African countries - what do we know about them?

Africa is a unique, mysterious continent, which, according to scientists, is the cradle of mankind. This is where our ancestors lived thousands of years ago. In this article, we look at the characteristics of African countries, population size and economic indicators.

How many people live on a hot continent?

After Eurasia, Africa is considered the second mainland by area. This continent is home to more than 1 billion people on the planet. According to statistics in 2016, the total population of African countries amounted to 1.216 billion people. In recent years, growth has increased significantly. According to experts, by 2050 the population of Africa will double and reach the mark of 2 billion people.

African countries population

Natural growth rates are very high. There are 36-45 births and 8-12 deaths per 1000 people. That is, the natural increase is approximately from 28 to 33 people. Among all world states, it is the countries of the African continent that occupy leading positions on this indicator. The maximum increase is observed in:

  • Malawi;
  • Uganda;
  • Burundi;
  • Niger;
  • Mali;
  • Burkina Faso;
  • Zambia;
  • Ethiopia;
  • South Sudan;
  • Tanzania.

Which African countries are the largest in terms of area and population

The list of the largest African countries, the area of ​​which exceeds more than 1 million km2,presented in the table.

A country Capital Population (year) Population density person / km2 State area in km2
Algeria Algeria 40 400 000 (2016) 15,9 2 381 740
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa 77 433 744 (2014) 28 2 345 410
Sudan Khartoum 39 578 828 (2016) 21 1 886 068
Libya Tripoli 5 613 380 3,2 1 759 541
Chad N'Djamena 11 193 452 8,72 1 284 000
Niger Niamey 23 470 530 (2015) 11 1 267 000
Angola Luanda 29 310 273 (2017) 20,69 1 246 700
Mali Bamako 15 968 882 (2013) 11,71 1 240 192
South Africa Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria 54 956 900 (2015) 41 1 219 912
Ethiopia Addis Ababa 102 403 196 (2015) 92,73 1 104 300
Mauritania Nouakchott 3 359 185 (2012) 3 1 030 700
Egypt Cairo 97 041 072 (2017) 85 1 001 450

As can be seen from the above data, not all large countries have a large population. The clear leader in this indicator is Nigeria. On its territory there are more than 180 million citizens.

which African countries

The list of African countries with the largest population (over 30 million people) in addition to Nigeria includes other states.

A country Population (date of assessment)
Ethiopia 102 403 196 (2015)
Egypt 97 041 072 (2017)
Democratic Republic of Congo 77 433 744 (2014)
South African Republic 54 956 900 (2015)
Tanzania 48 261 942 (2013)
Kenya 44 037 656 (2013)
Algeria 40 400 000 (2016)
Sudan 39 578 828 (2016)
Uganda 34 758 809 (2013)
Morocco 33 848 242 (2014)

The richest countries of the hot continent

Africa surprises with its natural wealth and diversity of cultures. There are unique architectural buildings that hold thousands of years of mysteries of history, rich cities with modern infrastructure, and in some parts of the continent there are still aboriginal tribes inhabiting the civilized world.

most African country

We bring to your attention interesting information about the richest African countries that have high potential for economic development. This list includes:

  • Seychelles (Seychelles) is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. The economy and infrastructure are well developed here. The main activity is tourism. The scenic nature and warm ocean waters attract many travelers to these places. Seychelles is truly a paradise. GDP per person is $ 25 thousand.
  • South Africa is one of the most developed African countries. The state is located in the southern part of the mainland. On its territory there are large reserves of gold and diamonds, a very significant part in the economic sphere is occupied by agriculture. GDP is over 10 thousand dollars per person.According to statistics, the standard of living is average, although the gap between the poor and the rich part of the population is quite large.
  • Canary Islands is a rich autonomous region of Spain, where the main source of income is the tourism industry. The archipelago is located on the northwestern coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. The territory is well developed infrastructure and transport system. Millions of tourists from all over the world annually visit this paradise. Although geographically the Canary Islands can be attributed to Africa, they are the autonomy of Spain.
  • Angola isAfrican countrylocated in southwestern Africa. Thanks to natural resources, this country is well developed economically. With access to the Atlantic Ocean, Angola is a major exporter of seafood. GDP is about 6 thousand dollars per person. In Angola, mined gold, oil, diamonds and iron ore. Strategic partners of the state are the USA, China and France.
  • Equatorial Guinea is a state located in the western part of Central Africa. A big role in economic development is played by agriculture.Equatorial Guinea is a major exporter of coffee beans, cocoa beans and wood. Several decades ago, oil deposits were found on the territory of the country, and this discovery became significant for the state’s economy.
African countries

Which African countries are the poorest?

Not all African states can boast of their prosperity. Many countries of this continent are very poor.

