Alexander Myasnikov: biography and personal life

Alexander Myasnikov is not only a doctor and a scientist, but also a popular showman. He has acted in several television projects and has written over 10 books on medicine. At the same time, Alexander leads the practice in the metropolitan clinic.

Dynasty doctors

Myasnikov Alexander Leonidovich was born in 1953 in a family of doctors. Before him, 3 generations of men gave their lives to this profession. The boy did not even imagine himself as an engineer or a banker. He was always sure that he would continue the family tradition and save human lives.

Alexander Myasnikov

The boy's great-grandfather was a famous country doctor. To him drove for help from all over the Tver province. The doctor stood at the origins of the opening of the first hospital in the city. Alexander's grandfather was not only a professional doctor, but also conducted scientific activities. Alexander Leonidovich Sr. was a famous academician and member of the Academy of Medical Sciences. During Soviet times, he was actively engaged in the development of tactics for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension.

His scientific data are still used in the medical literature on which students of medical schools acquire knowledge. Myasnikov Sr. was in the group of doctors who in the last days of Stalin’s life assisted him.

The boy’s father was also a good doctor. He became a professor in medicine, but, unfortunately, at the age of 45 he died. Mom was studying the relationship of a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Olga wrote several books on this subject and instilled in her son the rules of a healthy lifestyle.


The family of the doctor had strict rules and regulations. In their dynasty, even the names of men alternate with stubborn constancy. If the father’s name is Leonid, then the eldest son will definitely get the name Alexander. This tradition has been respected by several generations of men.

The doctor has two medical education. First, he graduated from the Institute. Pirogov. Then there was a study at the University. L. Myasnikova. In it, he graduated from graduate school. This educational institution was named after his famous grandfather.

butchers Alexander

Despite his young age, Alexander already in 1981 successfully defended his thesis ahead of time.Then a talented doctor is sent to Africa to accompany the geological expedition. In Mozambique, a young man worked several hard years in various positions.

In Zambia, the doctor experienced the wartime days and saved many lives of injured civilians and soldiers. Alexander Myasnikov was also the leader of a group of doctors in Angola. Total in Africa spent 8 years.

Upon returning home, the doctor continued his practice at the All-Union Cardiology Center. Simultaneously with this post, he was involved in medical issues at the International Organization in the migration department.

Career abroad

For 2 years since 1993, Alexander worked in France at the Russian embassy. At this time, the doctor actively cooperates with the famous clinics of Paris. In 1996, the Butchers left for the United States. Here, by law, he confirms his medical degree at the Institute of New York. His further career is actively developing.

Myasnikov Alexander Leonidovich

Despite his career, Alexander insanely missed his country. He received sufficient experience and knowledge abroad and in 2000 returned to Moscow. Here opens a private clinic that meets international standards for the provision and level of patient care. In 2009 he became the head doctor of the hospital in the Kremlin. Here he worked only a year.

Work on television

He decided to try his hand as a showman Alexander Myasnikov. The doctor did not take part in entertainment programs, and led the transfer, exclusively related to his profession. As it turned out, he knows how to speak beautifully and correctly and feels free in front of the cameras.

Alexander Butchers Doctor

In a short time TV shows with the participation of the doctor are becoming very popular. Hundreds of thousands of spectators attentively listen and watch the doctor’s speeches All program topics were related to health and disease description. Behind his back, Alexander already has experience in filming and participating in several TV shows and radio broadcasts:

  • "Did they call the doctor?" (2007-2012);
  • "Vesti FM";
  • "About the most important thing with Dr. Myasnikov."

The last project lasts on the TV channel "Russia 1" to the present day. This show has won many fans. It tells in an accessible language about the internal structure of the body and all sorts of diseases.

In the program, the oral story by Myasnikov is replaced by a demonstration of cognitive facts through small clips and plots. Often used various graphs and schemes. To make the transfer not boring, it uses plots about experiments and practical advice from various medical professionals.

Alexander Myasnikov using television is trying to convey to people the need to visit hospitals in the event of any symptom associated with poor health. He wants to raise the percentage of trust and respect for state medicine.

Writing activities

Dr. Myasnikov Alexander has written more than 10 books. Mostly they are about the prevention of dangerous diseases:

  • cancer;
  • cardiovascular;
  • infectious.

In his publications, the doctor tells how to extend the life and fight the most terrible diseases. They also clearly trace the connection between a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

Doctor Myasnikov Alexander

In his books, the Butchers set forth the idea in an accessible language, without a large number of competent terms and names of medicines. Therefore, the doctor won the hearts of millions of readers. The publications tell you how to live a long and healthy life in the conditions of the modern world and our level of medicine.

One of the most popular books is "How to live longer than 50 years: an honest conversation with a doctor about medicines and medicine." It easily expresses the idea that one physical exercise is better than any piece of sausage.The author with irony discusses the lifestyle of modern people and gives hints on how to remedy the situation.

Alexander Myasnikov: wife

The doctor is permanent in personal relationships. He has lived with his wife for over 30 years. This is his second marriage. The current wife was the reason for the gap between Myasnikov and his first wife. It is known that the doctor met his second wife at the next social event. She was accompanied by her fiancé, and he came with his first wife.

Alexander Butchers Wife

After this meeting, Alexander realized that his marriage was collapsing and he was in love with a girl from a party. A few months later, the doctor divorced and made an offer to his current life partner. Now they practically do not part. His wife accompanies him on all trips abroad. She started a business with him and supports him in everything.

The couple does not advertise their relationship and it is almost impossible to find a photo or detailed information about your personal life. A married couple is raising a son, Leonid.

Alexander Myasnikov: children

Alexander has a son. Leonid is currently studying in France and plans to link his future with medicine. He will certainly continue the work of all men in the dynasty.

From early childhood, the boy was interested in medical literature and enthusiastically read the publications of his great-grandfather and father. Leonid is a good student and spends a lot of time on homework.

Seeing your son as a successful doctor is a dream Alexander Myasnikov believes. The family often spends time together, especially they love to sit in the fresh air at their summer cottage near Moscow.

Some useful tips from Myasnikov

The doctor claims that the main reason for the increase in the percentage of diseases of the cardiovascular system is tobacco. Yes, smoking in our time can drive a hospital bed and even into the grave of young people.

Alexander also claims that daily consumption of half a kilogram of vegetables and fruits per day will help the heart muscle to work many times better and more smoothly. A restriction of salt in the diet will help get rid of hypertension or soften its flow.

butchers alexander family

The doctor claims that a person who moves a lot lives 5-10 years longer than his antipode. You should also avoid stress and do not get depressed. Morning exercise for 5-10 minutes will help get rid of such unpleasant diagnoses.

Proper nutrition is the key to longevity

According to Myasnikov, the emphasis in the diet should be on vegetables and fruits. Also, it should contain natural meat and seafood. In the summer, the doctor advises to eat as much greens as possible.

Sausages can be used very rarely and only good quality. It is much more useful to eat a piece of boiled or baked meat. Alexander is also an opponent of all sorts of modern fabrications of food manufacturers. That is, artificial seasoning and snacking with harmful products are strictly contraindicated for use by people of any age.

Oddly enough, just one garlic clove eaten per day will help to forget about hypertension for many years. Also very useful are nuts and dark chocolate. These products contain flavonoids and help strengthen the heart muscle.

The doctor focuses on controlling their weight. After all, obesity leads to hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In his works, Butchers describes in detail the influence of each product on a particular organ, both from the positive and from the negative side.

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