Astor Beach Hotel 3 * (Turkey / Alanya / Mahmutlar): photos, room description, service, tips and tourist reviews

The inexpensive Astor Beach Hotel is located in one of the most popular resort areas of Turkey - Alanya. After landing at the airport of Antalya, tourists will arrive at their destination in a comfortable bus in three hours. The territory of Alanya is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, which prevent the penetration of cold winds. Therefore, summer is longer and hotter than in other resorts in Turkey.

The main entrance to the hotel

Weather in the hotel area

Staying at the Astor Beach Hotel, you can take full advantage of the dry and warm microclimate inherent in this area of ​​the Mediterranean, sunbathe, swim, and various excursions.

The hottest months here are July and August, at which time the temperature stays at 35-40 ° С.In the absence of rain, it is very pleasant to be here in early autumn, when the summer heat subsides, and in the evenings it becomes fresh, but the water in the sea still retains affectionate warmth.

Hotel beach

The tourist season is declining, in the Astor Beach Hotel in Alanya and other hotels it becomes calmer, there are fewer vacationers with children, you can admire the sunsets and sunrises, walk on the free beach.

Hotel layout and rooms

Like most hotels in the area, the hotel was built in 1994, overhaul was carried out in 2014.

The hotel’s buildings and the coastal zone are separated by a road, from which there are sun loungers with umbrellas, deck chairs a hundred meters away, the beach itself is located.

Astor Beach 3 *

Tourists arriving at the Astor Beach Hotel, after registering at the reception, will be able to settle in one of 7 five-storey buildings with elevators located in the territory of 7000 m2.

The hotel has the following rooms:

  • 84 standard rooms of 45 m2in which 4 people can move in;
  • 52 family double rooms each with an area of ​​55 m2consisting of a hall and a bedroom with air conditioning.

Each of the 136 rooms has an en-suite bathroom with bath or shower, hairdryer, air conditioning, television, one or two balconies.There is a fridge in the room.

Air conditioners at the hotel are connected to a common control system and operate according to a common schedule: 12:30 - 16:30 and 23:00 - 04:00.

While on holiday in the Astor Beach Hotel in Turkey, it is not necessary to part with your four-legged friends. The hotel can be accommodated with pets, if their weight does not exceed 12 kg.

According to reviews, in the Astor Beach Hotel the rooms are provided with excellent daily cleaning, which is appreciated by tourists, many return to this friendly hotel again and again.

Pools and Beach at Astor Beach

Crossing the road, you will find yourself on the beach. On the private beach of the Astor Beach Hotel 3 in Alanya there are:

  • bar;
  • sun beds and deck chairs;
  • shower;
  • changing cabins;

Entry into the water is very convenient, but the beach is not sandy, but pebble, so you can jump water from a small pier or walk into the water along a sandy path between the plates. For the safety of floating rescuer monitors. Rest on the beach safely and comfortably.

Pool with slide

The hotel has a freshwater swimming pool and water slides.

Sport and leisure

Fans of water entertainment have the opportunity to spend time in the Astor Beach Hotel 3 in Turkey fun and diverse. They can go on diving and sea excursions, ride on:

  • scooters;
  • catamarans;
  • water skiing;
  • bananas.

The hotel holds discos, karaoke nights, you can play darts or chess, there is a pool table and table tennis.

Turkish animators invite you to play beach volleyball, conduct aerobics and water aerobics classes, show shows, organize trips to discos in Alanya, sincerely try to make the rest of tourists brighter and more interesting. They are doing great, because a huge amount of thanks is sent to the Internet on the Internet.

Local Attractions

The convenient location allows you to go on interesting excursions, visit the chic dolphinarium, get acquainted with the virgin nature, visit the temples, museums of Alanya. The history of the city has more than 1000 years. At the beginning of the 13th century, a red brick fortress wall and a Kyzyl Kule tower were built by an architect from Syria, which helped the city to repel enemy attacks. The complex is perfectly preserved until today, is the hallmark of the city.

Three km from the hotel is the village of Mahmutlar and the Mahmutlar Belediyesi Mesire Forest Reserve.

