Boris Khvoshnyansky: filmography and biography of the actor

The life of this talented actor, who according to external data is in no way inferior to the ancient Greek Apollo, is painted by the minute. Boris Khvoshnyansky is literally torn between filming and working on the theater stage. Today he is subject to different-sized roles. Boris Khvoshnyansky can, for example, delicately reincarnate as a "corrupt" journalist ("Gangster Petersburg 4"), a successful showman ("May I call you mom") and a shrewd operative ("Hounds"). And the parents of the St. Petersburg mimetic could not even imagine that their son would link his fate with the art of reincarnation. What was remarkable in the biography of the actor?

Years of childhood and adolescence

Boris Anatolyevich Khvoshnyansky, whose filmography today includes more than 80 works in cinema, was born in the city on the Neva on February 17, 1968. His father was engaged in conducting ongoing research in the production of rocket engines, his mother worked as an engineer and was fond of music.

Boris Khvoshnyansky

Her hobby she wanted to instill and scion.What did not Boris Khvoshnyansky play in his childhood! And on the xylophone, and on castanets, and on the piano ... One way or another, the teenager could not master the notes. But he had a wonderful ear, so he learned quite well how to play instruments.

As a child, Boris Khvoshnyansky was a mischievous boy. He easily got involved in disputes with teachers and often did a hooligan at the lesson. But already in his teens, Boris began to show an interest in the art of acting. He decided to sign up for classes at the local TYUT (Theater for Youth Creativity). After some time in this cultural institution, he made friends with whom he often performed on stage. Gradually, the young man became convinced that he had to become an actor.

"The first pancake was lumpy"

Having received a certificate of maturity, Boris Anatolyevich submits documents to LGITMiK at the acting department. However, the competitive selection of a young man does not pass. Khvoshnyansky does not despair and goes to the Pedagogical Institute. Herzen But after a semester, the young man realizes: the teaching profession is not his path. In the depths of his soul, he still hoped that he would manage to get into a theatrical institution of higher education, but chose the Rimsky-Korsakov music school, where students were also engaged in creative work, as an alternative.

Boris Khvoshnyansky actor

In this alma mater, he will study at the department of music comedy, but only two months ...

Duty to the motherland

And the whole point is that Boris Khvoshnyansky, whose photo today is often decorated with theatrical posters of the capital, received a summons from the recruiting office. Years of service the actor recalls with some dislike and reluctance. He fully agrees with the statement that the army is two years erased from life. The actor served in the tank forces (repair battalion), but he had only seen the "formidable" car for the whole time of service only a few times, and even from a distance.

Attempt number 2

After demobilization, the young man decided to “storm” the theatrical institution again, and this time the fortune smiled at him. In LGITMiK he got on the course of V. Petrov. Igor Lifanov and Dmitry Nagiyev turned out to be his fellow students. Boris Anatolyevich was involved in two diploma performances: in one he played a small role of a gypsy woman (“Hot Heart”), and in the second - the image of Konstantin Treplev (“The Seagull”).

Boris Khvoshnyansky Filmography

However, the time when Khvoshnyansky was being released was a crisis for both the theater and the cinema: the staff of the troupes was reduced, the actors were not paid for several months, the Soviet film studios were closed.

Carier start

In 1992, Boris Anatolyevich received the coveted diploma. But since no one was in a hurry to offer him roles in the cinema and theater, Khvoshnyansky decided to make music by joining the Pepsi group as a bass player. A year later, a graduate of LGITMiKa gets into the troupe of the Vremya theater, and then begins cooperation with the beginning creative team “Sergey Rost and Dmitry Nagiyev”. Work with these guys has confirmed that Boris Khvoshnyansky is a truly diverse actor who can do a lot. True, a little later, the young man was attracted to the Buff Theater, but the beginner did not harbor any special illusions about the development of his career. Nevertheless, during the six years of work in the above-mentioned Melpomene church, Boris Anatolyevich gained a good experience thanks to the artistic director Isaac Shtokbant, who demanded from the company maximum communication with the audience on stage. Then Khvoshnyansky goes on an independent voyage, concentrating on his work in entrepreneurial performances. But at the beginning of the 2000s, he joined the troupe of the Ridiculous Theatrical, led by Boris Uvarov. On the stage of this temple Melpomena, Boris Khvoshnyansky, the film of which today can impress any aspiring performer, participated in productions with a bright and unpredictable plot.

Boris Khvoshnyansky personal life

Gradually, changes for the better have begun to appear in the Russian theater and cinema.

Trial ball in the cinema

For the first time on the set, Boris Anatolyevich came out in 1993. Director Yury Pavlov gave him the opportunity to play a little episode. Then he did not act in films for several years. Only in 1998, Boris Khvoshnyansky, films with the participation of which today are quite popular with the viewer, continued the film career. And this time he got a supporting role, but in the cult TV series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”. In 1998, a graduate of LGITMiK was invited to star in the Agent of National Security, where he skillfully played a chemist who specialized in the manufacture of narcotic drugs. But if we talk about the full-length movie, then the first work of the actor was the film “Poor, Poor Pavel” (dir. V. Melnikov, 1993). In it, the actor appeared in the image of a statesman and military leader Osip Mikhailovich de Ribas. It was a movie based on historical events. The actor, recalling the role of de Ribas, said in one of the interviews the following: “I went to the set and began to transform into an image as I used to do it in the theater, thinking to myself that the difference is not great: that in the Melpomene to play, that in front of the cameraman ".

Boris Khvoshnyansky photo

As it turned out, the actor was seriously mistaken by putting a sign of identity between reincarnation on the stage and acting in cinema. Director Vitaly Melnikov then pointed to Khvoshnyansky at his blunder and forced him to work on himself.

However, the real glory and recognition to Boris Anatolyevich came after the release of the TV series “Opera. Chronicles of the Slaughter Department, where he skillfully turned into an experienced detective Porfiry Knyazhenko-Gnedich. Co-workers called him simply the Prince. It should be emphasized that directors often invite Khvoshnyansky to appear in TV shows, where he plays both positive and negative characters. “Hounds,” “Diller,” “Amazons,” “Protected Persons,” “Gunpowder and Fraction,” these multi-part tapes made the actor even more popular. And today, Boris Anatolyevich is at the very zenith of his work and it is already known that he will surely please fans of his talent with new works in the cinema.

Demanded actor

Currently, the actor is so busy with work in the theater and cinema, that he has almost no time left for himself.

Boris Khvoshnyansky films

He manages to work in several scenes at the same time, and in the intervals between them to play in entrepreneurial performances.At the same time, Boris Anatolyevich has long reached the level that allows him to be selective about the roles offered, so in some cases he does not consider it shameful to refuse the director.

Outside the profession

Boris Khvoshnyansky, whose personal life is today well-being, is an exemplary family man and a caring father. His wife Julia Sharikova, as well as he, belongs to the actor's environment. They first met at the shooting of the film “Dancer”, where a graduate of LGITMiK and a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio played the main roles. However, no sympathy at the time of the acquaintance between them arose, on the contrary, they were a little partnership on the set, so they didn't manage to play the lovers from the first time.

Khvoshnyansky Boris Anatolevich filmography

Then Julia first decided to establish contact with a partner and invited Boris for a cup of coffee. He agreed, and after a relaxed conversation between the actors, a friendship ensued, which grew into a strong feeling. They began to live in a civil marriage, and in 2007, their son Sonya was born in their family. The actor tries to give her more time, despite the tight schedule.

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