a bullet fired from a pistol.

It is believed that the material in 4 mm to create visors is not suitable, and products of 10 mm or more can already be used for high-grade roofs. Therefore, you should pay attention to sheets with a thickness of 6 to 8 mm. They are ideal for such works, and their cost ranges from 250 to 350 rubles per square meter.

Polycarbonate house awning


Recently, the question of which polycarbonate is best for a canopy to choose also applies to the color of the material. This is due to the various achievements in the field of production, which allow to produce these products in different colors.There are also models with a protective coating that prevents the penetration of infrared radiation.

The choice of color is a matter of purely individual, but the ability to filter particles or waves of light must be approached very carefully. The fact is that infrared radiation contributes to the heating of the protected surface, which is very important when arranging parking for cars. However, if the shed to the polycarbonate house will overlap the plants, they will not be able to receive the necessary lighting, which will affect their development.

Preparatory work

Before proceeding to fabrication, it is very important to create a high-quality drawing of a future design and properly procure everything you need. Usually, when telling how to make a polycarbonate shed, experts recommend using the services of a designer, who will also make an estimate. However, with minimal skills, this work can be done independently.

 polycarbonate sheds in the yard


  • First of all, you need to compare the site that you want to cover, with the size of the sheet. At the same time, a calculation is made of how many pieces of material will be needed taking into account its location, as well as the angle of inclination or radius.
  • In the next step, create a drawing of the carrier truss or frame.In this case, it must be designed in such a way that the jumpers are located at the junction of the sheets. It is also recommended to make peculiar stiffeners, which would be placed in the middle of the surface area.
  • Typically, polycarbonate canopies drawings contain mounting schemes for the building and the floor. At the same time, sometimes it is necessary to create even small foundations and supports. It all depends on the type of building.


This stage is very important and requires a separate approach. The fact is that polycarbonate is a very specific material to which you need to purchase a special fitting and fasteners. It is very important to consider the model of the chosen material.

If a canopy is made of polycarbonate with your own hands, then the easiest way is to come to the market directly with a drawing that can be shown to the seller. He will not only select the necessary adapters and special screws, but can give advice or suggest his own changes to the project. However, from the very beginning it is worthwhile to calculate the number of necessary elements and their type, which is easier to do with the use of special software.

When purchasing metal for the manufacture of frames, it is recommended to immediately agree that the long elements are cut to size. This will help save on transport and relieve artists from additional work.

It should be noted that the cost of profiles for polycarbonate is very different. Regular plugs can be purchased for 50-70 rubles, but the connecting strips can cost up to 700 rubles.

polycarbonate canopy drawings

Phased installation

When creating a canopy made of polycarbonate with your own hands, you should stick to a specific work plan. This will reduce the time and not make a mistake in the assembly. In this case, the correct sequence is observed, which makes it possible to do several stages at the same time.

Base and seat

Making peaks and canopies from polycarbonate, they use both supports and systems for mounting on walls. Therefore, it is worth considering a production version using both techniques.

  • First of all, you need to install supports. They are made from a shaped or ordinary pipe, which is installed in a pit with a depth of at least 80 cm. At the same time, they cast concrete and quality is controlled using a plumb line.
  • If you plan to install a canopy over the site, then the placement of supports should be considered in advance. The easiest way to put them together with fittings and to concrete with the base. You can also pre-create special pyatyk, to which, if desired, you can weld metal.
  • The place of attachment to the wall must first be cleaned and leveled. The density of the junction of the frame should be maximum. It is also worth putting markings on the surface in order to avoid distortions during installation.

If during the work it is planned to make the pouring of concrete, then it is worth remembering that for its complete solidification it is necessary to withstand at least a week. At this time, and need to engage in a farm or frame. Especially when you consider that they need to be primed and painted.

polycarbonate visors and awnings


Make a farm or frame for a canopy of the profile pipe, since this material is best suited for polycarbonate. Price, size and methods of mounting all segments are selected individually. For example, cheaper bars can be used as jumpers, but the base must be very strong in order not only to withstand the weight, but also the gusts of wind.

It is considered that it is best to use welding to join all structural elements. However, some masters prefer bolting. They are more practical and reliable, but take a lot of time and money in the manufacture.

The construction itself does not make sense to describe, since it is made exclusively according to an individual drawing. However, immediately after creation, the product is treated with a primer and painted. It is best to immediately use a special composition of the dye, which can be applied directly to rust.

After the farms have dried, they must be mounted on supports and fixed to the wall. If at the same time the paint was damaged, then after installation the affected area is further processed. The result should be a durable and reliable design that can withstand heavy loads.


Typically, the manufacture of canopies made of polycarbonate does not have difficult steps, but this process should be treated very carefully. At the acquisition stage, attention should be paid to the principle of fixing a specific type of material, the type of adapters used, connections and plugs.It is then that select the desired tool with a fitting.

Most often, first pre-fix the connecting elements and set them in the sheet itself. It is fixed using special screws, which do not violate the tightness of the structure. Then close up the ends using separate plugs.

Some experts first prefer to close the ends of the sheet, if during its fitting it was cut and the internal cavities were opened. So the quality of the material does not decrease and an obstacle is created for the ingress of dust and moisture.

If the sheet needs to be bent, then fix it first from one end, and then along the radius. In this case, be sure to fix the sheet in the middle, so as not to create points of tension. This work is best done together to save time.

how to make a polycarbonate canopy

Recommendations of specialists

  • The protective film from the sheet is removed only after the material is fixed. It will prevent accidental mechanical damage in the form of scratches. However, this does not mean that the product can be handled carelessly.
  • If canopies are made of polycarbonate in the yard, then first you should pay attention to how the shadow behaves during the day, and only after that create a design project.So you can take into account all the moments with the sun's rays under the finished system and take additional measures if they are necessary. For example, install additional lateral sun protection.
  • The right color of the material will create the appropriate atmosphere and level of comfort. Therefore, selecting it, you need to take into account the wishes of all the people who will operate the product.
  • It is best to create semicircular designs with a small radius. So the snow in the winter will not be able to collect on the surface, creating additional loads. Also very practical are the lean-to systems that allow to divert rainwater in one direction, which is very important when creating sheds over the porch or resting places.
  • To properly drain rainwater, some sheds should be equipped with storm drains. However, it is much easier to immediately think about this point in the design, in order to reduce costs and installation time.
  • If desired, the frame and supports can be made of wood, but the finished structure will have a rougher appearance and a shorter service life. However, with the right approach to design, you can get a real work of art with an original style and high-quality coating.


Given the relative simplicity of this installation, we can safely say that even a novice master will cope with this work. However, please note that you will need a specialized tool in the form of a welding machine and perforator. It is also worth getting a ladder or other constructions that allow you to work at height.

Special attention is given to the fact that there is simply a huge number of different designs of such products, differing in shape. In this case, you can always create your own system of trusses with the original slope or broken corners. Therefore, the final choice of the project depends only on the imagination of the manufacturer and the extreme possibilities of the polycarbonate.

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