Biography of Sergei Bezrukov, personal life and work

In the domestic cinema is listed in the forefront actor Bezrukov Sergey Vitalyevich. The biography of this man deserves respect. His childhood, creativity, life behind the scenes - everything can be found in this article.biography of Sergey BezrukovaThis actor is nowadays known to everyone, he earned such popularity after the release of the TV series "The Brigade". His hero Sasha Bely became the artist's business card.

Very talented and interesting person - Sergey Bezrukov! Biography, photos, awards and titles of Sergei interested fans of his work. His family life is also seen almost under a microscope, like all public people. Irina Vladimirovna - the wife of Sergei Bezrukov. The biography of this beautiful woman will also be presented to your attention, she is also a talented actress.

Childhood actor

October 18, 1973 in Moscow in the family of a talented actor, a boy was born.There was no discussion of how to name the newborn between the spouses, everything was decided immediately and finally. Vitaly Sergeevich Bezrukov loves the poet Sergei Yesenin, in his honor and decided to name his son. This is how the future star of the theater and cinema appeared - Bezrukov Sergey Vitalyevich, whose biography is now before you.

Father Bezrukov Vitaly Sergeevich was born in 1942. This is a talented actor and director of the Moscow Theater of Satire. Mother Natalia Bezrukova (Surova) was born in 1950, her work is a household; she previously worked as a store manager. Natalya Mikhailovna is an excellent cook, she is a real keeper of the family hearth.

From his childhood, his father taught his son to play on stage, he often took with him to work, although he was not thrilled that Seryozha dreamed of an acting career. Viktor Sergeevich wanted his son to really understand how difficult this job is to play on stage. He believed that each role should be felt and lived, and not just to learn cues and express them with an expression in front of the audience.

When Sergey was 14 years old, he played in the production of “My poor Marat”, he remembers the role of Leonidik with cold, hunger and fire from the stove.Here is such a romance! This kind of debut did not discourage Serezha from the desire to enter the theater, he, as before, raved about the scene and the glory of the actor.Sergey Bezrukov biography children

According to a brief biography, Sergey Bezrukov in his school years was doing the same as all his peers: he played football and looked at the girls. As the actor himself recalls, he began to learn to play the guitar only because he understood: if he was with a guitar, in any company all the attention of the girls would be riveted to him. So teenagers are arranged! Serezha studied on one of the top five and four, according to his behavior, too, was “excellent”. I would also like to note that it was in the school setting that the young talent played Sergei Yesenin, after that he had to wait a long time for a real role in the cinema in order to become a wonderful poet on the screen.

Theater Stage

Behind school years, graduation party, in front is the way to the theatrical stage. After graduating from school, Serezha passed the entrance exams and enrolled at the Moscow Art Theater School. Immediately got to the course of Oleg Tabakov, who was famous for his strict and demanding attitude to his students. Sergey was more than a diligent student, and this earned the respect of his famous teacher.Bezrukov Institute graduated brilliantly! They do not give out a diploma just like that - you need to work hard to get it.

During his student days, Serezha was already involved in performances in the theater of O. P. Tabakov, after receiving his diploma he was hired there, this was in 1994. There was no shortage of roles for the actor, except for the theater of his teacher, he managed to play in the Moscow Art Theater, in the Theater. A.P. Chekhov - in the performances "Amadeus" and "Sacred Fire". In the theater. M. Yermolova he had a wonderful role in the play “My life, did you dream of me?”, In 1997, the actor was awarded the state prize for it.

The program "Dolls"

Do you know where, besides the theater, the actor Sergey Bezrukov worked? The biography tells about his participation in the program "Dolls". This program takes a whole "page" in the creative activity of the artist and is another confirmation of his talent. For five years, the actor worked on the NTV channel in the program "Dolls". 11 characters spoke in his voice, the images of Zhirinovsky and Kulikov were my favorite. Work on television was another step on the road to fame. But soon Sergey noticed that he was cramped in puppet images.He decided to leave the "Dolls" and go on the creative path.

Film actor's actor before the role of Sasha Bely

Sergey Bezrukov quite deservedly won the recognition of the audience. Biography of the actor tells how his career in cinema began. Due to his hard work and desire to improve himself, by the end of the 1990s, the actor already had a lot of fans, his popularity grew, admiring girls waited for him around the theater to get an autograph.

