Atlant (refrigerator): reviews and models

The Atlant company was created back in 1959. In this case, the first model of the refrigerator was released after 3 years. She bore the name "Minsk-1". Mass production of refrigerators has been established since 1964. By this time, the Minsk-2 model appeared on the markets. Two-compartment refrigerators were created a little later. The first modification of this type was called "Minsk-7". It differed from other models, in addition to the presence of two chambers, polyurethane foam insulation.

Then the company expanded its production and began to produce freezers. Two-compressor devices of the MXM series appeared in 1998. In 2002, Atlant received a prestigious award for achievements in quality. The model range of refrigerators "New Wave" began to be made in 2004. Their distinctive feature was the presence of an electronic control unit. They were also equipped with a display system.

Atlas fridge reviews

Features refrigerators "Atlant"

Refrigerators "Atlant" has always been distinguished by its stability.At any ambient temperature, the model works with climate control. Also, many devices are equipped with the function "Fresh". It consists in natural air circulation. At the same time the level of humidity in the chamber is also regulated.

Defrosting in all models occurs automatically. All the frost that forms in the freezer flows into a special container. After that, the liquid just evaporates. Refrigerators "Atlant" are surprisingly quiet. On average, the noise level is around 40 dB. The scheme of the Atlant refrigerator is shown below.

refrigerator Atlant two-chamber

Reviews the model "Atlant MXM 2826-95"

This is a worthy representative of the Atlant range. Refrigerator reviews has good. This model has bribed many people with its simplicity. The defrost system works automatically. Shelves have as many as 5. They are made of glass, but are quite durable. Door baskets provided for 7. To store in them can be various jars and bottles.

Stand for eggs installed separately. The useful volume of the refrigerator is as much as 235 liters. In this case, the freezer has 53 liters. Among the shortcomings can be identified mechanical control. Also in the model is missing the system "Nou Frost".In turn, the power consumption of the refrigerator can please. For the year consumes only 252 kW. In general, this model allows you to save. The Atlas MXM 2826-95 fridge will cost the buyer about 20,000 rubles. RF.

Atlas MXM refrigerator

Opinions about the refrigerator "Atlant XM 4011-100"

Most of all, "Atlant XM 4011-100" is suitable for a large family. The dimensions of the refrigerator are pretty impressive. The net volume of the chamber is 225 liters. The internal arrangement of the shelves is quite comfortable. At the same time there is always the possibility to put a large saucepan in the refrigerator compartment. There is no display in this model, the control is set to mechanical. However, setting the temperature is very simple.

In the freezer at least you can set -18 degrees. The system "Fresh" in the refrigerator is provided. The zone of freshness in this model is missing. Standard comes with an egg holder. In turn, the freezing section is equipped with an ice tray. Freezing capacity is as much as 3 kg per day. The cost of this model varies in the region of 25,000 rubles. RF.

two-chamber refrigerator Atlas XM

What they say about the model "Atlant MX 2823-66"?

This model from the Atlant line is not very popular. Refrigerator reviews are mostly neutral. Many consumers mark a rather weak door.In some cases, it is able to bend under the action of a small weight. At the same time, the door will no longer close tightly. As a result, the temperature will always be broken.

Of the benefits can be identified strong shelves. Tray for eggs manufacturer provided. There are also shelves for storing bottles. The defrosting of the freezer is quite fast. The standard set includes the following: manual, Atlant, two-chamber refrigerator, shelves and trays. The price of this model is approximately 18,000 rubles. RF.

atlas refrigerator scheme

Refrigerator "Atlant МХМ 2808-95"

Note the main characteristics of this model from the company "Atlant". Refrigerator reviews mostly deserved good about themselves. From advantages it is necessary to allocate the large volume of the refrigerator. You can move the door to either side. This refrigerator weighs only 55 kg. Boxes for storing vegetables there.

The height of the shelves can be adjusted. Of the defects can be distinguished management. In some cases, it is impossible to adjust the temperature normally. At the same time freezing takes a long time. Child lock manufacturer is not provided. On the open door of the refrigerator beep does not alert.The noise level is 39 dB. It is "Atlant MHM 2808-95" on the market 19,000 rubles. RF.

