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Anna Plisetskaya is one of those called “golden children”, heir to the dynasty, the niece of the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. Not surprisingly, at the age of three, her first stage debut took place. The article is devoted to the biography and creativity of this outstanding person.

Early biography

Anna Plisetskaya

The girl was born in Moscow, August 18, 1971 (currently the actress is forty-six years old). Both the father and mother of the girl were inextricably linked with the theater, stage and ballet. Mother, Marianna Sedova - one of the leading dancers of the Bolshoi Theater, father - Alexander Plisetsky - an outstanding choreographer. Therefore, the fact that the love of art was handed down to Anna by inheritance, there can be no doubt.

There is a legend that the name for the girl came up with her famous aunt, Maya Plisetskaya. When the girl was born, the husband of Maya Plisetskaya, the famous director Rodion Shchedrin was working on the production of Anna Karenina based on the work of the same name by Leo Tolstoy.It was with this name that the famous ballerina offered to name her niece, and the girl's parents liked this idea. Perhaps this name has become a landmark, since the creative debut of little Anna Plisetskaya is connected with the production of “Anna Karenina”.

As mentioned earlier, Anna made her debut on stage at the age of three. Then she played on the same stage with Maya Plisetskaya in the play “Anna Karenina”, where the little girl had to play the role of Anna’s son, Seryozha.

Anna's father, Alexander, as mentioned earlier, is also directly related to the theater and is an artist of the Bolshoi Theater. When Anna was small, he was forced to move to Latin America in order to develop ballet art there and open new schools. Alexander taught ballet at the University of San Marcos, in Buenos Aires. The girl moved abroad with her father.

Anna Plisetskaya Filmography

At this, her stay abroad did not stop, because after living in Latin America, the girl moved to England, where she studied in one of the Russian schools.


Anna Plisetskaya returned to St. Petersburg when she was ten years old.Now, years later, the heroine of our article recalls her return to the “northern capital” with exceptional warmth and tenderness, but being a little girl, Anya did not sincerely understand why the mention of her name caused such ambiguous feelings among teachers of the ballet school, where she studied. However, the family tree, consisting practically of ballet and theater stars alone, was not a reason for the “star disease” of the girl. She was in love with ballet, she worked very hard, spending the whole day in dance halls. Therefore, it is not surprising that soon the girl became an excellent student and one of the best students of the Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Acting talent. Filmography

anna plisetskaya personal life

In addition to dancing, the girl from early childhood showed acting talent. One of her most famous roles is still considered to be the role of Jane in the film adaptation of the book Mary Poppins. Once at such a young age on the set, the girl was delighted with what was happening. The very process of filming and the people around her, who, exactly like her, are in love with art, could not help but admire the little ballerina.However, as Anna herself recalls, she did not manage to enjoy the glory that fell upon her after this shooting. The reason for this is training at the aforementioned Academy. Because of the very tight and strict graphics, the girl was practically deprived of childhood, but now the ballerina absolutely does not regret it. Just as she didn’t manage to continue her acting career at that time, because she had already performed on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater and was quite big as for such a young ballerina, success.

Anna Plisetskaya, whose filmography is not very rich, just starred in three films:

  • "Merry Poppins, goodbye."
  • "The last tarantella".
  • "Anna Karenina".

Continuing education

The girl successfully graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy, but decided not to stop her education and graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory with a degree in direction and drama, as well as the International Academy of Business and Management with a degree in Management.

"Black" nineties. Charity

Anna Plisetskaya biography

But not always her path was so easy and smooth. Unfortunately, the peak of the career of a young actress fell on the difficult nineties, when art in general and ballet in particular did not cause the people such delight as before,therefore, performances were staged very rarely. Many young dancers turned their attention to the West, where in one working day they could earn a monthly salary of the actor of the Mariinsky Theater. However, Anna remained faithful to her homeland, and instead of leaving, she decided to change her occupation a little: she began to organize various concerts and performances.

Then she began her charity work. Together with the Russia Central Concert Hall, Anna Plisetskaya looked for capable children who did not have the opportunity to develop their talent, and helped them demonstrate it to the public and study acting skills in the future.

Present day

Now Anna Plisetskaya is a ballerina who is very famous not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries, despite the fact that her age for this type of training is already considered retirement. She has many productions as part of the Mariinsky Theater troupe, a robot with several fashion houses, music lessons and active charity work. Anna can be safely called a versatile personality and a person with an active lifestyle.

Tours and repertoire

Anna Plysetskaya Ballerina

The ballerina performed tours around the world: in the USA, Japan, Korea, Italy, England, Israel, Belgium, France and many other countries. The girl is fluent in several European languages.

Anna Plisetskaya's repertoire includes many productions, the most striking of which are Giselle, Swan Lake, Vision of the Rose, Russian, Don Quixote, Pilgrims and Three Sentiments.

Now she is trying to realize herself in the musical field, and together with Daniel Kramer she created a program that combines jazz and ballet. The premiere of their joint creation, the play "The City through the Eyes of Jazz" was held in the Tchaikovsky Hall and was a huge success. It was so big that later even the film was shot and released, which showed the "backstage" side of the work on the play. And the performance itself was later released also in the chamber version.

Behind the Seven Seals

What does Anna Plisetskaya hide? Her personal life is not covered in the press at all. She never answers questions about the second half, children, plans for family life.

Now you know who Anna Plisetskaya is, whose biography is detailed in the article.

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