A country GDP per capita
Burundi 177 $
Democratic Republic of Congo 188 $
Liberia 226 $
Somalia 300 $
Sierra Leone 325 $
Malawi 354 $
Ethiopia 364 $
Niger 383 $
Madagascar 391 $
Guinea 420 $

In these states, in addition to total poverty, there is a high mortality rate among children and young people. The field of medicine is not developed, is at a low level. Most of the population is illiterate, and the average life expectancy is from 45 to 53 years.

poor African countries

Dangerous countries to visit

Africa is an interesting continent that attracts lovers of the exotic. However, not all of its territory is safe for visiting guests. We offer a list of the most dangerous African countries:

  1. Libya. After the beginning of the civil war in 2011 and the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, this country has become one of the most dangerous for foreign tourists.However, there are brave souls who, risking their lives, still come here.
  2. Somalia. Since 1991, there has been a civil war on the territory of this state, during which the country was divided into 5 parts. As such, there is no state power here; independent territories are led by military units. Tourists should not go here because they can be kidnapped for ransom. There is also the threat of a mine attack.
  3. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world. There are often armed conflicts. It may sound crazy, but it was on the territory of the Congo that in the 21st century cannibalism was repeatedly recorded. Sex slavery still exists in the DRC, and the country is one of the first places in the world to rape women.
  4. Sudan. This country is a haven for terrorists fleeing from other countries. During the years of civil war, the state was divided into two parts, each of which has its own laws. In some areas, ethnic cleansing is still taking place.
  5. Algeria. From 1980 to 2000, there was a civil war on the territory of the state.Now the rule of law in the country is ensured by military formations that regularly suppress rebellions and pursue fundamentalist and terrorist groups. The most safe areas are the Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean coast.
  6. Zimbabwe. The country is ruined, poverty and unemployment. Inflation rates hit world records. For tourists, the danger is not only gangster groups, but also the police. There is a big shortage of fuel in the country, so sometimes there is simply nothing to refuel a car.
  7. Nigeria. It is the most populous country on the hot continent. Here there are over 200 ethnic groups, among which quite often conflicts arise. Gangs practice kidnapping of the local population and tourists. In this country, the risk of becoming infected with AIDS and yellow fever is high.
  8. Kenya. Residents of the country survive by robbery and theft, since most of the population lives below the poverty line. Here is one of the highest incidence rates of AIDS.
African countries

Where to rest safely in Africa

If you want to visit the hot continent, you should choose the safest countries to travel.

  1. Sierra Leone.Until 2002, it was very dangerous here, but since that time a lot has changed. Today, according to the Global Security Index, Sierra Leone is one of the most peaceful countries. There is something to see here: the cleanest beaches on the Atlantic coast, nature reserves and the old town of Freetown, which is the capital of the state.
  2. Botswana is the safest corner of Africa. It is home to peace-loving peoples: Bushmen and Tswana. This area is popular with safari lovers. The largest population of African elephants lives in Botswana.
  3. Ghana. The peoples living here peacefully coexist with their neighbors. Since the country's official language is English, many tourists prefer to come here. For tourists, the local population is friendly. There are natural reserves, inhabited by monkeys, antelopes, elephants and other exotic animals. You can also visit the ancient ruins in Elmina and Cape Post. These sites are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. Namibia is a peace-loving African state with a good economic potential.Europeans discovered it only by the end of the XIX century. There are many natural attractions: national parks, Namib - the world's oldest desert, the Skeleton Coast, a huge canyon, the Hob meteorite (one of the largest among the ever fallen to Earth).
  5. Uganda. This is a beautiful corner of nature, besides the population is very loyal to foreign guests. Here you can visit the old Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mount Rwenzori. You can also have fun by rafting on the Nile River or sailing on one of the largest lakes in Africa - Victoria. In dealing with animals, you must be especially careful, they cause a lot of anxiety.
  6. Cape Verde is an island nation located off the west coast of the continent. There are fairly clean beaches and quite a decent level of service. The nature of the islands is surprising for its diversity. There are flowering meadows, a mountain system, extinct volcanoes, pristine beaches with black volcanic sand. This place is great for lovers of diving and windsurfing.
  7. Tanzania is a country located in the eastern part of the continent. Although the local population is friendly to tourists, one should always remain vigilant, as there are many pickpockets and robbers.This country attracts travelers with its attractions: Kilimanjaro Volcano, resort island Zanzibar, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Biosphere Reserve, which is home to about 25 thousand species of animals (especially in this region, predators).
  8. Zimbabwe is a South African state. This is one of the most popular places among tourists. The world famous Victoria Falls is located on the territory of Zimbabwe. In addition to national parks and reserves, where many species of animals and birds live, there are also historical, architectural landmarks, such as the ruins of a pagan temple complex that was built several thousand years ago.
Victoria Falls

Going to African countries, do not forget to get vaccinated. What diseases need vaccination, you can find on the official websites of embassies. If there is no list of vaccinations, you still need to drink a course of antimalarial drugs, which should be started even before you go on a journey. Remember that raw water in Africa carries a potential threat. It can not be what you drink, but even used for cleaning teeth.

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