8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure

One of the most popular types of manicure is a French for short nails, or a French type of procedure. Its feature is versatility, as it goes well with any clothing and will be relevant in any situation.

Having well-groomed nails has become an actual trend not only among women, but also men. After all, a stranger’s gaze falls into his hands very often, and it’s simply indecent to flaunt unevenly cut or gnawed nails with a black border of dirt.

Manicure, as a cosmetic procedure, has firmly entered our lives and has long been turned into art. Its variety and ways of execution are simply amazing: European, French, Japanese, shellac or extensions - more than one article is needed to describe each species. Today we will talk about the jacket for short nails.

What is french?

What is french?

His history of French manicure since 1976, and, oddly enough, it is not from France, but from Hollywood. It is not for nothing that they say: “Laziness is the engine of progress,” however, in our case it’s not really laziness, but rather a cry from the heart. Make-up artists and make-up artists are so tired of repainting their nails to match the color of their make-up and outfits, and the directors are waiting for a new reincarnation of the actors that the producers had the idea to turn to a professional with a request to create a universal manicure design.

That professional turned out to be Jeff Pink, president and founder of the Orly nail polish company. Pink, in turn, turned out to be an adherent of naturalness and created a new direction in nail design - a manicure french for short nails, which still won the hearts with its simplicity, naturalness, freshness and versatility. Now it is a classic in the manicure industry and is very popular among girls and women around the world.

The new design is called "NaturalLook", translated into Russian - "natural look." But where are the French, you ask? It's simple! The name of the company Jeff Pink is the same name as the largest airport in Paris - Orly.

And after attending a fashion show in the capital of France and making his signature manicure for models, Jeff Pink decided to change the name in favor of charming French women. French manicure - this is how his invention is now called, and it is from here that the word "French" appeared in our everyday life, which means "French."

Types of French manicure

For more than forty years since its inception, the design of the French manicure for short nails, a photo of which will be presented below, not only did not lose its relevance, but also improved and acquired many varieties.

But one feature remained unchanged - the protruding edge of the nail necessarily differs from the main plate: color, decoration or texture. This is his highlight and the main difference from other designs of nail art.

Flawless classic

In its natural form, the classic jacket looks very gentle and neat. The nail is covered with a transparent varnish of a natural shade to match the skin tone. The tip of the nail, which extends 3-5 mm, is shaded by a strip of white opaque color. Often this manicure is called a white jacket.

Often, a French manicure is done at the wedding of the bride, he emphasizes the innocence and purity of the image. It is appropriate to french for any celebrations and official events for everyday life.With him, you are not afraid of any strict dress code. It looks equally elegant in women of any profession.

Inverted moon

Types of manicure

Antifrench, Hollywood, moon manicure or a French jacket, on the contrary, is shading with the color of not the free edge of the nail, but the hole at the base. The technique of execution is quite complicated and requires accuracy, since not everyone can draw a beautiful “smile”.

Inverted french can be performed in two forms. The first is that the hole is covered with clear varnish. In the second - the hole is shaded in white.

It should be borne in mind that the moon jacket optically shortens the nails, runs exclusively on perfectly processed fingers and must be in harmony with the image.

Color courage

White "smile" on the tips of the nails and the main pastel color, of course, fits any outfit and image. But lately, it is increasingly possible to see a color jacket, which with a good selection of tones looks very nice.

Brightness, riot of colors, courage and originality are inherent in young people and are perfectly combined with youth fashion in clothes and accessories. At the tip of the nail can be applied bright neon color,whereas the main shade can be classic pastel, and you can combine colors and shades depending on your mood and taste.

Here you can use both glossy and matte coating. Fantasy has no boundaries in combination of colors, and in the technique of execution. "Smiles" can be counted on a whole rainbow, or combine the lunar and classic french. All in your hands.

Brilliant Millennium

In this case, the nail design remains a classic, and the tips of the nails are covered with sparkles, brilliant sand, gold or silver varnish. The main thing that the brilliant border was opaque.

This manicure is the most elegant and perfect for special occasions, it allows you to complement the festive look. Although a moderate amount of sparkles are relevant in everyday life.

Fantastic fan french

Fantastic fan french

Unusual, bright and original look french. In its creation are used drawings, beads, lace, mica and other volumetric decor. Even dry flowers, feathers, threads - everything that you can place on the tips of your nails. True, the fingers will be somewhat burdened by the decoration, and will require additional application of the gel.

