Actors "Hunger Games": a description of the film, reviews

The United States of America is one of the most successful countries that produce quite interesting cinematographic works of various genres. Today we will discuss in detail a very popular series of films having one common name - “The Hunger Games”. In addition, we will talk in detail about the plot, find out reviews, actors and roles that they played, as well as much more. Let's start as soon as possible!

basic information

At the beginning of 2017, the creators of this film series released only 4 cinematographic works. The first film, called “The Hunger Games,” was released in 2012 and had the largest rating of almost 8 points out of 10. The following year, the creators of the project released another episode, which already had a slightly different name - “The Hunger Games: And the flame will break out ". Estimates of this film were slightly lower than the first part, but they differed literally by the tenth points.

Actors of the Hunger Games

In 2014, the creators of this popular cinematic work released a new film called “The Hunger Games: Mockingbird Jay. Part 1". The following year was marked by the release of part 2 of the "mocking jay". The last two films did not receive as many reviews as the first two, but this did not prevent them from being quite interesting and exciting. And now let's discuss the plot in more detail!

Story line

The actors of the Hunger Games did everything possible to present to the viewers around the world very interesting television projects that deserve respect. As you understand, each of the four parts has several different plots, but they have one thing in common - the struggle of people for their own lives.

The events of the cinematographic work take us to the future, which is quite logical, because the film was made in the dystopian genre. The actors of The Hunger Games are fairly self-confident people, so it was easy for them to perform the main characters of the film, which made the film really lively.

So, the events of the film unfold in the territory of one despotic state, whose residents are afraid to get to the so-called "Hunger Games."To participate in this event, if you can call it that, a young girl falls out, as well as a guy who secretly is in love with her. Young people know each other since childhood, but now they must become enemies.

The actors and the role of the movie "The Hunger Games"

Why can't they come together and win together? The actors and the roles of the movie “The Hunger Games” are ideally combined with each other, and the storyline tells that 24 people take part in a deadly battle, among which only one winner will be revealed. Everything is real here, because the events are not rigged, as the judges do not care who will win: the main thing for them is spectacle. As you know, this time is not so simple, so we should believe and hope that the girl and the guy will be able to survive.

Actors of the Hunger Games

In each new film, new characters appeared, but in this article we will highlight only the most famous personalities who participate in the filming of this cinematic work. The role of Katniss Everdeen from District No. 12 was played by outstanding actress Jennifer Lawrence. It is also worth noting that Pete Mellark of the same district was played by Josh Hutcherson, and the role of Gail Hawthorne was entrusted to Liam Hemsworth.

Actors of the movie "The Hunger Games": photo

Additionally, we note that the role of the main character named Katniss was considered more than 30 girls, each of whom had a certain talent. By the way, this film is based on the famous work of the same name, the author of which is Susan Collins, who played the role of producer of all films with this title.

In general, as you understand, the actors of The Hunger Games were selected very carefully, so the films were so interesting and exciting, so you should definitely pay attention to them and set aside a few hours to watch.

Jennifer Lawrence

Earlier it was noted that this girl played the role of Katniss Everdeen in the popular cinematic work “The Hunger Games”. The actress herself was born in America on August 15, 1990 in the family of an ordinary worker of a construction company and an employee of a small camp for children. It is also worth noting that Jennifer has both German, English, and Scottish, as well as Irish roots.

Actors of the movie "The Hunger Games 1"

Already at 14, Jennifer made a firm decision to become an actress, so she asked her parents to take her to New York so that she could find an agent there.The agency, where the actress discussed today has come to appreciate the talent, so she finishes school 2 years earlier to begin an active career in cinematographic art, becoming an actress.

To date, not all the actors of the movie “The Hunger Games”, photos of which are presented in this article, are so popular as this girl.

Other actors

Josh Hutcherson, who performed the role of Pete Mellark of district number 12, was born in 1992 and since childhood wanted to become an outstanding person. At the age of 9 years old, the future actor was able to win the hearts of listeners in one agency, having got on television for the first time.

Actors of the movie "The Hunger Games: And the flames will flare up"

It has already been noted that Liam Hemsworth played the role of Gale Hawthorn in this film, and an outstanding actor was born on January 13, 1990 in Australia. His film career began to grow rapidly in 2007, when he took part in several television shows. In 2007, the man played a role in the Austrian TV series "Neighbors", where his brother named Luke had previously participated. Today, the man is one of the most prominent actors in America, so the films with his participation are really very interesting and exciting.

What do viewers think?

As for the reviews, the actors of the movie “The Hunger Games: And the Flame Flashes” receive extremely positive comments. People are satisfied with the perfect acting, interesting plot and at the same time dynamic events. The average score of all four films released over several years varies by about 8 points, which is a pretty good result.

In general, the actors of the movie “Hungry Games 1” tried their best, so we can take a look at this film. Happy viewing and good mood!

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