Actress Olga Naumenko: biography, career and personal life

Olga Naumenko is an actress whose biography is still interested in thousands of Russians. Her film career began in Soviet times and continues in the 21st century. The article contains information about her childhood, adolescence, creative activity and personal life. Enjoy your reading!Olga Naumenko

Childhood and family

Olga Naumenko was born in the Russian capital in 1949, December 6th. Her father was a lieutenant colonel of tank forces. The mother of our heroine received a higher pedagogical education, but devoted herself to raising children. In addition to Oli, 6 daughters and one son grew up in the family.

Alexander was the youngest child, very painful. The father waited a long time for the heir, singled out him among other children. And the man treated his daughters exactly. As for Oli, she was my mother's favorite.

The early childhood of our heroine took place in Germany. Her father was sent there for service.He could not part with his family for long, so he took his spouse and children with him. In Germany, Oli and her sisters had many toys that Soviet girls could not even dream of. This is a dollhouse, and plush animals, and talking dolls.

In 1955, the Naumenko family returned to Moscow. They were given a spacious apartment. A year later, Olga went to the first class. The girl studied well, attended circles of interest.

In high school, she enrolled in the Theater of Young Muscovites, located on the Lenin Hills. Teachers noted her hard work, competent speech and the ability to stay on stage.

Education and work in the theater

In WTU them. Schukina Olga Naumenko arrived at the second attempt. In 1972 she was awarded a diploma. Novice actress did not have long to look for work. The girl was accepted into the main group of the Drama Theater. Gogol (in 2013 renamed the "Gogol Center").Olga naumenko actress biography

Films with her participation

Olga Naumenko’s film debut took place back in 1968. In the short film “Long Day Kolka Pavlyukova” she played the daughter of Lyubava and Dmitry, a girl nicknamed the Heron.

This was followed by the filming of the social drama "Not Under the Jurisdiction." Our heroine appeared in several episodes (the girl on the village post).

In 1970, Olga Naumenko received the first major role in the youth film "Crossing the Threshold". Her character is the beautiful Albina Savitskaya.

Many Russian viewers are remembered by the actress for the role of Wari Morozova in the legendary film “The Shadows Fade at Noon”.Olga Naumenko actress

However, Olga Nikolaevna’s new comedy, “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” (1975) brought the real fame to Olga Nikolaevna. She managed to create a bright and believable image of Gali.

In the period from 1976 to 2014. the filmography of the actress Naumenko replenished with three dozens of film works. At first she played cute and naive heroines. Then Olga began to offer "age" role - the head teacher, grandmother, the wife of the professor, the director of the orphanage, and so on.

Film career continuation

In 2014, two pictures of Naumenko appeared on the screens - the melodrama “Hope” (Marina Arkadyevna) and the historical detective story “Marina Grove 2” (Anna Kamyshova).

In 2015, the premiere of the biographical drama "Lyudmila Gurchenko". Olga Nikolayevna got the role of Angelina Stepanova in it. A year later, Naumenko appeared in the 4-series melodrama "After Many Troubles." She successfully reincarnated in her screen character - Antonina Petrovna.

How will the actress please her fans in 2017? She performed one of the main roles (Anna Goreyeva) in the TV series “Family Values”.

The personal life of Olga Naumenko

Our heroine always watched herself and elegantly dressed. From her youth, she was surrounded by fans. At various times she was assigned to novels with actors and directors. In theatrical circles it was said that Olya met with Konstantin Raikin. However, this information was not confirmed.Personal life of olga naumenko

In the mid-1970s, Olga Naumenko married her colleague, Alexander Skvortsova. The celebration was attended only by relatives and close friends of the couple.

In 1977, the actress gave birth to her first child - a tiny daughter Sasha. By that time, Olga and her husband got an apartment in Moscow. It would seem that the young family has a happy future. But soon there was a real tragedy. When little Shura was 1 year and 4 months old, her parents took her on a tour to Izhevsk.

Suddenly, the girl's condition worsened: she had a fever, a hysteria began. Local doctors could not help. Alexander and Olga decided to return to Moscow.After a comprehensive examination in the metropolitan clinic, the little girl was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the kidney. Our heroine was hoping for the best. Here are just a miracle did not happen. Sasha left this world.

Olga Nikolaevna and her spouse were very upset about the death of their own child. And only over time, their heartache subsided. Closer to 40 years, the actress decided to have a second child. Naumenko gave her husband a wonderful daughter Sveta.

Another tragedy

Alexander Skvortsov and Olga Naumenko have been legally married for 32 years. Love, understanding and loyalty reigned in their relationship. In 2008, Skvortsov turned to doctors for help. Recently, he was tormented by unbearable pain. As a result, the actor was diagnosed with inoperable stage IV cancer. In 2009, our heroine became a widow.

Daughter Svetlana matured long ago. She received a decent education in the specialty "journalist". A few years ago she married Frenchman Antoine and moved to his homeland. Mom and daughter keep in touch by talking on Skype and by phone.


We talked about where she was born, studied and in which motion pictures Olga Naumenko (actress) starred.Her vitality and creativity can only be envied.

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