A sketch is both a genre and a way to record.

A “sketch” is an English word that literally means a sketch or sketch. There is even a media show with the same name - a television program that appeared in America and is a collection of small comic sketches. Sketch is a genre of comedy shows in this particular case.

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Artistic meaning

Artists, before drawing a picture, create small sketches. Sketch - this is such a small sketch. Over time, the development of the paper industry and publishing, began to produce special albums in which you can make such quick sketches. Now they are widely distributed and used not only by professional artists, designers and illustrators, but also by all lovers of drawing and art. There was even a sketch technique, which is taught in courses, that is, they show how to make quick sketches on a given topic. In Russia, this trend has only begun to develop, and mainly professional designers teach these courses.

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Sketch - what is it and why?

Who might need to learn to draw sketches? This skill will be needed by designers and illustrators. And also classes will be interesting to those people who want to just learn to draw for their own pleasure. Moleskines and sketchbooks are sold in large quantities in stores, which many people buy, but then do not know what and how to fill them. For such people, learning how to make a sketch is a good entertainment, as well as an activity that helps to develop creativity. Bloggers in their online diaries picked up this trend. On YouTube, videos are gaining popularity, where channel owners show their sketchbooks and artbooks, demonstrate what they have learned, come up with, talk about how to arrange their albums. They reveal the main questions: the sketch is what it is and where to apply it.

sketch is a genre

Sketches as a type of personal notes

People used to make notes in the traditional way - with the help of a diary and pen. But sometimes, in order to write down your thoughts and ideas in this way, it takes a lot of time and a lot of space on paper, that is, a large notebook. Not always and not everywhere is convenient. You can make small sketches in the form of sketches with a couple of three key words or phrases. Firstly, it helps to fix the idea that came to mind. Secondly, it saves time.Thirdly, drawing develops figurative thinking. And fourth, such a note takes up much less space on paper than a full text. That is, a small notebook is suitable for this, which is easy to fit into any bag or even put in your pocket.

A sketch is also a type of personal note. And for many people it has become even the best way to keep records.

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You simply add some visual effects to your keywords: small pictures, arrows, icons. The process of compiling such records becomes not only useful, but also enjoyable and develops creative thinking. And one more plus of such a way: you will understand what you wanted to say, and a stranger, to whom your notebook may accidentally fall into your hands, is unlikely to disassemble the records. After all, you will fix exactly your images and associations that will be understood only by you.

In addition, after the notebook is completely full, it will turn into a nice memorable album. To do this, it is not necessary to make color sketches, although if you wish, you can use multi-colored pens or felt-tip pens. But even if all the sketches are made with a simple pencil or an ordinary ballpoint pen, it will still look much more interesting than the usual lines from the words in the diary.And you absolutely do not need to be able to draw well. There is no need to complete art courses to learn how to take visual notes.

Sketch is a separate genre in literature

In the literature also stands out such a genre as the sketch. It can be defined in the same way as in the artistic sense. This is also a kind of sketch, a scene, only not in the form of a picture, but written in words. In literature, this is a small play with only two or three characters. If such a play is put on the stage, then it will last no more than ten minutes. Most often, these scenes are humorous in nature. Based on them, there were scenarios for the sketch shows, which have become so popular in England and America, and now appear with us. Examples include such programs as “6 frames” and “Our Russia”.

Also in literature, a sketch is considered not only a play, but also a small essay in one paragraph, the so-called miniature. This is from several to ten bright sentences, causing the desired effect to the author from the reader. Most often, such miniatures are also humorous.

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