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One of the oldest trends in the genre of simulators - civil aviation aviation simulators on PCs - today, not so much of the players' views are riveting. Nowadays, it is not customary among young people to spend hours studying the principle of the game and put even more effort into the gameplay itself. Even in games about controlling serious equipment, be it a space station or a train, you can quickly start playing almost everything, controlling the entire machine from the very first minutes using a pair of buttons. A modern audience of video game lovers much more like to destroy opponents in batches than to learn the basics of aerodynamics and flight guidance for hours.

Aviation simulator provides an opportunity for "lovers of difficulties" to sweat during the game. All representatives of the genre are divided into combat and civilian simulators.

Civil Aviation Simulator: the merits and features of the genre

But this topic is not about air battles and historical events. Civil aviation simulators are characterized by the absence of any kind of violence. It is unlikely that you in this genre will meet military equipment at airports. You will not need to evade enemy attacks and do not even have to pull the trigger. In this case, all that is required of you is simply to be a pilot of an aircraft, to drive a car.

civil aviation simulatorsBut there is also a nice feature of peaceful flights - the ability to create a course for yourself and fly wherever you want.

Military aviation simulators

More common in our time, of course, have games in which you can shoot and blow something up. It is precisely such that combat flight simulators on a PC belong to, which enable a player to pilot a combat aircraft in a military setting. In these games, the theme is usually the historical events of the Second World War (World of Warplanes, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Wings of War) or the battle of the most modern models of combat aircraft (H.A.W.X, Lock On 2, Janes F / A - 18). This genre of video games is great for competition between players, so hundreds of competitions are held in combat simulators per day, a huge number of virtual aircraft are destroyed, thousands of shells are fired.Flight simulators on the PC are great fun for plane lovers and battles.

Is civil aviation a boring simulator or an addictive game?

At first, it may seem that civil aviation flight simulators have a very boring and uninteresting gameplay, and, moreover, are also difficult to master. But many players around the world who liked civil aviation would not agree with this assessment. In their opinion, the gameplay itself is so fascinating that it is difficult to find time just to relax and watch the landscapes passing by from the window. During the game, you must constantly look closely at the altitude devices and radars, fuel levels. Also during the flight controllers will give instructions on changing course or altitude, to report on the approach of the aircraft to the navigation beacon.

flight simulators on pc

Especially have to sweat while adjusting the queue of your landing on the runway, since up to 10 planes can go along with you! It is immediately noticeable that the creators of this virtual entertainment did not set themselves the goal of simplifying the game, but, on the contrary, tried to convey as realistically as possible all the nuances and difficulties of controlling the aircraft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - a bright representative of the genre

One of the most famous representatives of the genre of civilian flight simulator is a game from the world famous Microsoft company called Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS).best flight simulatorThis is undoubtedly the best aviasimulator in the whole genre. It has nice graphics and a decent sized open world. But there is one small feature of the game: physics is calculated there not due to the laws of aerodynamics, but simply due to the configurations assigned to the object. Therefore, any object in shape, be it a mop or a house, can soar into the air if it has the characteristics of a fighter in the description of the configuration file.

Another advantage can be considered the presence in the game of all the largest airports on the planet. Finally, the picture is complemented by a very realistic weather and landscape. All these aspects make the game the best flight simulator, indispensable in its genre.

Features of flight simulators

Microsoft's civil flight simulators include all the necessary features of modern aviation, such as:

  • flight control with autopilot;
  • realistic weather, affecting the gameplay;
  • dispatcher service, tracking and corrective flight depending on aviation traffic.

MSFS has the ability to evaluate flight statistics using a special analysis menu. In addition, before starting the game is to get training for beginners. At the end of each flight you will have the opportunity to watch the replay of the game.

free flight simulators

One of the most valuable aspects of this game is its open source, which allows you to create custom modifications for aircraft models or even for entire air bases. Thanks to this, this game series has gathered thousands of fans around the world, including in Russia. The game is regularly updated with new models and modifications, hundreds of paid and free add-ons are being created.

If we look at the previous decade, the latest of the games released in the series is the modern version of MSFS - Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which saw the light of the anniversary of the series. The simulator is distributed absolutely free of charge and gives everyone the opportunity to feel like a pilot, taking on the difficult control of civilian aircraft. Particularly impressive in this regard is the Flight Gear modification.

Genre development and fan support

Free flight simulators are projects developed around the world with the help of fans and independent developers. One of the brightest representatives of this group is Flight Gear.The main focus of the game is the creation of the most complete collection of aircraft models of civil aviation. In addition, the official site of the project mentions the presence of modifications that allow playing air combat on real-life prototypes of military aircraft.

civil aircraft simulators

But at the moment this branch of the game development is characterized by a small number of models. Over time, the authors add-on promise to develop this topic. A feature that far from all games can boast is the presence of authentic and photo-realistic landscapes that exactly convey the geographical location of the terrain. Because of such a large amount of information, playing on a hard disk requires at least 12 GB of free space.

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