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365 reasons to drink

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365 reasons to drink

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January 1 - New Year. World Day of Peace.
January 2 - The introduction of the 7-hour working day (1929) is announced in Russia
January 3 - Lunar New Year (Lithuania).
January 4 - Isaac Newton's birthday.
January 5 - Birthday of the Kremlin garage.
January 6 - Day of the Magi (Spain).
January 7 - Orthodox Christmas. Discovery of Jupiter G. Galileo.
January 8 ? The birthday of Elvis Presley.
January 9 - Day of majority (Japan).
January 10th - Voodoo Day (Benin).
January 11 - World Day? Thanks ?.
January 12 - Day of the employee of the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.
January 13 - Old New Year. Day of the Russian press.
January 14 - Orthodox celebrate the circumcision of the Lord.
January 15 - Arboretum Holiday (Jordan).
January 16 - World Day? The Beatles ?.
January 17 - A flush toilet tank was patented (1861).
January 18 - Epiphany Eve.
January 19 - Baptism of the Lord / Epiphany.
January 20 - Day of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine).
January 21 - International Day of hugs. Day of the engineering troops.
January 22 - Grandfather's Day (Poland).
January 23 - The Patriarchate was established in Russia (1589). In the Leningrad rock club debuted group? DDT? (1987).
January 24 - The first scout squad is organized in England (1907)
January 25 is Tatiana's Day.
January 26 - International Customs Day. Australia Day.
January 27 - Day of Military Glory of Russia - the lifting of the Leningrad blockade.
January 28 is the International Day for the Mobilization against Nuclear War.
January 29 - The Day of the invention of the car.
January 30 - World Day for the care of patients with leprosy.
January 31 - Birthday vodka. On this day, D.I. In 1865, Mendeleev defended his doctoral thesis? On the combination of alcohol with water ?.
February 1 - National Freedom Day (USA).
February 2 - Day of military glory of Russia? Battle of Stalingrad.
February 3 - Heroes Day (Mozambique).
February 4 - Setsubun Feast (Japan). New year on the Chinese calendar.
February 5th ? Empress Elizaveta Petrovna established the right-hand traffic (1752).
February 6th is Bob Marley Day (Jamaica).
February 7th? The day of arrival in the besieged Leningrad of the first train from the mainland.
February 8 - Day of Russian science.
February 9 - World Dental Day.
February 10 - Day of the diplomatic worker.
February 11 - World Day of the Sick.
February 12 - Aeroflot Day (Russia).
February 13 - Yuanxiao Lantern Festival (Japan).
February 14 - Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day.
February 15 - Memorial Day of soldiers-internationalists.
February 16 - Day of Kim Jong Il (DPRK).
February 17 - Celebration in honor of Saraswati Vasant Patchi (India).
February 18 - Day of the transport police.
February 19 is the 145th anniversary of the manifesto of liberation from serfdom.
February 20 - The Soviet orbital station "Peace" was launched into orbit.
February 21 - President's Day (USA).
February 22 - International Day for the Victims of Crime.
February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day (Russia).
February 24 - Lottery Birthday. The first in the history of the lottery was held in the Belgian city of Bruges (1446).
February 25 - On this day, the Orthodox Church venerates St. Alexis the Miracle Worker, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia.
February 26 - Martinian Day - the tamer of passions.
February 27 ? The beginning of Shrovetide week in Russia.
February 28 - Dragon Festival (China).
March 1 - World Day of Civil Defense.
March 2 - The first CDs and CD players appeared (1983).
March 3 - World Writer's Day.
March 4 - The first alternative elections of people's deputies of the USSR (1990).
the 5th of March ? Stapler's birthday. It was patented in England (186.
March 6 - The first issue of the newspaper? Pioneers Truth ?.
March 7 - The Water Rescue Society (OSVOD) was founded (1872).
March 8 - International Women's Day.
March 9 - Amerigo Vespucci Day (USA).
March 10 - Archives Day (Russia).
March 11 - The capital of Soviet Russia was moved to Moscow (191.
March 12 - Day of workers of geodesy and cartography.
March 13 - Commonwealth Day (UK).
March 14 - Equiria (Ancient Rome)? a holiday in honor of Mars, during which all military campaigns were being prepared.
March 15 - World Consumer Rights Day.
March 16 - Day of Science (Russia).
March 17 - St. Patrick's Day (Ireland).
March 18 - Tax Police Day (Russia). Day of the Paris Commune.
March 19 - Day of the seaman submariner (Russia).
March 20 - International Day of Francophonie.
March 21 - World Earth Day.
March 22 is World Water Day.
March 23 - World Meteorological Day.
March 24 - International Day of Youth Solidarity.
March 25 - The Annunciation.
March 26 - Mother's Day (UK). Holi is a festival of spring (India).
March 27 - Day of the Interior Troops of the Russian Federation. International Theater Day.
March 28 - 230th anniversary of the founding of the Bolshoi Theater.
March 29 - Day of Youth (Taiwan).
March 30 - The Association of the Small Peoples of the North of Russia was established (1990)
March 31 - Created the first car? Mercedes? (1901)
April 1 - April Fools' Day (Russia). Day Mathematics (USSR). Geologist Day (Russia).
April 2 is the International Children's Book Day.
April 3rd? Birthday coffee grinder. James Carrington received a patent for this car. (1829).
