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Andrei Bakonin is a journalist, writer and screenwriter. His books on criminal topics are known to many readers. They note in their responses that the author is masterful in this matter. And there is. Andrei Dmitrievich is an author with many years of experience in investigative journalism and truthfully and skillfully talks about corruption, crimes and the lives of modern gangsters.

Andrey Konstantinov

about the author

Andrei Bakonin (Konstantinov - his creative pseudonym) was born on 30/09/1963 in the Volga region (a village in the Astrakhan region). His parents at that time were students of the Technological Institute. In the Volga region, they practiced, and after graduation, the family returned to Leningrad.

In 1980, Andrei Konstantinov graduated from school and entered the Department of Arabic Philology of the Leningrad University. Transferred a year later to the Department of History of the Middle East. At the end of the fourth year, in 1984, he is sent to a special assignment to Yemen, an Arabic translator.Dispatched by the line of the Ministry of Defense as part of the fifth GRU airborne brigade.

After completing a business trip, he was promoted to lieutenant and continued his studies at the university, which he graduated in 1996. According to the distribution, the Defense Ministry is leaving for Krasnodar. In 1991, Andrei resigned from the Ministry of Defense and went to work as a special correspondent for the newspaper Smena.

The path to journalism

Two years later, Konstantinov Andrei Dmitrievich founded the criminal department in the editorial office of Smena and became its head. Since 1994, for two years, Konstantinov has been working as a correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda. Becomes the initiator and creator of the Investigative Reporting Service, whose activities began in 1996 under the Chance publishing house.

In 1998, Andrei Dmitrievich became the director and chief editor of the AJUR ("Agency for Investigative Journalism"). Now the agency includes the newspapers "Your Privy Counselor" and "MK-Peter", the news portal "Fontanka.Ru" and the magazine "City 812".

From 1998 to 2014, Andrei Dmitrievich lectured at St. Petersburg University in the Faculty of Journalism. Konstantinov conducts seminars on journalistic investigations in Russia and abroad.

Andrei Konstantinov is one of the founders of the Golden Pen of Russia contest for journalists. From 2004 to 2011, he heads the Union of Journalists in St. Petersburg.

Andrey Konstantinov books

The beginning of creativity

Andrei Dmitrievich - the author of the cycle of essays "The criminal world of Russia." The book was co-written with Malcolm Dikselius, a journalist from Sweden. In Sweden, published twice. The new version, called "Russian mafia", was released in 1998. In the creation of its members participated staff AURA.

Next come the novels in two parts, "Lawyer," "Journalist" and "Writer." Translations of the first two books are published in 2000 in Sweden, “Lawyer” is published in Finnish.

Together with his colleagues from AJUR, Andrei Dmitrievich publishes a series of essays “Corrupt Petersburg” in two parts and “Gangster Russia”. At the same time, the beginning of writing the cycle of books "Agency" Golden Bullet "" - about the St. Petersburg Agency for Journalistic Investigations.


According to the books of the same name by Andrei Konstantinov, numerous serials were filmed. Such as the "Russian Mafia", "Friend-Alien", "Lapushki", "Tula-Tokarev", "Outdoor surveillance", "The Second Revolt of Spartacus."The film “I have the honor!” Was shot based on the novel “The Company”.

The basis of the television series "Gangster Petersburg" formed several books by this author: "Journalist", "Ment", "Lawyer", "Prisoner", "Composer", "Scavenger". The film "Protection of witnesses" was filmed on the trilogy of Andrei Dmitrievich "Goblins". Tetralogy "Reshalschiki" was the basis of the series "The Masters".

The sixteen-part film "The Expropriator" was filmed on the trilogy "The Youth of the Baron." The film "Agency" Golden Bullet "" was based on the novels of the eponymous art project inspired and authored by Konstantinov Andrei Dmitrievich.

Konstantinov Andrey Dmitrievich

List of books (not listed above)

The Sword of the Dead, in collaboration with Maria Semenova, talks about the Viking Age. The historical novel has collected many positive reviews from readers, as it speaks in live and simple language about the events that took place many years ago. Historical accuracy is combined with a detective plot, which makes the book informative and interesting.

“Ultimatum to the Governor of St. Petersburg” (in collaboration with Alexander Novikov) - a novel from the series “Gangster Petersburg” - tells about the course of the election campaign.The journalist is faced with a number of strange events and begins an investigation that affects both ordinary citizens and influential politicians.

“Tales of Service People” - in a collection of short stories, Andrei Konstantinov and his colleagues from AJUR share the details of their work. Why "servicemen"? Adrei Dmitrievich was a military translator, his friends also served somewhere. So they decided to share funny, ironic, sometimes sad stories from their past.

“Traitor” - a novel written in collaboration with A. Novikov, talks about Russian journalists who disappeared in a combat zone in Yugoslavia. Then a group of investigators takes off on their search and finds out that colleagues were killed. But the investigation team is constantly hampered by someone and does not want them to know the truth.

The First and Second Parts of the novel are written in collaboration with D. Veresov and I. Shusharin. A fascinating story about a lawyer-loser, who decided to earn some money. Sergey intrudes into someone else's secret and discovers that it is connected with the family curse. In the hands of a woman who is in mortal danger, a clue.Yes, and the lawyer has no chance to survive.

Konstantinov Andrei Dmitrievich book list

Tutorial and Guide

“In Sweden with Andrei Konstantinov” - a guide in which the author, together with the Swedish journalist M. Dixelius, proposes to make a trip around Sweden. Andrey Konstantinov tells about this country and its inhabitants in a fascinating and with great feeling.

The books of this author are known to most readers as detective, adventure. Therefore, the "Guide" was a surprise to them. But, reading enthusiastic reviews about the book, you understand that it turned out to be interesting and informative. This is not a standard guide to Sweden - it is a collection of knowledge and impressions.

Journalistic Investigation, a textbook compiled with the staff of AJUR and based on a wealth of journalistic experience, tells how investigations are conducted in Europe and America, in pre-revolutionary and modern Russia. Teaches the investigation and reveals the problems that a journalist may face.

Andrei Konstantinov is the winner of several awards for his contribution to journalism and the winner of courage awards. He was introduced to one of them in 1999, when, during a journalistic investigation, one of the perpetrators of the murder was discovered and handed over to law enforcement agencies.

Andrei Dmitrievich is an interesting and many-sided personality. His colleagues appreciate and adore readers. We wish him and the staff of AJUR successful investigations, and readers - interesting and exciting books!

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