Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues

Antidepressants were created to helpa person to solve problems with the nervous system. And this area is perhaps the most mysterious. However, sometimes doctors are forced to prescribe to their patients such drugs as "Adepress." Instructions for use, indications and contraindications, as well as side effects are described in this article.

What are antidepressants

As you can guess by name,antidepressants are designed to change the state of depression and return a person to a state of normal mental balance. As far as it is applicable and effective, it is difficult to decide unequivocally. Someone helps, but someone makes it dependent. No and there has never been a single panacea for all diseases.

adeptress instruction manualIn the West, psychotherapists solve problems withnervous disorders with a medication such as an antidepressant. "Adeptress" is one of them. However, this can be seen only by name alone. In Russia, the use of such drugs is not so popular. Probably, the difference in mentality does not allow to solve problems of the personal and mental plan with the help of tablets. But sometimes this is a harsh necessity for us. How to use "Adapepress"? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients indicate the high effectiveness of this drug.

Effects on the body

The main active ingredient is paroxetine. The big plus is that its pharmacological effects on other organs are not observed. The load on the cardiovascular system is quite insignificant.

"Adeptress" regulates the normal production of serotonin. Absorption in the blood - above average.

adress application instructionsIt is the hormone serotonin that is responsible for the conditionemotional background of a person. Sometimes, with physiological disorders, in order to restore the normal production of this substance, it is required to take a special medicine. "Adeptress" is just that.

Thanks to the normalization of serotonin productionpatients are relaxed after a long period of stress and tension, as well as increased pain threshold. Often this very indicator strongly influences our mood. Serotonin also produces an intestine, and an imbalance in motor skills may be the first sign of impending nervous depression. Spiritual practices here will not help. The organic cause of this disease can be solved only by a specially developed drug "Adapepress" or its analogs.

Adepress: instructions for use

In no case do not appoint yourself likedrugs yourself. Any synthetic medicine can have a detrimental effect on the body if taken in an unsystematic manner. Be sure to consult a doctor. Pharmacists have no right to dispense tablets "Adapepress" without a prescription.

The reception scheme is usually very simple - onetablet in the morning, with a glass of water. By the way, often this drug is prescribed for depression, developing against the background of schizophrenia. Therefore, overdoses to a mentally healthy person are categorically contraindicated.

Given the wide spectrum of antidepressant anddifferent directions of its pharmacodynamics, in each case, a competent doctor will draw up an individual scheme of admission. Although the "Adeptress" and does not greatly affect the human organs, nevertheless, with dysfunction of the kidneys or liver, you need to be extra careful. The duration of the course can range from six months to a year. After consultation with the doctor, a decision is made on the need for continued treatment.

special instructions

So, you have been appointed "Adeptress".Instructions for use, reviews of patients and doctors should be the first, which should be noted. After consulting a specialist, try to talk with someone who already has experience of taking this drug. Perhaps, the recommendations of a comrade in misfortune will help you decide whether to accept antidepressant medication or not. Someone may have enough and one-time reception to calm nerves and again come to a state of stability.

During therapy, you should not drink alcohol,otherwise the result may be a subsequent treatment in a psychiatric clinic. If you take any other drug for a long time, you need to coordinate with the doctor the drug interaction or the conditions for cancellation.

When there are seizures, therapy with "Adressress" shouldbe discontinued immediately. If you have any problems with the excretory or digestive system, you need to intelligently pick up antidotes that will reduce the risk of developing pathologies, or refuse to accept Adepress.

Precautionary measures

Before using the "Adapepress" tablets,the instruction that is attached must be studied by you from and to. Do not take the drug uncontrollably. A banal nervous disorder can develop into a serious mental disorder, so regular consultations with a doctor are mandatory.

Typically, if a patient develops mania or some other manifestation of compulsive disorder, therapy is canceled.

adepress analoguesOften there is a development of suicidalinclinations, so the first days of admission should be the most responsible. Regularly report to your doctor about your psychological state and mood.

Do not be scared if, after canceling the appointment, youthere will be some physical ailment. Dizziness and nausea are normal phenomena that accompany any rejection of medications designed to stabilize the nervous system. Your psyche, having lost support, will lose balance for a while, but it will soon pass.

Adepress: Analogues

They are few.For example, "Life 900" is used to treat periodic or symptomatic depression, increased anxiety and sleep disorders. If an unstable condition is caused by some internal causes, for example, a climacterium, this drug can help to level the condition. Given the normalization of the production of serotonin, it will favorably affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It can be used externally with convulsive muscle strain.