But the height reached did not seem to Sergey to the limit of his possibilities. In addition to working in the theater, he began to act in films, the first roles were relatively minor, but the beginning of the film career was laid.Sergey Bezrukov biography

Biography of Sergei Bezrukov proves that the first experience in the movie was a success. In the list of the top ten films in which Sergey is involved, there are two films where he was shot together with his future wife Irina Livanova. Biography Bezrukov and his wife are related by common works in the cinema. The names of their first joint work: "Crusader-2" and "Chinese service". The actor is always very self-critical about his work in the movies.As he says himself, he feels much calmer and more confident on the stage than on the set.

The series "Brigade"

Now a pretty popular actor Sergey Bezrukov. The biography tells about the first significant work that made him famous throughout the country. He was approved for the main role in the series "The Brigade". It was 2001, the shooting of A. Adabashyan’s “Azazel” in which Sergei played an adviser to Ivan Frantsevich Brilling, nicknamed Chef, has just ended. The actor was satisfied with the role played, the film was released on screens and was a success with the audience. But this success could not be compared with the furor that Bezrukov was waiting for in the Brigade project, the most expensive at that time.

His role was the main one - criminal authority Sasha Bely. The authors of the script have long doubted whether the actor will cope with such a “gangster” role, because before that everyone had seen him in a completely different light, bright and not malicious. And then suddenly such a turn, because the role was written specifically for Bezrukov, so there was so much excitement, as it turned out, completely in vain. The creators made the right choice, although there were more than 300 applicants for this place.

The script of the series "The Brigade" was written in the style of gangster militants. Events take place in the dashing nineties, in the midst of the division of territories between criminal groups. Shooting, explosions, fights, racing. Against the background of all this - the team headed by Sasha Bely with his "oprichniki", childhood friends. The actor liked his hero, serious, cruel, but with a charming smile, but this is only in the cinema, but in real life, of course, he would not wish the enemy such a fate. Biography of Sergei Bezrukov replenished with another glorious item - participation in the filming of the series "The Brigade."wife Sergey Bezrukova biography

It should be noted the professionalism of the producer of the project Anatoly Sivushov, he was preparing for the beginning of filming in advance. In order for the main actors quartet - Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pavel Maikov and Dmitry Dyuzhev - to play and become friends, Sivushov sent him for a month to the Rest House. As a result, by the beginning of the first shooting day, the guys became friends and got along well with each other. This, of course, influenced their game, they looked very naturally in the role of an inseparable four.

Awards and titles

Sergei Bezrukov’s biography tells how much the actor won,awards and titles. Some of them would like to mention:

  • Moscow Debuts Award for the role of Peter (“The Last”) - 1995.
  • TV-6 TV Award “The Seagull” in the nomination “Breakthrough” for the role of Alexander (“Psych”) - 1996.
  • Moscow City Hall Award - 1997.
  • Business Award "Idol" - 1997.
  • State Prize for the role of Yesenin "My life, or did you dream of me?" - 1997.
  • Winner of the "Golden Eagle" award in the nomination "The best male role in television cinema" for his role in the series "The Site" - 2004.
  • People's Artist of Russia - 2008.

Sergey Bezrukov: biography, family

Famous people, whether they like it or not, are always under the vigilant control of fans and journalists. Sergey Bezrukov, a biography whose personal life is also under the sight of lenses, is not very divided by the most intimate. But the fact that his family life was a success, also does not hide. He is happy with his wife, and happiness is very difficult to hide, and why?

Sergei's close acquaintance with Irina took place on the set of the film “Crusader - 2”. The actress was much older than Serezha, and she was also married to actor Igor Livanov, and the couple had a common son, Andrei.But Bezrukov did not stop, he fell in love with a beautiful woman. Once he left her a note with a phone number and a short one: “I’m waiting.” Irina did not immediately decide to call, she liked the boy, she understood perfectly how this call would end for them. But I could not resist, I called, then there were meetings, a divorce with my husband and a marriage with Sergey.Sergey Bezrukov biography

Before the wedding, as befits the custom, Bezrukov officially asked Livanov to marry him. As Irina recalls, he did this very awkwardly, came into the dressing room, said something not very coherent for a long time, until she said that what he was trying to do was done a little wrong. After these words, Sergey went down on one knee and made a proposal according to all the rules, to which Ira happily replied: "Yes." There was this joyful event in 2000, so far the married couple lives together, in love and in harmony.

Irina Bezrukova

Bezrukov's wife, whose biography is now in front of you is a very interesting person. She took place in life as a wife, as a mother and as an actress. She is eight years older than her husband, but this difference is not at all visible from the outside. Irina is beautiful, always looks after her appearance, follows diets, in a word, she does everything to look great. And she is doing great!