April 4 is the International Day of Piano Tuners.
April 5 - Holiday of purity and clarity Qingming (China).
April 6 - 107th anniversary of the Moscow tram.
April 7 - World Health Day.
April 8 - International Gypsy Day. International Day of Tai Chi and Qigong.
April 9 - Day of the Air Defense Forces.
April 10 - International Day of the resistance movement.
April 11 - International Day for the liberation of prisoners of fascist concentration camps.
April 12 - World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics.
April 13 is World Ron'n'Roll Day.
April 14 - New Year (Laos).
April 15 - Day of the specialist electronic warfare.
April 16 - World Science Day.
April 17 - Passion Week.
April 18 is the International Day of Monuments and Historic Sites.
April 19 - Day of the employment service education.
April 20 - the Feast of the Goddess of the Sea and the Empress of Heaven Matsu (China).
April 21 is the Environment Day. Foundation of Rome.
April 22 - International Astronomy Day. Earth Day.
April 23 - Orthodox Easter. Day of the bike.
April 24 is the International Day of Youth Solidarity.
April 25 is the Day of Liberation from Fascism (Italy). St. Mark's Day (Italy).
April 26 - International Intellectual Property Day. International Secretary Day.
April 27 - St. Zita's Day (patroness of lackeys and housemaids).
April 28? construction of the Baikonur cosmodrome began (1955)
April 29 is the International Day of Dance.
April 30 - Day of Fire. World Day of sister cities.
May 1 - International Day of Workers' Solidarity.
May 2 - International Parent's Day.
May 3 - World Press Freedom Day. International Day of the Sun.
May 4 - Rest Day (Japan).
May 5 - Europe Day.
May 6 - St. George's Day the Victorious.
May 7th - Radio Day.
May 8 - World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.
May 9 - Victory Day (Russia).
May 10 - The first meeting of the 1st State Duma of Russia (1906) opened.
May 11 - Last day of the fishing season (Iceland).
May 12 - World Nursing Day.
May 13 - the Feast of the Black Sea Fleet.
May 14 - Condensed milk (1853) is patented in the USA.
May 15 - International Family Day.
May 16 - World Day of Remembrance of the Victims of AIDS.
May 17 is the International Day of Telecommunications and Telecommunications.
May 18 - International Museum Day.
May 19 is the Day of Pioneers.
May 20 - World Metrologist Day.
May 21 - Day of protection against unemployment.
May 22 - Day of the Tretyakov Gallery Foundation (1856).
May 23 - Birthday of the Buddha.
May 24 - Day of Slavic literature and culture.
May 25th is the Day of the Philologist.
May 26 - Mother's Day (Poland).
May 27 - All-Russian Library Day.
May 28th is the Day of the Border Guard.
May 29 - Day of Spring (UK).
May 30 - St. Ferdinand of Castile Day - the patron saint of governors, prisoners and large families.
May 31 is the World No Tobacco Day.
June 1 - International Children's Day.
2 June ? Birthday of Count Cagliostro (1743).
June 3 - Herring Festival (Netherlands).
June 4 - Land Reclamation Day.
June 5 - World Environment Day.
June 6 - Pushkin Day of Russia.
June 7 - Brooks Stevens, creator of the? Harley-Davidson motorcycle? (1911).
June 8 - World Oceans Day. Social Worker's Day.
June 9 - Peter the Great was born (1672).
June 10 - The world's first public zoo was created in Paris (1793).
June 11 - Day of light industry workers.
June 12 is the Day of Russia.
June 13 - St. Anthony's Day, the patron saint of lovers, animals and all desperate.
June 14 - Day of the National Flag of the United States.
June 15th? International day of walking.
June 16? Birthday VDNH (1959).
June 17 - World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.
June 18 is the Day of Medical Worker.
June 19 is the Day of the Holy Trinity.
June 20 - The legendary flight of Chkalov, Baidukov and Belyakov Moscow - the North Pole - the USA.
June 21 is the International Flower Day. Boat Festival (Hong Kong, Taiwan).
June 22 - Summer Solstice.
June 23 - International Olympic Day.
June 24 - Day of the inventor and innovator.
June 25 - Youth Day of Russia.
June 26 - International Day against Drug Abuse.
June 27 - World Fisheries Day. Youth Day (Russia).
June 28? Chimera Day (Greece).
June 29 - Anniversary of the establishment of the Nobel Prize.
June 30 - The Tungussky meteorite fell in Eastern Siberia (190.
July 1 - World Architecture Day. International Day of Cooperatives.
July 2 - Day of workers of the sea and river fleet.
July 3 - GIBDD workers holiday (Russia).
July 4 - Day of the Navy Aviation (Russia). Independence Day (USA).
July 5 - Day of Slavic Apostles Cyril and Methodius (Czech Republic).
July 6th? Dollar Birthday (1785).
July 7 - All Russian Saints Day - church-national holiday.
July 8 - The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted a decree establishing the highest degree of distinction - the title? Mother-heroine? and the institution of the order? Maternal glory? and? Maternity Medals ?.
July 9 - Fisherman's Day.
July 10 - Day of the Russian Post.
July 11 - World Population Day.
July 12 - Flight Attendant Day.
July 13 - The Cathedral of the 12 Apostles.
July 14 - