Brief history and description of the car Ford Ka

Model Ford Ka is a very compact passenger car, created by the same American company. For the first time in public, the car was shown in 1996. As of today, its mass production has been established at the Fiat plant, located in Poland. A year after the official debut at the automobile exhibition, the model was launched on the conveyor.Ford Ka

First generation: general description

As evidenced by the reviews left by experts and first buyers of the Ford Ka car, the novelty instantly became popular largely due to its unusual design and rather modest dimensions. Thanks to the rounded shapes, compared to other cars, it looked unique. The size of its wheelbase was 2450 millimeters. In this regard, and the interior of the novelty compared to other representatives from its segment looked very spacious. It should be noted and the fact that only two passengers could comfortably sit in the back seat.

In the interior decoration used high-quality materials, which also had a positive impact on public opinion about this car. The front seats could boast a good lumbar support, as well as the possibility of various types of adjustment. Very boldly and outside the box was framed and dashboard.

Main characteristics

Under the hood of the first-generation Ford Ka cars, a gasoline engine consisting of four cylinders was installed. Its volume was 1.3 liters, and power - 60 horsepower. Thanks to such indicators, in a complex with a small total weight of the car (about 870 kilograms), good acceleration dynamics was provided in the first two gears. The maximum speed of the car was 155 km / h. The chassis was equipped with gas shock absorbers and racks type McPherson. This feature guaranteed the car excellent handling and good adhesion to the road surface.Ford Ka specifications

Second generation

The second generation of the model saw the light in 2009. Representatives of the company Fiat took part in its development. The basis of the new Ford Ka lay platform, which has already managed to successfully manifest itself on such models from the Italian manufacturer, as the "500" and "Panda". As a result, the dimensions of the machine were 3620x1658x1505 in length, width and height, respectively.The capacity of the luggage compartment is 225 liters. However, when folding the rear seat, this figure can be increased to a mark of 745 liters. Production of the second generation of cars, as of today, continues.


Compared with the previous generation, the technical characteristics of the Ford Ka have been slightly improved. In particular, the 1.24-liter engine, which develops 69 “horses”, began to be used as a cleaner engine from an environmental point of view. In addition, potential buyers are offered a 75-strong diesel with a volume of 1.25 liters. Both options operate in conjunction with a manual transmission in five stages. The average fuel consumption of a gasoline engine for each “hundred” mileage is slightly more than 5 liters, and diesel - 4.2 liters.Ford Ka reviewsIt takes 13.1 seconds to accelerate from the spot to the mark of 100 km / h. It should be noted that the transverse stabilizer is installed on both the front and rear suspension. The springs have been improved and become softer. The front wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes, and the rear - drum type.


The company has several options for completing the model Ford Ka. Standard equipment includes central locking, power windows, power steering and driver airbag.

Ambiente equipment provides additional installation of air conditioning, two airbags, audio system, electronic power steering, as well as slots for connecting external devices. The car is equipped with wheels with a radius of 14 inches and steel wheels. The Titanium equipment also includes a central locking system, a folding key with remote control, fog lights and electric heated mirrors. In this embodiment, the machine is on a 15-inch wheels. It should be noted that this equipment provides the buyer with access to luxury options that even for an extra charge the owners of the previous versions of the model cannot afford. These include climate control, a choice of interior colors, parking sensors and leather interior.Ford Ka price

As for the cost of Ford Ka, the price of a car in the salons of domestic dealers, depending on the configuration, varies from 99 to 380 thousand rubles.

The result

Due to its compact size, the model has become quite popular among residents of large cities.It can be called the best solution for those people who want to get a small and comfortable car with good technical characteristics, extraordinary appearance and modest fuel consumption.

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