A funny scene on March 8 for adults. Scenarios for International Women's Day

March 8 is a holiday of spring, light, flowers and,of course, the beautiful half of humanity! Do you want to make it memorable? Congratulate sweet ladies not just with traditional tulips and festive table, but also with unforgettable impressions? Take advantage of our tips on how to organize an original 8 March holiday for adults. Women will be delighted!

Funny extra charge for March 8 for adults

Funny scene on March 8 for adults - "Capture of hostages"

Surely everyone has long been bored with boring feasts and monotonous contests. We propose to hold a holiday for 8 March for adults called "Hostage Taking". We begin preparation for the event.

For this scene, you need the following attributes:

  • a few black stockings (by the number of "terrorists");
  • toy pistols and machine guns;
  • handcuffs (can be purchased in a toy store, or can be in the store for adults);
  • signs with the callsign of "terrorists" (for example: terrorist number 1, callsign - Palych). In the choice of names for terrorists, the main thing is to show maximum originality and sense of humor.

Invitation to the holiday

It is best to invite girls and women in advanceto celebrate the event. For example, on the morning of March 8, you can present a bouquet of flowers with an invitation inside or make an original bouquet of paper flowers, and an invitation to print on the back of the sheet of paper from which they are made.

adult ditties on March 8

Beginning of the holiday

Representatives of the fair sex together withthe male half of humanity sit down at the festively laid table at the appointed time. The first 30-40 minutes are held as usual. Warm words are said - congratulations, dedicated to beautiful women, music plays, drinks are poured. At the end of this time, several men leave the table under the pretext of smoking and dress in costumes of terrorists.

Do not move! It's taking hostages!

A funny scene on March 8 for adults beginswith the fact that absolutely unexpectedly under alarming music the light turns off and the invaders burst into the room in stockings on their heads shouting: "Everybody stay in their places! Do not move! This is taking hostages! "Several girls are fastened with handcuffs to the backs of chairs, batteries or other objects. Further, the "terrorists" put forward their demands on what must be done in order for them to release "hostages".

holiday March 8 for adults

An indicative list of requirements, or Adult competitions on March 8

Requirement number 1. Come on ruff!

"Terrorists" choose the first victim, it shouldbe one of the remaining representatives of the male (defenders). A large empty glass is brought out, and each of the participants of the event should pour into it some liquid that is standing on the table, and the "victim" should drink the resulting cocktail. If the defender copes with the task, the "terrorists" release one of the "hostages".

adult competitions on March 8

Requirement number 2. Salvation drowning - the work of the most drowning

"Terrorists" offer to hold a competition amongthemselves "hostages". The essence of the contest is to determine which of the girls is better developed savvy and resourcefulness. Each of the participants of this contest is given a non-standard situation and is asked to find a way out of it. The winner, which is determined by the number of votes, "terrorists" free.

Examples of situations:

  1. You have a corporate, suppose March 8, you have been preparing for him for a very long time, you got a chic dress in advance, and when you come to the evening, you see the same outfit from your colleague.
  2. Parents should visit you for the first timethe groom. You have been preparing all day, but by the appointed time you realized that you have absolutely nothing to put on the table, because you burned the meat, and salted salted.
  3. Suppose you are sitting at a festive table and celebrating on March 8, and then people break into your masks and take you hostage.
  4. For tomorrow, you have an important interview, andyou decided before him to put themselves in order and dyed your hair. However, either the paint was overdue, or you messed up something with the color, but your hair became bright pink.

Call # 3: Black Stone

One of the attackers screams that he wants toto shoot. His accomplices object and try to calm the comrade. Then he takes a sack and demonstratively throws two black stones into it. Further, he declares to all that he has put in this bag one black and one white stone. If the participant selected by him obtains a white stone, one of the "hostages" will be released, and if not, then everyone will be unhappy. Participants must guess that one must get one stone out of the bag and, without unclasping the fist (not showing the surrounding color of the selected stone), throw it away. Then get the remaining stone, it will be black, therefore, the participant concludes that the stone he threw was white.

Call # 4. Now, boys!

"Terrorists" begin to yawn unanimously and demand them to cheer. Defenders of lovely ladies (male half of the team) are invited to fun and fervently perform adult ditties on March 8:

I'm for my darling

I cooked ravioli!

And now without superfluous words,

I'm waiting for the evening marathon!


At work we have women,

As in the henhouse chicken!

It is hard for us all this day,

At least one, yes, heat it!


From the sky the star fell

My friend in the pants!

To him now as an invalid

All give half the price!


Requirement number 5. Well, girls!

The remaining "hostages" are offered to release the fair sex, singing in chorus adult songs by March 8.

An example of a song (performed with the music from the cartoon "The Bremen Town Musicians" for the song "Nothing in the world is better"):

On the eighth of March we decided,

A whole year was prepared, styra-a-li!

And today just rest

And a shampusik with vodka popeye-ee!

And a shampusik with vodka popeye-ee!

La la la la la la la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la la la la la la,

La la la la ee ee!

On this joyous note, the funny scene on March 8 for adults comes to its logical conclusion. All the hostages are freed and joyfully continue to celebrate the holiday.

 adult songs by March 8


The above funny scene on March 8 foradults can be ended by exposing all "terrorists", that is, girls can be given a list of callsigns of gang members, and they should guess who is who.

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