Asus ZB500KL: features and reviews

This article will provide an overview of the smartphoneAsus ZB500KL. This model continues the ZenFone Go line. It is positioned as a middle class device. The announcement of the gadget took place in October 2016. The manufacturer used some "chips" to attract buyers. Of course, this is a colorful 5-inch screen, an original design that has no analogues among other brands and a removable battery. The device received the support of the networks of the fourth generation. Works with two cards of cellular operators. Sold for about $ 170-180. Did this device justify the expectations of customers? Let's understand.asus zb500kl specs


Before learning the characteristics of AsusZB500KL, let's consider the features of the appearance. The "highlight" of this model was the location of the power and volume buttons, as well as the shape of the case. The latter is made of plastic. The front panel is glossy. Under the navigation keys is an insert with an original iridescent pattern. Depending on the light, you get the impression that the rays of the "Home" button diverge. This solution looks quite interesting. The back cover does not have a flat surface, but an arcuate one, which makes the phone very comfortable in the hand. The dimensions of the device are impressive. With a height of 143.7 mm and a width of 70.85 mm, the thickness of the hull at its widest point is 11.25 mm. However, visually the gadget does not look thick due to the arc-shaped shape.

Solution developers place the power keyon the upper butt not all users were enthusiastically accepted. However, this does not cause any discomfort. However, some owners will have to get used to it at first. But this is not the only feature of the model. "Zest" was the "swing" volume. Find it on the side faces will not work, as it is displayed on the back panel immediately under the camera lens. In this issue, users also could not come to a single decision about convenience. But in defense, let's say that the move is clear, so most of the problems arise only in motorists, because to change the volume they have to take the phone out of the stand. In other cases, it's a matter of habit.

Connector 3 is displayed next to the power key.5 mm, used for connecting acoustic devices. The USB port is on the bottom. There is also a small hole in the microphone. The sides of the smartphone are free. Only on the right side there is a small depression, with which the back cover is opened.

smartphone asus zb500kl

Asus ZB500KL: Specifications

Give a real assessment of the gadget, not knowing its characteristics, will not work, so consider the main points.

  • Screen.For the quality of the image is the IPS-matrix. This technology provides wide viewing angles and rich, rich colors. The size is 5 ". The sharpness of the image display guarantees the density of pixels, which in this model is 294 ppi. The color depth is 24 bits. There are multitouch. The image is displayed as HD on the Asus ZB500KL screen.
  • Characteristics of the camera.The main module has a resolution of 13 megapixels. There is an LED flash. The maximum resolution of the photo is 4160 × 3120 px. The camera for self is equipped with a 5-megapixel sensor. No flash. The resolution is 2560 × 1920 px.
  • Accumulator battery.The technology is lithium-polymer. Type - removable. The capacity is 2600 mAh. The power adapter provided in the kit is 5.2V / 1A.
  • Hardware platform.Chipset - Snapdragon 410. The technological process is 28 nm. The type of computing elements is Cortex-A53. Ranking is 64 bits. Coprocessor - Adreno 306.
  • Memory.RAM type - single-channel, LPDDR3. The volume is 2GB. Integrated - 16GB.


The sixth "Android" is installed on this modelsmartphone. Over the OS, the ZenUI self-developed shell is used. The update is carried out by "air". The design of the worker has become attractive. There are many user settings. The system works smoothly, but sometimes you can notice a non-slow hang.asus zb500kl reviews

Asus ZB500KL: reviews

In the end, we will review the owners' feedback. To the merits, they include a bright screen with a clear image, a reliable body, excellent ergonomics, a clear interface, a decent camera. But, unfortunately, there were some shortcomings. The biggest disadvantage of Asus ZB500KL is the characteristics of the hardware platform. The performance of the chipset will suffice only for everyday tasks, but modern games at maximum settings will not be launched. Many remarks were also made about the autonomy. At an average load, the device is discharged per day.

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