Alexander Kanevsky: biography

According to Alexander Kanevsky, humor is a traitcharacter. His younger brother, known to most of the Soviet audience as Major Tomin, Leonid, is sure that Alexander's sense of humor erupted with his milk teeth.alexander kanevsky

Thanks to the restless nature of sons, MomKanevsky brothers were often summoned to school. Particularly different was the eldest son, who arranged weekly jokes. Initially, under the disgrace of a junior class pupil, "women", that is girls, came across, and from high school student Alexander (a seventh grade pupil) got already teachers, head teachers and director.

Biography of Alexander Kanevsky

The future writer-satirist was born on May 29, 1933in Kiev. My mother studied at the second year of the Kiev Conservatoire when she met her future husband and, to the horror of the teachers, dropped out of school, traveling with him to the Caucasus. Then they returned to Kiev and lived in a communal apartment.

The Kanev family was considered the most respectableamong the rest of the tenants, since they had two rooms and ... their own toilet, to enter into which could only be sideways. Alexander Semenovich Kanevsky from childhood was distinguished by the character of the leader. In the kindergarten, he built a small team, pretending to be Chapaev. Anka Pulemetchitsa was Lyalya's girl, and Petya was portrayed by Marik Kudlo, the smallest but most active boy. With the slogan "Long live the revolution!" They rushed around the yard, catching the fear of the other youngsters.kanevsky alexander semyonovich

The Kanevsky family was hospitable, and since the father had many friends in the Caucasus, they often organized feasts with songs and dances.

gold medal

Alexander Kanevsky's creative abilitieswere revealed at the age of seven when he began to write poetry. On this case, the boy could inspire anyone and anything. For example, the grandfather, who could not find braces for a long time, Filya's cat stealing food, and a neighbor, unsuccessfully chasing a cat. He could have sung even a toilet that was especially appreciated by the household and evoked black envy among neighbors who lined up every morning in front of a common toilet.

At school, Alexander Kanevsky studied conscience. In all subjects he had five, except for a mark on behavior. Because of the satirical newspapers, the editor and inspirer of which was Alexander, he could not get a commendable sheet. But the director offered the parents a compromise: if they transfer their son to another school, he will give an excellent description and a certificate of honor to the student. Parents have fulfilled this requirement. And so Alexander Kanevsky, moving from school to school, finally finished secondary education with a gold medal.

Road Institute

All his conscious life he wanted to become a writer,but the road to glory lay through a thorny path. Despite the gold medal, he was not admitted to the faculties of journalism and the Romance-Germanic language. In Kiev, then, anti-Semitic revelry prevailed. Having learned the reason why the road to the university was closed, Alexander threw him into the pro-rector with a marble ashtray, fortunately, not having got into it. But he had to stay in the police.alexander kanevsky books

Mom, being the guardian angel of his son, slowlycarried his documents to the road institute. All five years of study, Alexander Kanevsky honestly released a wall newspaper "Wasp", and in the distribution decided to flash with humor and asked to be sent to a city with a double name. But since Monte Carlo, Buenos Aires or Baden-Baden did not "shine" to him, the witty student decided to try his hand at Kzyl-Orda.

In Kzyl-Orda, he worked his time, even built a bridge, the location of which, according to Alexander Semenovich, he points only to the enemies, and returned to Kiev.

Alexander Kanevsky. Personal life

With his future wife Maya Alexander met atparty with friends. She did not immediately attract his attention, as she behaved with restraint. But, noticing her beautiful gray eyes and a charming smile, Kanevsky began to take care of her. So he took care for three years, knowing full well that sooner or later he would have to ring himself, although the concept of family life was alien to him.alexander kanevsky biography

Mayu fell in love with his friend and called under the crown. Only after exhausted by Alexander's hesitation, she agreed to become Tolya's wife (Kanevsky's friend), Alexander Semyonovich finally realized what treasure he could lose, and rushed to her house early in the morning with the words that she would not give it to anyone.

They lived a difficult but happy life thanks to the patience and wisdom of Maya, who became his best friend and helper. In a joint marriage they had a daughter, Maria and son Michael.

Maya passed away in 2001. Along with her departure, Alexander Semenovich lost his support, his guardian angel, the muse. Thanks to children and brother Leonid and other relatives, he was able to get out of depression and now writes books. His wife Kanevsky devoted a number of works.

Variety and drama

His first creative love was the stage,then Kanevsky mastered the drama. He began to write plays and screenplays, but the scenarios were put on a shelf, and plays on his plays were canceled on the day of the premiere. Then Alexander Semenovich turned to the stories, which were periodically published in the newspapers due to the oversight of the editors. These were satirical stories.alexander kanevsky personal life

For one of them, the writer received the InternationalIn the Soviet years, he managed to write scripts for such programs as "Around Laughter" and "Kabachok 13 Chairs". In 1990, he moved with his family to live in Israel, where he published a humorous magazine "Balagan" for adults and "Balagosha" for children.


Books by Alexander Kanevsky are easily and with pleasure read and translated into several languages. Since 2006, he has written his best books, which include:

  • "Laugh, you clown!".
  • "Thesis from our yard."
  • "My Estradiosi".
  • "Complete collection of impressions."
  • "Going to laugh."
  • "Curse on the contract."
  • "Bloody Mary".

For his work, Alexander Semenovich Kanevsky received several awards: the Yuri Nagibin Prize, the Franz Kafka Gold Medal, the Diploma "Man of the Year" in London, and others.Kanevsky alexander

Currently, theaters are staging performances on hisplays, and his promising stories the writer promises to publish on the Internet, so that everyone can read and enjoy the wit of the author for a small fee.

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