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What associations do you have when youdo you hear the name of Pavel Bazhov? Is not it true that in the imagination there appear mountains of gems and amazing unprecedented animals, the Mistress of Copper Mountain and Danila the master ... And most importantly - the author's unique style. As if a dense old-fashioned old man appeared to us in bast shoes and a canvas shirt and in his own way he tells of miracles to small children, who were scattered about the benches and the flocks.

The birth of the great folklorist

biography of Bazhov

Biography Bazhov originates in the Urals in the factory village of Sysert, which later became a city. The future writer was born in January 1879. His father was a mountain master.

The boy often heard different unusualhistory and traditions of the Ural people from parents and workers of a mining plant. Probably, even then extraordinary fantasies about the most bizarre inhabitants of mountains and forests arose. One way or another, folklore, which impressed the imagination of a small dreamer, found its continuation in a number of the most incredible fairy tales.


Like all children of his time, Paul studied inthree-year school. However, studying was easy for him, and therefore one of the best students of his stream, graduating with honors from school, went on to further education in the spiritual school, and later in the seminary. In general, Bazhov's biography could successfully crowned with academic spiritual education, and the world would never know all the delights of this Ural folklore.

However, the future writer did not agree to acceptreligious order. So I began to try my hand at various directions. Working days began with the teaching of Russian in a small rural school. But soon after this young talent was entrusted with teaching Russian and Church Slavonic languages, as well as Russian literature in the Ekaterinburg Theological School.

Together with the pedagogical activity, a great love came to the life of the writer - Valentina Ivanitskaya, one of his pupils. With her biography Bazhova began the countdown of family life.

life of Bazhov

How did the author's folklore originate?

In those years, the young philologist began for the first timeconsciously collect Ural folklore. This took place in mini-expeditions organized by Bazhov in the villages and villages. The enthusiastic writer wrote down everything he could find about oral folk art: songs, fairy tales, nursery rhymes and jokes, a wide variety of rituals, proverbs and sayings. The author also took photographs of workers and peasants in folk costumes.

Of course, the villagers reacted differently toan eccentric provincial teacher, nevertheless willingly shared stories and legends from their ancestors. And it was this geek that laid a solid foundation for the most original fantasy creations of the author.

The age of great shocks

Bazhov Pavel

And then Russia was faced with difficult times, the mostterrible in all modern history, the times of world wars, revolutions and the greatest crises. It is impossible to imagine what emotions had to be experienced by an emotionally, deeply spiritual person in an eerie time for Russia. But Bazhov, as an educated man, could not help but understand how hard working people in Russia are living in Russia, how they starve in villages and villages. So, without hesitation, took the side of the Bolsheviks and became a communist.

It was not easy at that time for the Bazhovs,as, however, and all who had to endure the times of great cataclysms. For all that time that the Civil War lasted, the writer was twice arrested. Every time he managed to escape from imprisonment. A fact is known when the half-dead Bazhov, who fled from prison, was rescued by a peasant, hiding him in his cart with hay.

Life under Soviet power

Bazhov Museum

After the war, the Bazhov family managed to return tohomeland. A small house, which managed to build before the coup, now seemed to the family the most cozy and expensive home. In this house the writer lived most of his conscious life. It is noteworthy that it still exists today, albeit as a house-museum of Bazhov.

Up to the year 30 Pavel Petrovich is building his owncareer in the editorial office of the then popular "Peasant newspaper". Such work allowed the writer not only to support his family, but also to continue his most important hobby and work of life - the search for folk art and the writing of the most unusual author's folklore.

It was not easy for a writer's family in those days. The peripetias of fate threw in Bazhov's life more and more trials. He was repeatedly expelled from the party, dismissed from the editorial office and even tried again to arrest him. However, it was in those hard, unstable times that Pavel Bazhov's first book, The Urals were (1924), was published. At the same time, the writer received the post of editor of the above-mentioned newspaper.

How the "Urals Tales" were born

Bazhov The Urals Tales

The 30s were for Soviet citizens especiallyheavy. The starving people went to any villainy for the sake of survival, and in this war, as is known, all means are good. Enough was a rash word, an accidental phrase or even a neighbor's neighborly dislike, that one night people came with weapons and took away the ordinary ordinary worker in obscurity. What can we say about the editor of the whole newspaper!

In 1937 the writer Bazhov was once againarrested. But, as before, he managed to escape punishment. Obviously, some heavenly forces cherished the talent for descendants. Even in this situation, when the family had to drag out a miserable existence, Bazhov's biography as a writer gained a new turn. More than a year Bazhov was hiding in his home from the NKVD. Being in confinement, the writer, hungry for creativity, began to write his famous "Ural Tales."

Unusual literature

Perhaps there is no history of Russian literaturewriters like Pavel Bazhov. In general, to say that author's creations can be similar, is somewhat blasphemous. And yet today we can easily define at least the genre features of works by Russian writers. For example, no one doubts that Anton Pavlovich Chekhov wrote mostly stories, mostly in a humorous way. Just like no one will doubt that "Kolobok" is a Russian folk tale.

Writer Bazhov

But how to name the phenomenon that created PaulPetrovich Bazhov, - "The Urals Tales"? These books are difficult to assign to the author's generally accepted literary genres. Perhaps, someone is inclined to take short stories to ordinary children's fairy tales or, at worst, to the epic. However, if you look closely, it becomes clear not the child's philosophy and wisdom of the people with a huge history, framed in strange speech turns, characteristic of distant-far ancestors.


Fortunately, the great Russian folklorist PavelBazhov achieved universal recognition during his lifetime. This applies to both the people and the highest literary minds. The fact is that, in addition to political repression, for a long time Pavel Bazhov was known in literary circles as a "collector of folklore". That is why many critics believed that all Bazhov's books are based solely on the collected material and should not be related to the author himself.

However, many years of titanic labor could notpass for free to the author. Years of creative activity brought a lot of original works, which can be proud of Bazhov. "Ural Tales" - the most famous creation of the author, which brought him the long-awaited recognition and glory.

However, the writer's work is not limited to stories. There are among the creations of the author and publications, and memoirs.

It is also remarkable that modern directorsvery fond of the creations of Paul Bazhov and are happy to use in their productions. According to the stories of the great writer, such films as "Stone Flower", "Golden Skid", "Stepanova Memo" and others were made.

Of course, the animation did not take the last place: "Sinyushkin Well", "Malachite Box" and "Silver Hoof" - only a small part of the masterpieces taken based on the author's works.

Did not ignore the author andcontemporary composers. The most famous classic work, written on the motives of Bazhov's tales, rightfully we can consider S. Prokofiev's ballet "The Tale of a Stone Flower".

books by Bazhov


Biography of Bazhov could be different if not for the time, if not for the place, but many more you can remember all the "ifs" ... But nothing in the world happens without meaning.

Surprising is another, namely, that in the twists and turnsthe most terrible and difficult tests that fell to the writer's share, Bazhov Pavel Petrovich managed to keep in himself all the bright and immediate things that only young children can experience. Probably, it was this quality that protected and saved the great man from despondency. Therefore, each of us has something to learn from one of the wisest and most original writers.

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