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Sergey Sosnovsky is a famous Russian film and theater actor. He is also a national artist of Russia. He is known for his work at the Moscow Chekhov Art Theater, the theater studio of Oleg Tabakov, his roles in films and TV shows.

Biography of the actor

Sergey Sosnovsky

Sergey Sosnovsky was born in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 1955. He was born in the small village of Mokrusha.

Received a profession in Saratov. He graduated from the Ivan Artemyevich Slonov Theater School, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Engaged in the course of Nadezhda Shlyapnikova.

After graduation he worked at the Theater of Young Spectators in Saratov. He played the role of Chernyshevsky in the production of “What to do,” Trepleva in Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, a jester by the name The Little Witch in Shakespeare’s “How You Like It,” Abrahas Crow in “Little Baba Yaga”.

Theatre of Drama

In 1986, Sergei Sosnovsky decided to leave the theater of the young audience and go to Siberia. There he planned to open his own theater. However, literally on the platform, it was intercepted by director Alexander Dzekun, who persuaded him to stay in Saratov.Sosnovsky began working in the local drama theater. Worked on stage for over 15 years.

During this time, played in dozens of performances. In the late 80s, drama was actively staged by authors in the Saratov theater, who had been banned for many years before. Sergey Sosnovsky played Koroviev in “The Master and Margarita”, Likki-Tikki in “The Crimson Island” of Bulgakov, Prokofy Dvanov in the play “Christ and We” after the novel by Andrey Platonov “Chevengur”.

Also participated in the performances "Spark in the Steppe" by Shornikov, "Our Decameron" by Edvard Radzinsky, "Tamada" by Alexander Galin, another Bulgakov play "The White Guard", "Berendey", based on works by Venedict Yerofeyev, "New American" based on the stories of Sergei Dovlatov, "At the Bottom" by Maxim Gorky, "Breakfast at the Leader" by Ivan Turgenev, "Dreamers", based on the plays of Alexander Ostrovsky.

Career in Moscow

Sergey Sosnovsky films

In 2004, Sosnovsky Sergey moved to Moscow. The actor received an invitation from Oleg Tabakov to play at the Moscow Art Theater.

One of his most striking works was the role of Sarafanov in The Eldest Son based on the play by Alexander Vampilov staged by Konstantin Bogomolov, the spirit of Hamlet’s father in the tragedy of Shakespeare,Vladimir Mikhailovich Golovlev in Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin’s “Golovlevykh” by Kirill Serebrennikov, Mikheich in the play “Live and Remember” by Valentin Rasputin, driver Michel in “Twelve paintings from the life of the artist“ Yuri Cooper, Tupolsky in “The Pillow Man” by Martin McDonagh , Jonathan Peacham in Berthold Brecht's The Three-penny Opera.

Since 2005 Sergey Sosnovsky, whose biography is closely connected with the stage, has been playing in parallel at the theater-studio of Oleg Tabakov.

Movie roles

Sosnovsky Sergey actor

On the big screen, Sosnovsky made his debut relatively late, in 2004, when he was 49 years old. His first film was the drama of Valery Todorovsky "My stepbrother Frankenstein". The tragic story of a young man who returned from the Chechen war, his father, who long ago started a new happy family for himself and now does not know how to establish relationships with loved ones.

Over time, the posters are increasingly possible to see this actor photo. Sergei Sosnovsky played in the detective series Kamenskaya, the comedy serial film Soldiers, in the family comedy of Sergei Bobrov's Real Dad, the drama of Eduard Palmov Moscow. Voices of Elusive Truths.

"St. George's Day"

photo Sergey Sosnovsky

One of the most memorable works of Sosnovsky in the cinema was the role of the investigator in the drama "St. George's Day" Kirill Serebrennikov, whom he played in the theater.

The main heroine of the picture is the famous opera singer Love, played by Ksenia Rappoport. She is going to go to work and live in Germany. Spending the last days in Russia, he decides to say goodbye to his small homeland - the small town of Yuriev, where he was born. She brings her grown-up son to Yuryev so that he may, for the last time, see places dear to her heart.

The son goes to inspect the local Kremlin and disappears. Love first looks for a son, appeals to all instances, but few can help her. Investigator Sergeev, played by Sosnovsky, sadly informs her that 20,000 people disappear in Russia every year, a whole football stadium. And no one knows about their further fate.

Soon, Love quits searching, staying in the city, in the hope that her son will someday return. She loses the child, the voice, the fate, very soon turns into a rude janitor Lucy in which completely new qualities are revealed.

Serial actor

Sosnovsky Sergey biography

In recent years, Sergei Sosnovsky plays more and more in the series. The films thanks to which the audience remembered him are the melodramatic telenovela “The Wedding Ring”, the adventure series “Isaev” by Sergey Ursulyak, the fantastic comedy by Alexander Semin “Nanolyubov”, the family melodrama by Kira Angelina and Sergey Krasnov “All to the best”, the drama by Dmitry Povolotsky “My Papa Baryshnikov ", comedy series with elements of melodrama by Vyacheslav Murugov, Anton Zaitsev, Anton Schukin and Artem Loginov" The Eighties ", a dramatic film-catastrophe of Anton Megerdichev" Metro ", the mystical television series Mark Horus of Obec and Stas Ivanov "Angel or Demon", Vitaly Shlyappo's melodramatic sitcom "Kitchen", mystical historical detective Vasily Serikov, Vsevolod Aravin and Alexei Rudakov "Gentlemen-Comrades", psychological thriller by Yuri Bykov "Method", sports drama Artem Aksenenko "Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger, "Andrey Shcherbinin's criminal television series" Guest performers.

In 1993, while still working in Saratov, Sosnovsky received the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation". In 2004 he became the People's Artist of Russia.

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