Activating Windows XP for Dummies

"Congratulations! You are a happy owner of Windows! And now you need to go through the registration procedure and activate your copy."windows xp activation

Activate Windows XP

Approximately the absolute majority of users of personal computers who have installed the Windows operating system on their computers encounter such a message. The next step, quite logical, is to confirm this statement, because in case of disagreement, your system will be blocked. So, you need to activate Windows XP SP2. What is activation? Well, firstly, it is the protection of Microsoft from the illegal copying of their property, that is, in essence, theft. In this case, the user confirms that he legally purchased their product. Activating Windows XP is quite simple, and in the future, thanks to this, you will also be able to get updates and install them on your computer, allowing it to work more efficiently, improving application performance, and improving the security of your travels on the World Wide Web. How does the activation of Windows XP? There are two ways to do this.

Method one, optimal - legal activation

Go to the manufacturer's website, perform simple steps that the system offers you, at the end press the "OK" button, accept congratulations from "Microsoft" and enjoy life.activation windows xp sp2The whole process takes about 20 minutes if activation is performed via the Internet, and a little longer in case of activation by phone. To do this, you will need to call from 8 to 20 hours Moscow time on the phones listed on the customer support site and the packaging of your software product. Activation must be completed within 30 days of software installation on the computer.

Method two, not entirely legal

Naturally, this method works if you purchased a copy not in an electric train or on the collapse of the nearest computer market. And what to do in the case when the software raises doubts about its legality? Craftsmen offer many solutions to this problem. As a rule, they all come down to a hacking program, also called "crack" (from English "Crack" - "hacking", "crack").activation windows xp sp3Here, the decision remains on your conscience. After all, it is unlikely that there are so naive people who buy a product, worth several thousand, for 100 rubles and sacredly believe,that purchased not a fake. There are a lot of activator programs, so be sure to choose your approach wisely. So, the program is downloaded, unzipped to a convenient folder. Next - reboot and boot in safe mode (who does not know - during boot the F8 key is held, the option "Safe mode" is selected in the opened "Enter" menu). The program starts, presses "OK" - the activation process takes place. Upon completion, the program requires confirmation - well, we confirm. After a reboot, you become the owner of an "almost" licensed Windows XP, in which, however, as a rule, some functions are not available. For example, it is almost always impossible to update the operating system. In general, the pros and cons of legally acquired and pirated copies of Windows XP are obvious. And the activation of Windows XP SP3, in general, is everyday. The choice is yours!

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