Such a design in everyday life is inconvenient and is performed for “special” cases. But if the goal is to surprise others with its extravagance, then why not.

Smooth ombre

The gradient is a very original look of manicure, it does not have clear boundaries, as in the classics, but smoothly flows from shade to shade. It is created quite simply, by applying to the main color a contrasting shade with a sponge.

There is another version of the ombre, which requires professionalism and special equipment - this is airbrushing, it is still an innovation, but is gradually gaining popularity.

Sophistication rhinestones

This manicure is elegant and lively. Droplets of brilliant rhinestones add elegance and solemnity. Perfectly combined with a wedding dress.

Since rhinestones are already an ornament, do not wear a lot of jewelry on your hands. If the rhinestones are colored, then they must be matched in color with the basic tone of varnish and dress. The abundance of stones is appropriate only on one finger, otherwise it will look vulgar.

For short nails try to use a limited amount of rhinestones, so as not to shorten the length visually.

Persistence gel polish

If you want the manicure to stay for 2-3 weeks, do not require adjustments, to be bright and different in durability of staining, make a french-gel polish on short nails, photos and original design solutions can be found on the Internet.

Persistence gel polish

Drawings on the nails, decorations, decorative elements will be securely and permanently. Gel polish is absolutely safe and does not break when cleaning, cooking and washing. This is a real find for modern women, because this coating creates a solid frame and does not allow the nail to break.

However, its application requires special tools and materials, in particular, an ultraviolet lamp, but it is not a problem to get them. French gel polish can be done at home, just take a special course or study the technology yourself.

How to make a french self

In order to make a french on short nails for a selected photo, it is not necessary to visit nail salons, it is enough to acquire useful knowledge and acquire the necessary tools and materials.

Necessary tools and materials

So, you will definitely need:

  • nail files with different levels of abrasiveness;
  • liquid for softening and removing the cuticle;
  • scapula or cuticle sticks;
  • nail scissors and tweezers;
  • base coat (varnish base);
  • a set of pastel palette lacquers (beige, peach, pink, etc.);
  • self-adhesive strips for jacket;
  • varnish for the free part of the nail;
  • stencils for manicure;
  • sheeting, fixer.

This composition of materials is universal for any manicure, you can buy it as a set, and separately.

Since the service jacket assumes naturalness, this does not mean that you need to start with a varnish coat. Nails should be treated so that the fingers look well-groomed.

Detailed step by step instructions

  1. Using a nail file, treat your nails. For french is given oval or square shape. Achieve the same length.
  2. Razorte nails in a strengthening bath. Recipe for strengthening composition: add a quarter teaspoon of sea salt, a couple of drops of iodine and lemon juice to hot water. The procedure time is 5-10 minutes.
  3. Dry your hands dry.
  4. Apply a softening liquid to the cuticles and remove it after 15-20 seconds.Move the cuticle to the edge of the nail plate and carefully cut off with tweezers, trying to prevent cuts.
  5. It is the turn of the base coverage. Cover your nails with a colorless varnish base and let it dry.
  6. The next layer is tinted varnish of pastel shades. Wait until dry.
  7. Stick the stencils for the jacket to paint the edge of the nail in the selected color. Do not remove the strips until the varnish is completely dry.
  8. Apply to the nail fixing coating. It is necessary to protect against physical, thermal and chemical effects and is applied without fail.

As you can see, everything is simple. This version of the manicure will look great and natural. The tips of the nails can be painted in any color, decorate with a pattern or rhinestones, but this already requires more complex manipulations. Regular manicure in this style will help you improve and decorate your nails with new elements, making the design stylish and original.

The above step by step instructions applies exclusively to natural nails. If extension techniques, shellac, and overlay plates were used, additional steps may be added, for example, drying under ultraviolet light.

Maiden-beauty and nails red

Manicure, made in the French style, different femininity, sophisticated design, simplicity and simplicity of execution.

This simple art with diligence and accuracy can be not only a hobby, but also a source of income. Fantasy, perfecting and successful combination of shades will be able to decorate not only your hands, but also attract customers.

Remember that well-groomed pens with a neat manicure on the nails gives the woman charm and refinement.

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8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 44

8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 99

8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 67

8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 50

8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 9

8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 60

8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 23

8 basic varieties of french on short nails and the rules for creating a perfect manicure 100