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Alix Vance - the heroine of the cult series of computer games Half Life. Alix belongs to the main non-player characters: her role is to accompany the protagonist and assist in the disclosure of the plot. Together with her father, Eli Vance, the girl is in the opposition organization "Resistance", which opposes the Alliance.


Alix Vance is a young twenties (or so) girl with African American and Asian roots. Alix’s appearance is both simple and memorable: she is wearing a gray sweatshirt with the Black Mesa logo, a light brown jacket, plain jeans and brown boots. Her short black hair is gathered in a neat hairstyle with a wide ribbon. On the hips, the girl wears a belt in which various tools and electrical appliances are stored. As a prototype for the image of the heroine made by American actress Jameel Mullen.

Alix Vance from Half Life 2

The image described above is canonical, however, users themselves often change the appearance of the character with the help of custom mods on Alix Vance.Such modifications are found all over the Internet, with their help, you can drastically change the appearance of the girl, choosing for her new clothes or hairstyle. Especially popular with gamers before used fashion, making the heroine too sexy. Some players still consider "sexual" Alix Vance a canon, but this is not the case.


Alix since childhood has grown among fighters for the organization "Resistance", so she has such character traits as courage, energy and resourcefulness. She is committed to her goal and always ready to take risks for the common good. For example, in the first episode of Half Life 2, Alix Vance deliberately confronted the Alliance to ensure the rebels had a safe exit from City-17.

She treats people with warmth and friendliness. She is especially close with her father, Eli Vance, and with her mechanical "pet", who is called Dog. This robot got Alix from Eli; she then added several technical improvements and modifications, making the dog stronger and faster. Many believe that before the events of “Half Life 2”, Alix Vance was also close to Kleiner: in his office you can find a children's paper craft, the author of which, judging by everything, was made by Alix.

Alix Vance with Eli

early years

Alix spent her childhood in the residential sector of Black Mesa, where her company was her mother, Asian, and other families of researchers. At one point, a cascade resonance occurred, after which newcomers from Xena appeared at the research center. Many people died, including Asian, and little Alix was saved by her father Eli.

During the passage of the second episode of Half Life 2, the player learns that G-Man also participated in the rescue of Alix.

Half Life 2 Events

In the second Half Life, we meet with the already matured Alix, which is engaged in active opposition activities and in every way tries to contribute to the overthrow of the forces of the Alliance. In addition, she and other main characters of the game are researching the creation of teleports.

Sexy Alix Vance

When Gordon Freeman arrives in City 17, Alix Vance rescues him from the staff of the Alliance and leads him to a meeting with Kleiner. At that moment, a new teleport was being tested in the doctor’s laboratory, which was supposed to open the way to the Black Mesa East Corps. As a result, only Alix can teleport, and Freeman only takes half a way. A little later, Alix introduces Gordon to the gravitational cannon.

After that, the heroes have to penetrate Nova Prospect, since Eli and Judith Mosman find themselves caught up by the Alliance. There, the girl learns that Judith has been a double agent all this time. Together with Eli, Judith teleports to the enemy stronghold, leaving Alix and Freeman on Nova Prospect. Heroes rush into pursuit and end up in City 17, where they are met by Kleiner. Before going to the Citadel, Alix has time to help the remaining rebels escape from the city. A little later, the girl is captured by the Alliance, but Judith saves her. Heroes are trying to stop the chairman of Brin and blow up a power reactor.

HL2 Events: Episode One

Fashion on Alix Vance

The game begins with the rescue of Alix from the explosion by a group of Vortigonts. She and the Dog reunite with Freeman, and then associated with Eli, from whom they learn that City 17 is in grave danger. Heroes are forced to return to the Citadel in order to somehow affect the time of the imminent explosion. Alix manages to gain access to several important messages, after which she and Gordon flee the city by train.

HL2 Events: Episode Two

In the second episode, Alix Vance and Gordon Freeman continue their journey outside the ruined City-17.Together, they are trying to reach the White Grove base to share with the rebels the captured data about the closure of the portal.

A little later, the characters are faced with an enemy synthet-hunter who inflicts a serious wound on the girl. Thanks to the help of the Vortigont and the special larval extract, Alix can be saved. Freeman meets with G-Man, who tells him that Alix’s life is of great value and must be protected. G-Man sends the message to the girl herself, which she must reveal to Eli at the meeting.

Alyx Vance in Half Life 2

Finally, the heroes get to the “White Grove” and transfer the encrypted messages from the Citadel of the Alliance. From them, the rebels will learn about the lost icebreaker "Borey", which was discovered by Judith Mosman in the Arctic. It is for this icebreaker that the forces of the Alliance hunt, since some dangerous technology is stored on its board. In the final of the second episode, Alix and Freeman go to rescue Mosman and search for an icebreaker. At the same time, Eli dies at the hands of the Alliance Advisors, who have penetrated the hangar.

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