"Venlaksor" is prescribed for depression, as well as social phobias and severe anxiety disorders.

"Gelarium" is indicated for various psycho-vegetative disorders, primary neurotic manifestations, such as obsessive anxiety. And, of course, with different depressive states.

When treated with a drug such as "Adapepress," the analogs can be used not only as a substitute therapy, but also for maintaining systemic treatment.

antidepressant adress"Siozam" is indicated for neuropsychiatric disorders of different etiology. Including treatment of panic conditions is not complete without the use of this drug.

"Nerol" treats all the same anxiety, nervous andmental depression. The first, in contrast to the second, is due to physiological causes - chronic stress, violations of hormonal metabolism, etc.

Carefully take both the described analogs andhimself "Adeptress." As with him, "get down" - the question is not easy. Remember that psychotherapeutic medicine uses chemical substances related to the narcotic in its arsenal.

To whom it is shown

Patients suffering from various depressive disorders, when they can not cope with them on their own, and all methods have long been tried.

The drug is prescribed in obsessive-compulsive state. Patients susceptible to such violations, themselves can not cope with themselves, and they need initial professional help.

 pills adepts reviewsAny panic disorder requiresspecial treatment. If you were prescribed Adepress with this disease, the instructions for use will be adapted by the attending physician for your individual characteristics.

Social phobias are also trying to treat thisway. But here it is very difficult to track positive dynamics, because communication problems can rarely be cured by pills. Although, taking the Adapepress tablet, the reviews of which are sufficiently credible, you can get rid of many problems. Post-traumatic disorders are, perhaps, the most susceptible to psychopharmacological treatment.

Adverse Events

Even if you have finished taking Adepress,side effects of it can provoke all the same violations. For example, you will have increased irritability, drowsiness, a tendency to melancholy experiences. It can also manifest tremor and insomnia, as well as convulsions, mania and phobias. Often, and violations in the digestive system - diarrhea, vomiting or prolonged constipation. Sometimes there are more serious consequences in the form of muscle weakness and myalgia.

Some patients have impaired vision. There is also an upset of the genitourinary system, which is quite unpleasant (impotence, anorgasmia and enuresis).

Secondary depression caused by the drugmay be accompanied by a violation of appetite. Frequent problems with the heart - tachycardia or hypertension of blood vessels. In some other cases, there is hyperhidrosis. The allergic reaction to medicines does not bypass the side and "Adeptress". The instruction for the reception, which is in a box with tablets, contains a clear description of all the side effects.


"Adeptress" is acceptable to use regardless of food intake. But with any inhibitors it is not recommended to combine it - it is better to cancel their reception and wait twelve days or two weeks.

adepress instructionsDo not take alcohol during therapy to avoid provoking acute psychosis.

Adeptress should be carefully taken in the backgroundcardiac drugs, since their combination can disrupt blood coagulability. Also, overdoses should be avoided, since excess serotonin levels in the blood can seriously damage your health.

It is not recommended to take aspirin simultaneously with Adepress.

The compound with preparations containing interferon can change the antidepressant effect towards weakening or amplification.


First, epilepsy. Patients with this serious illness in general should avoid unnecessarily exciting means, as they can complicate an already dangerous pathology. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are also strongly contraindicated in any antidepressant.

Than antidepressants are fatal

After you decided to take "Adapepress",the instruction manual will tell you the next steps. Always remember that drugs created in psychopharmacology are always akin to drugs. Scary is not only side effects, but also addiction to them.

It is necessary to be treated in this way only whenthere are serious grounds. It happens that the oppressed state of the psyche is no longer possible without the use of such drugs as antidepressants. But without additional therapy based on healthy communication, rest, the ability to properly relax and be nurtured by positive emotions, the use of tablets will not give a lasting effect.

Abolition of the drug

This needs to be done gradually. Remember that after a sharp cessation of treatment, the symptoms may return with a vengeance, and it will be even more difficult for you to cope with them. Therefore, gradually reduce the dosage. Some drop out, unable to withstand the unpleasant side effects - drowsiness and insomnia. In this case, you can just pick up another drug.

adipress medicationMany patients, after a course of treatment orseveral of its stages, understand that they can do without it further. This is the first sign that "Adepress" has solved the task assigned to it. Such patients can adequately assess their condition, and they do not need additional methods of stabilizing the psyche.

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Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues Adepress: instructions for use, reviews. Drug analogues