Apology to the guy: how to do it right?

Apology to the guy should be such thatthe chosen one has understood that you have realized your guilt and are ready to reconsider your behavior. Men are touchy, so perhaps you will have to work hard to fix the situation. How to do it right?

Apology to the guy: where and how?

apology to the guyOf course, try to meet with the chosen one. A telephone conversation or SMS-apologizing to a guy is not the best way out. Seeing that you are worried about what happened, repent of what you have done and want to improve the situation, the elected one "wilts" and will be ready for a conversation.

Try to stay calm and do not give free rein.emotions. Do not cry and beg - men do not like to see tears in front of women. And your task is not to pity and persuade him to return, but to gain understanding and reconcile.

Explain the situation with your "bell tower", onlyDo not go into details and do not start blaming him, otherwise quarrel even more. Tell me that you realize that you were wrong, and what exactly. Then you can briefly explain your actions. Just do not use phrases like: "Because you always do that." Remember that the goal is reconciliation and an apology to the guy.

sms apologize to the guyUse more assumptions. Tell me that you may be mistaken, but you think in a certain way. Explain your feelings at the time of the quarrel. For example, you quarreled because he refused to go with you to a picnic, because he was tired, and you made a tantrum because of this and greatly offended him. You can calmly ask him about why he decided not to go. Often, when the emotions have already subsided, during this conversation you can make amazing discoveries. For example, your chosen one could refuse a trip, because he was preparing a surprise for you, or he did not have enough money, or the company could have people unpleasant to him. The reasons can be mass. And it's possible that he actually had an extremely difficult day, and he just wanted to lie on the couch and relax. The main thing is to try and find out the truth unobtrusively and calmly. Do not crush, just explain that you want to understand it and know what's the reason.

Then there must be an apology before the guy. Then you can say about your feelings. For example, after his act you thought that it was embarrassing for him to go with you, or that he did not love you. The main thing is that this should sound not as a reproach, but as a desire to explain its vision of the event.

verses apologize to the guyTo adjust the favorite to the desired mode, you canpresent him with some gift. It is advisable to choose what he really needs, and not to give a bauble, albeit nice. Although it all depends on a particular man. Some are delighted with all sorts of romantic gifts. But if the quarrel was serious, it is better to present something neutral.

Poems-apologies to the guy do not act too muchoften. Usually men are not too sentimental and skeptical about such messages. If you really decided to send him poetry, do not take the first ones with a beautiful rhyme. It is important that they reflect your thoughts. It is advisable to write poetry yourself, then you fully express your feelings.

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