Achinea is what? Meaning of the word

Some words (despite the frequency of their use) remain unclear. One of these words is nonsense. This word sounds foreign and difficult to understand. In this article, we will look at meaning and synonyms.

Here we will also talk about phraseology such as “carry nonsense.” We will know its meaning, origin, and synonymous words. If there are people who do not fully understand the meaning of this phrase, then after reading this article, everything will fall into place for them.

What is nonsense? Meaning of the word

In the explanatory dictionary of S. I. Ozhegov, the word “nonsense” means nonsense and nonsense. Very often, this word is used together with the verb “to carry”, forming together the famous phraseologism “to bear nonsense,” that is, to talk nonsense, to carry utter nonsense. And nonsense and stupidity in this case is not just everyday, but pseudo-scientific. That is, nonsense is usually carried with a clever look, posing as scientifically grounded, although it is clearly visible from the outside that this is far from being the case, and nonsense has nothing in common with scientifically proven facts. Achinea is just nonsense that makes no sense.

nonsense is

Next, we consider the origin of the expression "carry nonsense." Where did this idiom come from?

The origin of the idiom "carry nonsense"

There are several theories of the origin of the idiom "carry nonsense."

In ancient Greece, the temple of Athena occasionally sounded "Athenian wisdom." Various scholars, sages and poets made speeches that were not understood by ordinary people, but only by the elect and enlightened. For an ordinary person, their words sounded like complete nonsense, devoid of any meaning. Subsequently, the word has undergone changes and transformed to used now.

The following hypothesis of the origin of the idiom is as follows. The inhabitants of ancient Sparta despised all that was associated with Athens.

nonsense synonyms

Any positive remarks about Athens were perceived negatively and were called "Athenaeus". People who were campaigning in favor of Athens were said to be talking to the Athenian, putting a negative meaning in it.

There is also such a theory that the Russian seminarians introduced the word into use. In the lessons of rhetoric, they studied the wisdom of philosophers and theologians, which they called "Athenian wisdom."This discipline was very difficult for them, they considered it devoid of any meaning, because they did not see where in life it could be useful to them.

"Achinea": synonyms

To better understand the word nonsense, you can find more understandable in the meaning of the word-synonyms. If a person does not know the meaning of any concept, then he asks again, he is offered options with which he is familiar.

What words can replace the word "nonsense"? These are words like stupidity, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense or nonsense. These synonyms are most common. There are less used words, such as game, rubbish, nonsense, heresy, circumlocution, nonsense, neskladitsa, mura, gibberish, etc. As we can see, there are a lot of synonyms of this word. All of them denote the same concept.

We all heard the expression "nonsense (nonsense) in vegetable oil." This idiom is synonymous with the phrase "carry nonsense." In addition, there are also such expressions as “to weave nonsense”, “to make a fuss”, “to carry nonsense”, etc., which mean the same thing as “to carry nonsense”.


Various idioms firmly entered into our lives. A couple of words can accurately reflect the whole phenomenon.Without them, our speech would be scarce and not so emotional.

The idiom "carry nonsense" is useful, probably, to everyone, since there are quite a lot of "smart" people who carry nonsense. To say about such a person that he “bears nonsense” is better than, for example, blaming him directly for stupidity, rudely laying down with the help of obscene words.

nonsense what is it

The expression overseas in soundness will soften the censure, and if a person is not very clever and does not fully understand the meaning of this phraseologism, then even he is flattered. Achinea is a word that, although it signifies stupidity and nonsense, but it sounds beautiful.

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