Reviews of the refrigerator "Atlant XM 6025-100"

This model is characterized by super freeze mode. The minimum temperature in the freezer can be –18 degrees. The freezing capacity is 15 kg per day. Defrosting the fridge is pretty quick. The total volume of the model is 384 liters. In general, it is more suitable for large families.

Control in the refrigerator "Atlant XM 6025-100" provided for electromechanical. It differs in the presence of two compressors, but there are also disadvantages. The main drawback is that the refrigerator consumes a large amount of electricity. But, in principle, it is a payment for a fast freezing of products. In any case, today this model is in demand. The Atlant (two-chamber) XM 6025-100 refrigerator costs about 23,000 rubles on the market. RF.

Refrigerator "Atlant XM 6023-100". Consumer opinions and ratings

Refrigerator "Atlant XM 6023-100", like the previous model, can boast the presence of two compressors. Management provided for electromechanical. The freezer in this model is located at the bottom of the refrigerator. Its width is 60 cm, depth - 63 mm, and height - 195 cm.In this case, the total volume is at around 359 liters. Of these, the freezer takes 154 liters. In general, this is enough to store large amounts of meat.

Of the advantages we can distinguish the presence of a freshness zone. Among other things, manufacturers have provided super-freezing mode. The minimum temperature in the chamber is –18 degrees. The ability to outweigh the door is, and that's good. As a result, the model was quite powerful. It is better to choose it for large families. Of the shortcomings can be identified only high power consumption. The standard set includes the following: manual, Atlant, two-chamber refrigerator, shelves and trays. This model will cost the buyer about 23,000 rubles. RF.

"Atlant XM 4110-031"

The model "Atlant XM 4110-100" will appeal to lovers of compactness. The height of the refrigerator is only 160 cm, width is 55 cm, and depth is 50 cm. At the same time, it weighs 60 kg. The freezer compartment is equipped with an ice generator. Total sections there are 3 pieces. Freezing capacity is 4.5 kg per day. Stand for eggs included, but it is very small. The shelf for bottles is provided by the manufacturer. Many have noted the strength of the door baskets.All shelves in the fridge are made of impact resistant glass.

Of the shortcomings can be noted the absence of a zone of freshness. The defrosting takes a rather long time, a lot of frost accumulates in the freezer. The temperature in the refrigerator is adjustable from +1 to +10 degrees. In turn, in the freezing section the minimum is -18 degrees. The system "Fresh" is installed in this model. It makes it possible to store vegetables on the shelves, and they do not need to be packaged in a bag. Minibar in this model is not provided. If necessary, you can move the door to the other side. Noise This refrigerator "Atlant" two-chamber quietly, and it pleases. It costs on the market an average of 24,000 rubles. RF.

fridge atlas XM

Reviews of the refrigerator "Atlant XM 6026-180"

Spaciousness - this is what distinguishes this model from the company "Atlant". Refrigerator reviews gets positive. The total volume of the chamber is 393 liters. The freezer compartment accounts for 96 liters. There is no display in this model, mechanical control is provided. For the year consumes about 295 kW of electricity. In general, this is quite a lot, but the freezing power is high. The noise level is 40 dB. For a two-compressor model, this is quite normal.Lighting in the refrigerator is very pleasant. The owner will be reminded of the open door beep

In total, the upper chamber has 4 shelves. Adjusting their height is quite simple. The container for vegetables is always at hand. On the door you can put a lot of drinks. The shelf for eggs in this model is provided suspended type. In the end, it is worth noting that the refrigerator has an interesting design. From the side it looks very stylish. There is a two-compartment refrigerator "Atlant XM 6026-180" on the market, on average, about 30,000 rubles. RF.

manual fridge Atlas two-chamber


Given all the above, the equipment company "Atlant", of course, deserves attention. If you select an inexpensive model, you should focus on the "MX 2823-66". The most powerful refrigerator in this series is "HM 4010-100". It is suitable for large families and is able to satisfy all their needs. You can also select the model "Atlant XM 4110-100" for its compactness. The modest size of the refrigerator will allow you to install it in any kitchen.

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