Angel Days for Angelina

Angelina is an unusual and rare name. Despite the fact that it resembles the word "angel", in reality it is just a coincidence. The name has ancient Greek roots and means, in Greek, "the Evangelical, a messenger." How to call Angelina short?

For owners of this name there are many interesting abbreviations: Gel, Angela, Angel, Angel, Lina, Yelya, Ange (from English), Angelika. Angelina and Angelica are different names, but they have the same nature and are derived from the same ancient Greek word "herald."

The name is ecclesiastical and has its saint, the patroness Angelina.

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Blessed Angelina Serbian (Brankovic)

Angelina is patronized by the name of St. Angelina of Serbia. During her lifetime, the holy Angelina of Serbia was the wife of the Serbian king and the daughter of the Albanian duke. For a long time, fleeing from Turkish persecution, I lived with my husband in exile. Then, approximately in 1510, she took the veil as a nun. With the assistance and support of the Grand Duke Vasily the Third, she founded a church, where she served until the end of her days as Mother Superior.

Angelina Name Day

Angelina has several angel days. Most of the names have several birthdays.This is due primarily to the fact that the church name refers to several saints. For example, Helena can celebrate as many as six birthdays in a year, in honor of the martyr Elena and the martyress Elena, daughter of the Apostle Althea, righteous Helena, Queen of the Serbian, also in memory of the equal apostles Queen Helen and Olga, the great Equal Apostate princess (after the baptism of Helen), and St. Helena Diveevskaya.

However, with Angelina, everything is different. Angelina has angel days - four times a year, but one saint is honored in them - Rev. Angelina of Serbia (Brankovic), Queen of Serbia. As a rule, in order to determine when to celebrate the name of a particular Angelina, it is necessary to choose the nearest date of birth. This will be the angel's day angel. According to the Orthodox calendar, or imenoslov, the day of the angel should be celebrated 4 times a year:

  • the 14 th of July;
  • December 23;
  • 12-th of September;
  • 12th of August.

These are the days of the memory of St. Angelina.

How to celebrate birthday

Since birthdays are celebrated according to the church calendar, Angelina Angel Day should start with a trip to the temple. In order to offer honors to righteous Angelina, the ruler of Serbian, you need to light a candle and pray.The magnification looks like this: "We appease you, Reverend Mother Angelina, and honor your holy memory, for you pray for us all, the Christ of our God."

angelina angel day by the church calendar

Famous Angelina and the days of the angel

  • Angelina Vovk (September 12) - Soviet television and radio host, film actress, deputy.
  • Angelina Jolie (July 14) - famous film actress, screenwriter and director.
  • Angelina Guskova (December 23) - UN expert, Soviet radiologist, Dr. med. sciences, professor.
  • Angelina Zolotsevskaya (July 14) - Commander of the Order of the BKZ, a participant in the Second World War.

angel's day angel by the orthodox calendar


How to congratulate Angel on Angelina? What to gift?

Many say that, having such an angelic name, Angelina is not at all distinguished by angelic character. Name carriers often have a temperamental nature, are stubborn and very capricious. Despite this, the Angelina are capable of loving strongly and keenly. They seem to live in their own unique world with their own ideas about everything. Therefore, the gift must be chosen with caution that meets the expectations and ideas of the birthday woman.

Give something related to the hobby Gels, something for the soul. You can also try to give something for the house.After all, love and home are very important for these girls. Like any girl, Angelina loves attention. Therefore, the celebration can be modest, but gifts should be very personal, and all attention should be given only to Angelina.

Be that as it may, give a gift from the heart - and you will not regret it.

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