Actress Elena Kondulainen: biography, personal life, photo

Do you know which woman was the first Soviet sex symbol? You will guess if you call Elena Kondulainen. The biography of the actress will seem bright to someone, scandalous to someone. To decide the reader - we will tell everything that we know about Elena.

Quick reference

Let's start the biography of Elena Konduleinen with a brief reference:

  • Full name: Lembi Tutuvilhu Contuline.
  • Date of birth: 1958, April 9 (Aries).
  • Place of birth: Toksovo village, Leningrad region.
  • Main activity: theater and film actress, pop singer.
  • Height: 170 cm.
  • Marital status: married (fourth marriage).
elena kondulain biography personal life

Childhood and youth

And now - the biography of Elena Kondulainen since the birth of the singer. She was born on April 9, 1958 in the village of Toksovo. The full name of the actress can be judged that her parents were indigenous Finns. However, at the time when the girl was born, this nationality was in disgrace in the USSR.The recent Soviet-Finnish war, the tense situation in the state, had an effect. Therefore, many Finns changed their names and surnames to Russians in order to avoid oppression by the authorities and hide their true origin.

But Lena's dad was not that kind of person. He not only did not hide his origin, but was proud of him. The family of this honest and hardworking person was not touched by the authorities. However, for young Lena, such a selection in the background of fellow villagers was not reflected in the best way. They made funs of her, gave offensive nicknames. The actress recalls that in childhood she had almost no friends.

However, she was very fond of nature, was busy with pets, went to a music studio. Therefore, after graduating from the Lena school, the family decided to send their daughter to Leningrad to continue their education. Elena Kondulainen easily entered the Institute of Music and Cinema on the specialty of choir conductor.

elena kondulainen biography children

Life path choice

The girl had every chance to take place as a professional musician. But her fate changed the case - a convincing role on a humorous skit. Elena played Marlene Dietrich. The whole teaching staff, seeing her game, advised the girl in chorus to be transferred to the theater.

After some deliberation, she did just that - and the acting biography of Elena Kondulainen began. It is important to note that the girl was very lucky with the mentors - Lev Dodin, Georgy Tovstonogov, Arkady Katzman. She graduated in 1983.

Then the girl begins active work in the cinema. However, for this she has to work under the pseudonym Ivanova. Then she changes her last name to Rusova. One of the most striking films of the Soviet period of her work becomes "Russia Primordial". There Elena perfectly copes with the role of Mlava.

elena kondulain biography personal life

The first Soviet sex symbol

And then the eighties come with their love of freedom, a fashion for everything foreign. The girl now does not need to hide the name - on the contrary, the unusual “Kondulainen” like the viewer. And for actress Elena Konduleinen, whose biography we are reviewing, different times are coming.

Censorship weakens, and directors start making films with rather provocative scenes. One of these was "One Hundred Days Before Orders", a painting by Hussein Erkenov. She made Elena the first sex symbol of the Soviet state. The fact is that in the film there is a scene where the girl had to play completely naked.It was unheard of for Soviet cinema. Although the film did not go out on the big screens, the fame of both it and the bold actress spread all over the country.

As evidenced by the biography of Elena Kondulainen and the photo (in her youth, the actress was extremely beautiful in herself), we see that the girl was absolutely not shy about nu-scenes. Moreover, she managed to look very harmonious and beautiful in the frame.

Elena, one after another, came down with suggestions from the creators of such provocative works with erotic scenes. Among the highlights were "Marsh Street", "Daphnis and Chloe."

As for the actor's world, those who "lit up" in erotic films were not considered to be outcasts. On the contrary, the actor was valued for the challenge to society.

