Buono: Restaurant serving excellent Italian cuisine.

truly wide and varied: within one state, recipes for preparing the same dishes can vary, like day and night. Having been in the north of Italy, you will enjoy amazing meat delicacies served with a variety of taste-stirring sauces. Guests of the south of Italy will not be left without the most delicious vegetables, fruits and unique seafood: lobsters, lobsters, clams, shrimps and cuttlefish.

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What to do if you want real Italian cuisine, but there is no opportunity to go on a trip? You can enjoy minestrone, pasta, lasagne or pizza in Moscow. Where? Welcome to the Italian restaurant Buono!

Little about holding

Buono is a restaurant belonging to the Ginza Project network, existing since 2003. Today, this holding has many restaurants and cafes of various subjects in major cities of the world. Without any exception, the network establishments have a European level of service and high quality of food served.

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Restaurant Buono, which boasts good Italian cuisine, is located on the 29th floor of the former Ukraine Hotel on Kutuzovsky Prospekt (now the Radisson Royal Hotel). A circular view from a bird's eye view underlines the striking beauty of the interior and allows you to fully appreciate the amazing dishes prepared under the strict guidance of chef Christian Lorenzini. It was this “trick” that made Buono restaurant unique: Moscow, with its many bright lights and endless nightlife, is the best decoration for a cozy, good-quality dinner. Italian classics have never been so fascinating and affordable!

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Restaurant features

Opened back in 2010, the restaurant is glad to guests from 12:00 to 1:00. Worth mentioning and beautiful decor. Restaurant Buono, made in bright cream shades, creates a unique, fabulous atmosphere of Italy.

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The restaurant is designed for 220 seats: not only lunches and dinners in the classic sense are possible, but also banquets of various subjects, including children's parties.

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Shows are regularly held, which, coupled with the best location and panoramic view of the capital, leave unforgettable impressions.Visit here once, and your heart will be conquered forever, and your soul will ask back again and again!

buono restaurant

A pleasant bonus for visitors to the restaurant will be the availability of Wi-Fi, takeaway food and cakes to order.

Buono (restaurant): menu

Welcoming chefs will not delay all visitors to offer a wide range of dishes of high Italian cuisine. Buono is a restaurant that has everything in its arsenal that will appeal even to harsh critics. Here you will find salads, cold dishes and soups. Of course, what is Italy without fish and seafood? And what about without hot meat dishes and world-famous Italian desserts?

One of the most popular dishes among Buono regulars are:


  • "Vitello Tonnato" - tartar of barramundi with avocado and mango.
  • Salad with crab, avocado mousse and tomato.
  • Salad with quail meat, complemented with sauce of white mushrooms, fried with garlic and rosemary.

Cold appetizers:


  • Tomato soup "Pappa al Pomodoro."
  • Chickpea cream soup.
  • Cream soup with porcini mushrooms.
  • Minestrone.

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Dishes from fish and seafood:

  • King prawns with spicy tomato sauce.
  • Black cod sauce.
  • Fried belly of tuna with pistachios.

buono restaurant menu

Hot meat dishes:

  • Grilled veal platter (served with mashed potatoes).
  • Lamb on the bone.
  • Venetian liver.


  • Panna Cotta with fresh berries and raspberry sauce.
  • Profiteroles with mascarpone and chocolate.
  • Creme brulee.
  • Chocolate flan.

buono restaurant reviews

The average check for dinner for two persons is 3 000-4 000 rubles.


The main critics for any institution were and will be, of course, its visitors. What impression does Buono make? The restaurant, the reviews of which were expressed by a large number of people, probably left no one indifferent. All the guests, as one, are delighted with the chef's culinary skills and the generous portions served. Hundreds of visitors in love with the institution are ready to come here again and again. There are hundreds of guests of the capital, for whom going to this restaurant has become a kind of “revelation” - a place that, along with the sights of Moscow that are integral to any tourist’s entertainment program, is just a must-see.

Buono popularity

The restaurant constantly occupies a leading position in the ratings, more than once entered the TOP-20 of the best institutions in Moscow, according to visitors and experts.In addition to the panoramic view and the stunning Italian cuisine workshop, Buono also attracts attention with the presence of live music and the possibility to hold musical events within its walls. So, one of the best banquet halls in Moscow more than once became a stage for creative evenings of Russian singers, as well as New Year's nights with the presence of star guests. For example, the New Year's banquet of 2017 was marked by a concert of Dmitry Malikov and Lyubov Uspenskaya.

On February 14, 2017, a festive dinner was held with Soso Pavliashvili. In addition to stunning music, in such a romantic evening, visitors also enjoyed the most delicious handmade chocolates from the chef.

Another essential feature of the restaurant is the presence of karaoke above the floor, as well as the location of the Buono at the Radisson Royal Hotel - your romantic dinner, if desired, can easily turn into a no less romantic night.

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If possible, do not deny yourself the true pleasure: at least once visit this wonderful institution. A storm of emotions and delight is guaranteed!

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