Irina Vladimirovna Bezrukova (nee Bakhtur) was born in Rostov-on-Don on April 11, 1965. In childhood, little Irisha was a closed little girl, uncommunicative, embarrassed for the slightest reason. It was her, she wanted to change her character. After reading a lot of books, she dreamed of some kind of miracle, thanks to which she would turn from a Cinderella zamarashki into a beautiful princess. One day, when she saw an ad on the door of the House of Pioneers that a theater group was being recruited, she decided that it was time to change herself, change her life.

The first step to fame Irina made almost with her eyes closed with fear, naturally, she was not accepted. It was already easier to make the second step. She was advised to enter the Rostov School of Arts, she succeeded. So the girl found herself in the Rostov Theater Studio on the course of A. Malyshev.

As a student, the future actress played her debut film role. It was a thesis work of the novice operator “Girl and the Wind”. Ira graduated from college in 1986. The goal was achieved - shyness overcame and became an actress!

In 1984, Irina Bakhtura fell in love with her teacher, theater actor Igor Livanov.At that time, the girl was already playing in the drama theater. Gorky in Rostov-on-Don. In the Livanov family, grief happened - his wife died. After some time, the widowed Igor made an offer to Irina, she agreed. In marriage, they had a son, Andrew. Later, in 1989, the couple moved to Moscow, each was busy working in the theater and in the cinema.

Since 1991, Irina has become a rather sought-after actress. The best of her work on the screen: "Richard the Lionheart", "Kenneth Knight", "Obsession", "Countess de Monsoreau".

In 2000, a couple of Igor Livanov and Irina Livanova broke up, the marriage was officially terminated. Immediately after the divorce, Ira married Bezrukova, she took her husband's last name and became Irina Bezrukova. The son of his first marriage, Andrew stayed with his mother and stepfather.Sergey Bezrukov biography personal life

After the marriage, the Bezrukovs became very often together in films. Among their collaborations are the series Office and Lyubov.Ru. In 2003, the spouses were asked to play a husband and wife in the popular series “The Site”. Sergey got there the main role of the district Kravtsov, who, together with his dog, protected the peace of the villagers. Bezrukova played his wife, with whom the plot of the film Kravtsov constantly quarreled.The actors because of this did not even want to be removed, but then it turned out that at the end of the film, peace reigned in the Kravtsovs family, the roles were played perfectly.

Sergey Bezrukov: biography, children

A celebrity such as Sergey Bezrukov is in full view of everyone, but do many of his fans know that he has relatives? The Bezrukovs' couple are not willing to talk about this topic, this is not surprising, because they have been waiting for a joint child for too long. Irina could not get pregnant, which is why she was very worried. In the end, a joint decision was ripe - to use the services of IVF.

The couple tried to keep everything secret, they didn’t need increased press attention in such a difficult period. In 2011, Sergei starred in the film "Gentlemen of Fortune - 2", Irina, as usual, accompanied him. It was at this time that reporters noticed that Bezrukova had a tummy. After some time, the tummy disappeared along with rumors of pregnancy.

The curtain over this secret opened Sergey's father, who publicly announced that he had become the happy grandfather of two twin grandchildren. The Bezrukovs gave them simple Russian names - Alexander and Ivan.So Sergey Bezrukov finally waited for the heir, and not just one, but two. Now their family is truly happy!

Life behind the scenes: interesting facts

actor sergey bezrukov biography

In every life there are many interesting cases and details, and if we talk about the beloved actor, it is doubly curious. The biography of Sergei Bezrukov also keeps a lot of interesting things:

1. As a child, Serezha was a very shy boy, he blushed instantly for any reason, because of this he was terribly complex.

2. In adolescence and youth, Sergei was worried about his short stature. Although it did not bother the girls, tall, slender beauties fell in love with him.

3. Bezrukov is the only one from the whole course who graduated from the Moscow Art Theater with a red diploma.

4. Watch your weight, diets. Borsch is a taboo for Bezrukov, instead light salads, the favorite of which is salmon.

5. Bezrukov is engaged in boxing and plays the guitar perfectly.

6. During the filming of "Yesenin" suffered from heartache, so much implanted in the image of his hero.

7. Refused to appear in the film “The Brigade: The Heir”, where he was supposed to play a solid Alexander Bely.

8.Sergey Bezrukov and in adulthood continues to be a bit complex because of his height, therefore he prefers the role of great people, whose growth was also not perfect, as for the stronger sex.

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