Beet cutlets. Recipe for every taste

It's no secret that beets are a unique product. Scientists have proven that it contains so many vitamins and trace elements that it is simply vital for the human body. This does not mean that every day you need to eat borscht or exhaust yourself with a vinaigrette. There is a great alternative - beet patties. Their recipe is simple and straightforward.

beet patties

Vegetable pleasure

The easiest cooking option contains products that we all daily use in one way or another for food. There is nothing exotic or supernatural.

For work you will need only: for 800 grams of fresh beets 1 chicken egg, 100 grams of semolina, 60 milliliters of any vegetable oil (for frying), a couple of garlic cloves and some salt.

Prepare the dish as follows:

  1. Boil the beets, peel, chop on a coarse grater and put in a container for mixing.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
  3. From the prepared mass to form small patties, and then fry them for 3-4 minutes on each side in vegetable oil. That's all.

On cooking takes less than an hour. Now it can be served on the table simply with sour cream (mayonnaise) or as a side dish for fish or meat. This is a bit spicy beet patties. Their recipe is not suitable for everyone because of garlic. But there are other options.

Cottage cheese delicacy

There are beet cutlets, the recipe of which contains a lot of dairy products. This option is great for kids.

The following components will be needed: for 300 grams of beet 200 grams of cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons of sour cream and decoying, 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 egg, a little salt, sugar and flour for breading.

When all the products are on the table, you can start cooking:

  1. For grinding boiled beets is better to use a fine grater.
  2. Cover the remaining products and knead the dough. Leave the mass alone for about 20 minutes. During this time, the semolina will swell and the mixture will thicken. If this is not enough, then you can add an extra bit of semolina or flour.
  3. Take a portion of the mixture with a spoon, form hands, roll in flour and then fry in a heated pan on both sides.

It turns out very tender beet patties.The recipe can be slightly adjusted. For example, it is better to take cottage cheese more fat to reduce the total amount of moisture.

how to cook beet cutlets recipe

Meat is always the way

In order to diversify your diet and learn how to cook beet cutlets, you can borrow the recipe from Swedish chefs. Their version is quite unusual.

You will need the following ingredients: ½ kilogram of meat (suitable chicken, turkey or veal), 1 onion, 1 beet, 1 fresh potato, 1 egg, 2 cloves of garlic, any spices and salt. For frying use any vegetable oil.

Phased process is as follows:

  1. First boil the potatoes and beets, then peel and then knead to a state of mashed potatoes.
  2. Meat with onions and garlic scroll in a meat grinder and the resulting "stuffing" add to vegetables.
  3. Add egg, spices and mix everything.
  4. After that, from the cooked mass, form the cutlets, and then fry them on both sides to a bright crust. After that, reduce the heat and hold the finished dish in the pan for another 8 minutes.

Swedes serve this dish to the table with boiled potatoes, onion and pickled cucumbers. The unique taste and true pleasure is guaranteed to all.

beet patties recipe in the oven

Dish with additional processing

Those who decide to lead a healthy lifestyle and refuse meat should try another beet cutlet. The recipe in the oven turns out much tastier.

The composition of meat includes: 250 grams of boiled carrots and beets, 3 eggs, 100 milliliters of oatmeal, 1 shallot, salt, 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley and thyme, 4 tablespoons of chopped dill, ground black pepper and butter (for frying ).

Preparation goes in 3 stages:

  1. Knead minced meat from prepared products and put it in the fridge for about 1 hour.
  2. From the "stuffing" blind flat patties and fry them after that from two sides.
  3. Fold everything into a heat-resistant container and put it on for 20 minutes in an oven warmed to 180 degrees.

Unusually delicate and fragrant burgers will certainly appeal to anyone. In addition, they are also very useful. The vitamin composition of this product is so rich that it can not only invigorate and improve mood, and even refresh the complexion and improve skin condition.

beet patties diet recipe

Diet food

There are situations in life when meat, eggs, white bread and all sorts of spices are an unaffordable luxury.People with various diseases are forced to choose between tasty and healthy food. But there is a dish that combines both of these qualities. You can cook, for example, beet diets.

Their recipe is extremely simple: 3 large boiled beets, ½ cup of semolina, 1 cup of sour cream, a tablespoon of butter, salt and breadcrumbs.

Even an inexperienced hostess will make this dish easy:

  1. Peel the beets and then grind them with a blender.
  2. Add melted butter, salt and bring the mixture to a boil over low heat.
  3. Cover the semolina and continue to heat the mass until it finally thickens. Cool the mixture.
  4. Gently blind the patties, roll lightly in breadcrumbs and fry in a heated pan in vegetable or butter (optional).

The dish will be equally tasty hot in the form of a side dish, and cold in the form of a snack.

beetroot cutlets recipe

Grandma's recipes

For cooking vegetable dishes, as is known, not only root vegetables are used. Often in the course goes the whole plant. It turns out a sort of waste-free production. This is very well understood and understood our grandmothers.Take, for example, the recipe for beetroot cutlets.

A set of products is not much different from all previously known: 1 egg, 6 leaves of beet tops, salt, 150 grams of flour.

You also need to cook using the familiar technology:

  1. Grind beet tops in any convenient way.
  2. Add the remaining products and mix the "stuffing".
  3. Form a medium sized patties. Then breaded them in flour (or breadcrumbs), and then fry in vegetable oil.

Serve such a product at once hot without additional processing with boiled potatoes and fresh omelet.

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