Mahmutlar is notable for being incredibly popular with foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey.This place also has an ancient history, here you can explore the ancient ruins of the ancient cities of Naula, Leartes, Syedra. History lovers will be able to visit ancient temples, towers of the observatory, baths, reservoir systems, an amphitheater, and the acropolis.

From the hotel you can purchase an excursion to the Sapadere canyon. The road leads to the gorge, where between high rocks you can walk only along a narrow bridge, along the way there are several swimming pools with crystal water from a mountain river and waterfalls. Travelers will be able to relax and have a meal in an inexpensive and cozy Turkish cafe.

Not far from the Astor Beach Hotel 3 in Turkey is the famous Dolphinarium and Sealanya Marine Park. There are performances with dolphins and seals, you can play with them in the ball, swim, take pictures. The show lasts 50 minutes.

Conditions for children

Families with children can spend time comfortably. Little travelers waiting for a kids club, held mini-discos. The restaurant provides child seats, in the room you can order a cot for an extra charge.

Children's club

Additional service

The hotel has internet, post office, laundry, small shop. Valuables can be deposited in the safe.The hotel has a doctor. At the spa, you can treat yourself to a good massage, a wonderful Turkish bath.

Dining at the hotel

Dining at the hotel is provided in the restaurant and bar. The food is of good quality and does not cause any complaints: a large selection of salads, soy dishes, meat dishes, delicious fish, usually a large selection of side dishes, pickles, greens, excellent pastries, cakes. A coffee machine is available from 9:00 to 23:00, and tea and carbonated drinks can be enjoyed.

Hotel restaurant

From alcohol you can take beer, wine, rake, gin. Fruits are served in the season a huge amount, you can take with you to the room, no one interferes with this pleasant process, eat - as much as you want. In the shops in the hotel ice cream is sold at a regular price, which also pleases parents and children.

Impressions of tourists

Most tourists who choose cheap vacation in hotels in Turkey, are pre-configured to enjoy the gifts of nature, but do not have high hopes for the hotel itself. However, most of the reviews about the Astor Beach Hotel 3 are positive, and some, settling in at the resort, come again.

Visitors leave good grades about food, cleanliness of rooms and grounds, pleasant surroundings, great animation.Many people note the successful layout of the rooms, pleasant benches on the lawns under palm trees, beautiful flowers and well-groomed territory.

The work of the staff, the quality of food is controlled by the owner of the hotel, who lives nearby. He sincerely wishes the guests to be satisfied with the rest.

Many people like a good attitude towards animals, the opportunity to take a small dog with them to rest. The small territory of the hotel is very well-groomed, well-maintained, it is constantly cleaned during the day, the gardener works, beautiful trees and flowers grow around the hotel.

Hotel room

The staff tries to leave a good impression, some of the workers speak Russian, some in English, as many tourists come from other countries.

Who would be comfortable in a hotel?

Rest in the hotel is designed for families with children, it will suit young people and pensioners. Everyone will find lessons for themselves, suitable food.

Tours from Moscow for two can be purchased for 7 nights at a price of 21,000 rubles through the system "all inclusive". Rest at an inexpensive price with the settlement, flight, meals and drinks can afford many. Accommodation in Astor Beach Hotel 3 in Turkey will be calm and comfortable.

A large number of foreign tourists, as well as those who repeatedly return to rest here, say that the balance between price and quality is in balance here.


Astor Beach Hotel 3 is located in one of the best tourist spots. There are museums, ancient temples, dolphinarium. The rooms offer guests comfort and cleanliness, all modern amenities.

Good food and the beach in three steps, a large selection of sports entertainment, great weather will undoubtedly affect the quality of rest.

By bus and taxi you can always get to the nearest villages of Alanya to buy souvenirs, fruit, visit local restaurants, buy everything you need at regular prices in ordinary stores and supermarkets.

From a budget hotel one does not have to expect special luxury, impeccable repairs and the complete absence of deficiencies in service. But for many, the inexpensive price of trips gives an excellent chance to relax in Turkey, enjoy the sea, get acquainted with the culture and history of the country, it is interesting to spend time.

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