Brest city and its attractions

The city of Brest is located in the south-west of the Republic of Belarus in close proximity to the borders of Ukraine and Poland. The city has a rich and long history. The Tale of Bygone Years is a document where its name is first mentioned. The events described there relate to the year 1019, which is considered to be the date of birth of Brest.

From the history of the city, its name

In the ancient chronicles, a settlement called Berestye was repeatedly found. That is how Brest was called at that time. Belarus is proud that there is a city in the territory of the country that numbers more than a thousand years of its history. Its bright pages are interesting not only to citizens of Belarus, but also to numerous guests from abroad.

Brest city

Being in the border zone, Berestye has always been involved in the events that took place in the neighboring principalities and countries. The city has repeatedly moved from state to state. Convenient trade routes, which had been passing through Brest since ancient times, attracted conquerors.
In the historical documents of the later period there are two more names of the city - Berest and Berestii. Some researchers believe that the names are derived from the word "bark", or from "bark". The first one means birch bark, the second - a kind of elm. Both versions have a basis for their existence.
From the XVII century, the city was called Brest-Litovsk, and later Brest-Litovsk. At the time of the city's entry into Poland, it was called Brest-nad-Bug. The modern name was fixed for the city only in 1939.

Legendary Fortress

The city of Brest is known throughout the world as a settlement that took the first massive strike from Nazi Germany at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Violent battles were fought on the territory of the Brest Fortress, part of the city limits. Its defenders committed feats, which today are legends. German troops expected to seize the city in a few hours, but thanks to the selfless actions of the military of the Soviet army and the civilian population, it lasted a week. Some pockets of resistance operated for a month.

Brest Belarus
In memory of the fallen heroes, a memorial was erected on the territory of the Brest Fortress. His visit has become a tradition for both visitors and locals.
The fortress was built at the confluence of the Mukhavts and Bug rivers in the 19th century. But the first documents, which speak about the need to build defenses in this place, refer to the 18th century.
The history of the Brest Fortress is brightly represented in the museum, which is located on its territory. The city of Brest, Belarus in the face of its citizens carefully preserve the memory of all the events that are associated with this sacred place.

Pedestrianized street

The city of Brest, like many other cities in the world, has a street where traffic is prohibited. In Brest pedestrians provided street Soviet. Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to quietly take a walk, enjoy the beauty of the greenery. The architecture is also peculiar - the buildings of XIX, first half of the XX century, modern buildings harmoniously combine and complement each other. This is attractive not only the pedestrian zone, but the whole of Brest - the center of the city and its outskirts.

brest centerWalking along the street in the evening, you can watch the work of the lamplighter.The procedure for lighting street lamps is especially interesting to guests. This can not be seen anywhere else.

Archaeological Museum

The city of Brest is famous for the find that was discovered by archaeologists more than thirty years ago. This is an ancient settlement. It is his excavation that is the unique exhibit of the Berestye Museum.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the excavation site and the remains of wooden residential and farm buildings belonging to the XIII century found here. On the streets of the settlement were found the remains of pavements, a paling, a mud brick oven. The exhibition is complemented by the various household items found here - dishes, tools, decorations. Some of the finds are made of ferrous metal. According to scientists, artisans lived in this quarter of the city.
The unique museum is located on the territory of the Brest Fortress and is a branch of the local history museum.

Churches and Cathedrals

Brest streets are decorated with numerous temples. The largest of these is the Orthodox Resurrection Cathedral. Its majestic building was built twenty years ago in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.Despite the fact that the temple has a short history, it fell in love with the parishioners. Up to five thousand people may be present at the service simultaneously.

streets of brestThe main church of Catholics is considered to be the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The building was built in 1856. Its architecture is subject to the traditions of late classicism. The temple has a rich history. In Soviet times, it housed a museum. Only in 2001 the church was returned to believers.

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