In the creative biography of Elena Kondulainen (the actress’s personal life we ​​will look further), the adventure fighter “St. John’s Wort” played an important role. Many viewers have fallen in love with this film by Andrei Rostotsky because of a famously twisted plot, spectacular heroines, and trick scenes. Elena Kondulainen created here the image of incomparable blonde beauty Judith Hatter.

elena kondulain biography personal life

Sunset film career. Theater "Moon"

We continue to continue to present the biography of Elena Konduleinen, whose photos are posted in the review. Gradually, the actress began to lose its position "number one" in shocking films.There are new young actresses who were not afraid to appear naked.

Elena Kondulainen moves to a new stage of her creative career in the theater "Luna". Many theatergoers remember her from famous performances. Elena is a truly talented actress with the gift of stage magnetism. She simply adorned such performances as “Lips”, “Night is Tender”, “Journey of Amateurs” (works by Sergei Prokhanov). So far, Elena can be seen in the "Moon" in the play "Casanova".

Return to the cinema

At the beginning of the two thousandth, Elena Kondulainen returns to the cinema with new powers. Her repeated debut was the grotesque painting by Ivan Okhlobystin "Down House", based on the novel "Idiot" by F. M. Dostoevsky.

Then Elena Kondulainen finds herself in popular television series. Among the most striking are the two parts of the Ukrainian TV series “Thank you all for you”, the Russian sitcom “Interns”. In the latter, she was singled out as the bitchy and sexy ex-wife of Kupitman Naina. The actress herself with a smile recalls these shootings - she says that then it turned out great fun.

In 2002, Elena Kondulainen received the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

elena kondulain biography love life children

Musical activity

In 2005, Elena decides to use what she once received a musical education in the conducting direction. She recalls her vocation and unexpectedly creates the album Lonely Wolf. I must say, the songs from there gained popularity in due time.

Elena Kondulainen not only herself played the composed compositions. It is known that the hit “The Sea” of the group “Arrows” is a work of its authorship.

"Party of love"

The versatile Elena Kondulainen decides to try herself in the political arena. Inspired by the success at the movie sites and the general politicization of the population, in 1993 she created her own movement, called the “Party of Love”.

Interestingly, Elena's initiatives were supported by colleagues in the creative workshop, familiar intellectuals - Alexey Glyzin, Maria Arbatova, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, and others.

However, the direction of the association was rather ironic, humorous. There were factions of brunettes and blondes, as well as "former womanizer".

conduline elena biography photo

Actress life

Biography, children, personal life of Elena Kondulainen - very popular topics for discussion. Well, imagine the facts that have not yet shared with you.

The personal life of the actress is extremely rich - today she is in her fourth marriage. Elena does not hide that not all her love affairs were limited to her husbands.

The first husband of the actress is a teacher. By age, he was older than Elena. The couple had a son, Alexander, but the couple still broke up.

Elena's second husband is a businessman. She herself admits that she didn’t touch her spouse. They even got married with Sergey. The couple had a son, Michael.

The children of Elena Kondulainen, whose biography is worthy of the closest attention, today are successful young people. It is known that the eldest son from his first marriage happily married.

The actress experienced a break with Sergey very hard - Elena literally locked herself in herself. During this period, she had to endure the death of a mother, a serious illness of Alexander's son, her own serious illness.

The end of the "black band" was the third marriage. But alas, it did not last long. And then the secular circles are struck by the news that, at 52, Helen is marrying a young entrepreneur, Dmitry. Husband younger actress almost doubled. Once she let slip in an interview that she would not mind becoming a mother for the third time.

Elena Kondulainen does not have her own social networking page.However, her provocative shots often appear in the accounts of friends and fans of creativity. The public shook one of the photo shoots of Elena in the Maldives - the actress starred on the beach almost naked.

In recent years, Elena has also been a frequent guest on television. Many people remember her participation in the "Fashion sentence" program. The goal was to change the image of the fatal beauty to the "real lady" style. A parting with long hair was also a shock for the participant herself - the actress was made an exquisite square.

kondulainen elena biography photo in his youth

Elena Kondulainen is not only the first sex symbol of the USSR. This is a versatile person living life to the full today.

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