Analogs "Elkara": a list of drugs, a comparison of the compositions, instructions for use and reviews

"Elkar" highly recommended itself primarily among pediatricians and parents. It is both safe and modern amino acid drug. Dr. Komarovsky nicknamed "Elkar" for children "live drops." Why does this tool deserve such a reverent attitude? From this article you will learn about the principles of action "Elkar", analogues and instructions for use.

The composition of the drug and its action

"Elkar" belongs to the class of vitamin-like agents that affect the metabolism. The main active ingredient is left carnitine. It is a substance of natural origin, similar in properties to vitamins of group B.

In low concentrations, left carnitine is constantly contained in human blood. He is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins.As a result, a fairly large amount of energy is formed, which allows a person to feel vigor, a surge of strength. Also, left carnitine, like glucose, nourishes brain cells.

Healthy protein and carbohydrate metabolism is impossible without a sufficient amount of left carnitine. It normalizes the functioning of the thyroid gland and contributes to a set of muscle mass, growth of the skeleton, and strengthening of bone tissue. It is for this reason that drugs with left carnitine are often prescribed to children. His appointment in muscular dystrophy, developmental delay, mental retardation and mental development, oxygen starvation of the brain is justified. Often, drugs based on left carnitine are prescribed to pregnant women during hypoxia.

elkar for children

Indications for use "Elkar"

The instruction to Elkar (analogues have similar indications for use) recommends taking the drug for the following problems:

  • weak sucking reflex in newborns;
  • muscular dystrophy of various etiologies;
  • frequent colds due to low immunity;
  • poor appetite in children and adolescents;
  • underweight, anorexia;
  • delayed psycho-speech development;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • recovery period after surgery;
  • brain injury;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes mellitus of the first and second types;
  • mild forms of thyrotoxicosis;
  • propionic and other organic acidemia;
  • problems with memory and sleep, anxiety;
  • symptoms of vascular dystonia in children and adults.

The drug in the drops has a pleasant sweet taste. This facilitates the reception for children and teenagers.

Sold in glass bottles of 50 and 100 ml. The price varies depending on the markup of the pharmacy chain and the volume of the bottle from two hundred to seven hundred rubles. Foreign counterparts will cost even more expensive.

left carnitine capsules

Features of the use of drugs based on left carnitine

It stimulates the absorption of glucose, so high dosages of drugs with it can lead to hypoglycemia of diabetic patients receiving therapy with diabetic drugs.

Levocarnitine is a common component of human breast milk, so the use of drugs based on it is permissible during lactation. The substance does not affect the reaction rate when driving vehicles or working with potentially dangerous machinery.On the contrary, it helps to increase concentration and ingenuity.

When combined with alcohol intoxication, drugs on the basis of left carnitine contribute to the gentle removal of ethanol degradation products from the body. They reduce the neurotoxicity of acetic acid and acetaldehyde, preserve brain cells, and save them from hypoxia.

"Elkar" for children

"Levarnitin": properties and cost

Among women who want to lose weight, levocarnitine has become widely known as L-carnitine, a fat burning supplement. This is the main active substance of Elkar itself and its analogues. Levocarnitine is one of them.

It is a powder for dissolving in a liquid. Increases resistance to intense physical exertion in adults and children. Reduces the degree of lactic acidosis, restores performance after surgery, long-term illness and physical activity. Provides economical use of glycogen, its savings in the liver and muscle tissue.

Features of reception: adults should be taken half an hour before meals. A bag of powder should be dissolved in a glass of clean cool water.In muscular dystrophy, anorexia, problems with the weight of a psychogenic nature - 2 grams (one pack) twice a day. If the patient is under the age of 16, the treating pediatrician will prescribe the dosage.

"Winery" or "Elkar"?

The main active ingredient "Vinebrala" - Vincamine. In its effects on the body is the equivalent of "Elkar." It is also an adaptogenic, metabolic agent. Its action is manifested primarily due to the impact on the vessels of the brain. It promotes accelerated glucose oxidation, which improves the nutrition of brain cells. It alleviates the psychological state of patients with thyrotoxicosis, relieves anxiety and irritability, helps with symptoms of vegetovascular dystonia, with obesity and for gaining muscle mass.

"Vinebel" is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Reviews about the analogue of "Elkar" are ambiguous. Someone dissatisfied with its high cost (about 800 rubles per package), someone - his implicit action. There are people who liked the effect of the reception: they noted the vigor and well-being on the background of the Vinebral reception.

substitutes "Elkar"

"Le Carnit" as a substitute for "Elkar"

Instructions for use, reviews of analogues "Elkar" indicate that the best substitute for it - the drug of Italian production "Le Carnit".

It consists of levocarnitine (2 grams) and the amino acid arginine (200 mg).

