Blouses for obese women. Patterns blouses for obese women

Every woman, be she fragile or plump, often faces a difficult choice for her - buying a blouse. For obese women, finding the right clothes is not an easy task. Therefore, they should not only be guided by their desires, but also know a few secrets that will help make them irresistible in their chosen outfit.

Properly selected fabric

One of the secrets of a successful purchase is to choose a material that will not spoil the figure. The fabric for the product should be of medium density: not very thick and not light.blouses for obese womenThe correct material is the one that holds the shape. And this, as everyone knows, is flax and cotton. Of these, most of the products are summer models.
Summer blouses for obese women are also found in viscose. If a special evening is planned, you can safely dress in chiffon and silk outfits.

Taboos are knitwear, satin and stretch.The mistress of such things must have an exceptional figure. But in any rules there are exceptions: successful models of blouses for overweight women will allow to combine different fabrics.

Otherwise, the thing will cover the body, showing all its weaknesses.

Patterns blouses for obese women

It often happens that the thing you like can not afford. Or just the figure is designed so that it is very difficult to choose clothes. Do not despair, because you can always sew a thing. This has its advantages - the product will be completely sewn under a certain figure, that is, there will be no folds and shortcomings. Only need to choose the right fabric and pattern.

In each city there is a fashion studio with experienced seamstresses who will help create the desired thing. And you can rely on yourself and do everything yourself.

The most important thing in this business is to make the right measurements. Putting their exact values ​​is not necessary, it is important to add 3-4 centimeters.

patterns blouses for obese women

Sewing a blouse with your own hands, a woman will be beneficial to stand out among others. After all, this thing will be ideally suited to her figure.

Correctly selected color

There are no definite forbidden colors in the choice of a blouse for obese women.In this case, you need to be guided by the color type of the appearance, the circumstances that compel the purchase.

It is better for owners of fair-skinned to pay attention to things of quiet tones: blue, emerald, yellow, corporal. Dark-skinned women can safely buy brown, blue, green, maroon clothes.

However, it is not necessary to try on blouses in acid shades, as this will attract undue attention of others.

Correctly selected print

Any self-respecting person of the weaker sex wants to be like on the cover of a magazine. The most fashionable designers advise girls to buy printed products. Find blouses for obese women with a fashionable print is not difficult. The problem is different - to choose exactly what really suits this type of figure.

First, you should be wary of things with horizontal stripes. This kind of clothing visually fills, and even the perfect patterns of blouses for obese women will not save the situation.beautiful blouses for obese womenSecondly, do not need to pay attention to the thing with a large print. Such models will also give out a figure in an unfavorable light. It is better to give preference to small drawings: flowers, a cell, animals, diamonds, ovals.
Thirdly, it is better to pass by all things added with finishing. They clutter the image. Look should fall on the blouse with vertical stripes and in the cell.

How to choose beautiful blouses for obese women by type

If the lady's hips are wider than the shoulders, you should pay attention to the products of light colors with a V-neck. It is necessary to combine with a dark bottom, for example with trousers or a skirt pencil.

summer blouses for obese women

If the shoulders are wider than the hips, the distribution of the colors of clothes should be made opposite. A blouse should have an oval neckline. Combining it with a pencil skirt in this case is not worth it.

Holders of full hands should choose things with three-quarter sleeves, but always without shoulder pads.

Patterns of blouses for full women with large breasts should not have an emphasis on the problem part: appliqué, drape or pattern.

Underline unmarked waist will help certain kind of things: skirts or dresses with high belts. It is better to use a little trick: put on the top and bottom of different textures and fabrics.

Correct style

What should be the style of blouses for obese women? Choosing the right clothes,a woman with magnificent forms will seem slimmer and sleeker.

There are certain models of blouses for obese women, with which it will look spectacular.

A blouse with a basque is ideal for one that wants to hide those extra pounds in the waist and hips. With such a product with a high waist legs will appear visually longer.

Monochrome blouses with basques are ideal for going to work or to the cinema. If they are complemented by lace, then this is the evening version.
Those who work in the office, just have to buy a blouse, shirt. You need to choose simple models, without ruches and flounces.models of blouses for obese womenThin and elegant belt under the chest does not interfere with the image of a single “donut”. He will correctly place accents on the figure.
Poncho is a good solution for busty ladies with prominent hips and legs.
It is worth paying attention to the length of the product: you should not choose short blouses. The optimal length is up to the middle of the thigh. Patterns of blouses for obese women should be completely made for a certain type of figure and not complicate the cut.

How to combine clothes

The right combination of clothes plays an important role in creating the perfect image.Therefore, all girls from an early age should clearly know what to wear with what.
Choosing the right style and color of the blouse, a woman with a curvaceous shape should go to the purchase of "bottom" so that these two things do not worsen her figure.
Office pants should be worn with chiffon models, ponchos. A blouse with a basky or with a round neckline is a win-win option.

By the pencil skirt is perfect product made of light, airy fabric. This will give the image of mystery and playfulness. For everyday walks, you should give preference to jeans in combination with a shirt-blouse.blouse style for obese women

A cardigan, chiffon blouse or silk and pants are a good choice for evening walks.

Taboo in the choice of blouses

Do not choose blouses for obese women from transparent fabric. The length of the product must be such that it does not expose the belly and hold down movements. Otherwise, the lady who chose this style of clothing, will manifest itself in an unfavorable light.

Sleeves in this product must be. A sleeveless blouse will show those places that are best hidden.
Large patterns and prints, horizontal stripes, ruffles, flounces, ruffles - this is something that should be avoided in choosing blouses for women with curvaceous shapes.
The size of the blouse should be exactly the shape. No need to hope for a diet or a miracle diet pills. After all, folds and a bulging belly are not what a self-respecting lady needs.
Too challenging models spoil not only magnificent forms. Such clothes are designed for special occasions, but not for everyday wear. The opinion that such a style distracts attention from flaws and emphasizes its merits is wrong.
Each wardrobe should have a pair of blouses for different occasions, because this is a universal thing. Most women with figure flaws are embarrassed to go outside once again. But, having analyzed all the disadvantages and advantages of your body, armed with a couple of fashionable tips, you can easily choose clothes that will emphasize everything you need. After all, to be beautiful is the duty of every woman.

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