"Le Carnit" normalizes metabolism, in particular, fat and protein metabolism. Due to this, it is appointed by endocrinologists to people with obesity, diabetes mellitus, hyperteriosis, and diseases of the pancreas and thyroid gland. This drug is loved by weight lifters for accelerating ATP synthesis and as a result - accelerated growth of muscle mass (subject to the availability of proper training and nutrition).

Also, the effect of the drug "Le Carnit" is manifested in the following:

  • activates aerobic processes;
  • accelerates recovery after surgery;
  • helps to restore nerve cells after intoxication;
  • inhibits the synthesis of ketoacids;
  • helps to reduce the oxygen starvation of the brain.

By its action and the most similar chemical composition, "Le Carnit" is the best analogue of "Elkar" for children.

application of "Le Carnit"

"Cartan" or "Elkar" - what to choose?

"Cartan" is a metabolic drug that is well proven for both children and adults. This is the equivalent of "Elkar" injections.Sold in packs of 5 glass capsules with a solution for injection in each. It can be used for intravenous and intramuscular administration.

The composition of the liquid of one capsule includes 1 gram of leftcarnitine and excipients (hydrochloric acid and distilled water).

If you believe the instructions and reviews, an analogue of "Elkar" called "Cartan" confidently took its place among the most effective drugs based on left-carnitine. The drug has established itself as an anti-anxiety agent that strengthens the nervous system. Injections of left carnitine help to bypass the stage of absorption in the stomach and intestines. Amino acid enters the blood almost immediately. This contributes to the reduction of neurotoxic effects in chronic alcoholics and drug addicts, with head injuries, impaired cerebral circulation, dementia, delayed psychoverbal development in children.

"Korilip" as a substitute for "Elkar"

Another adaptogenic agent. It is an analogue of "Elkar". Appointed to receive adults and children in the following cases:

  • tissue hypoxia;
  • decreased immunity and frequent colds (bacterial and viral infections);
  • chronic somatic diseases;
  • sleep problems, increased anxiety;
  • chronic alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • condition after severe illness;
  • malnutrition (bulimia, anorexia);
  • obesity;
  • diabetes.

The composition of "Korilip" includes alpha lipoic acid, which makes it particularly effective for dieters and obese. also, in addition to levocarnitine, the composition is enriched with riboflavin (also known as vitamin B2). It has a beneficial effect on the liver and bile ducts, normalizes the nervous system, stabilizes metabolism.

drug "Korilip"

Unlike its counterparts, "Corilip" has the form of rectal suppositories. This is due to the fact that when it is absorbed through the intestine, riboflavin completely enters the bloodstream, while when it is absorbed through the stomach, it is only half absorbed.

"Carniten" as a substitute for "Elkar"

Analogue "Elkara", produced in the UK. The cost is more expensive - the pill form will cost about a thousand rubles. In ampoules a little cheaper - about 700 rubles.

Tablet release form allows you to take medicine anywhere. Intravenous administration requires sterility and the ability to properly make an injection (this form of the drug is more often prescribed to hospital patients).

"Carniten" contains 1 gram of levarnitin in one chewable tablet.

One ampoule for intravenous administration of "Carniten" (10 ml) also contains 1 gram of the active substance.

Endocrinologists, therapists are often advised to give preference to "Carnitene" rather than "Elkar." They are motivated by the fact that the active substance undergoes a more thorough purification and, as a result, the result after the course of therapy is more pronounced. If you read the reviews of ordinary people, you can understand that the effect is quite noticeable from the domestic "Elkar" or "Levokarnitina", and it makes no sense to overpay.

"Metakartin": properties and cost

Another analogue of "Elkar" in the injection form. Allowed to receive children from the first day of life, including premature. The main active ingredient is left carnitine.

One ampoule "Metakartina" (5 ml) contains 1 gram of active ingredient.

The drug has a similar "Elkaru" effect on the body of children and adults. The injection form of administration requires sterility and a serious approach. Most often, "Metakartin" designate prick daily, in the course of the hospital.

analogs of elcar

Which analogue of "Elkar" to choose?

The choice depends on the purpose of the application. Analogs cheaper "Elkar" - "Levokarnitin", "Korilip".

People who want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you can not buy drugs levokarnitina separately, and look at the professional sports complexes, which include it.

For newborns with hypoxia and underweight, as well as babies of the first years of life with a problem metabolism, it is better to choose the most effective means - "Carniten" and "Metakartin".

For neurological problems and impaired cerebral circulation, Vineball and Korilip are perfect. Instructions to analogues "Elkara" contains in detail all the necessary information about contraindications and nuances of admission. The exact dosage will be prescribed by the attending physician after examining the test results and making an accurate diagnosis.

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Analogs of Elkar: list of drugs, comparison of formulations, instructions for use and reviews 49

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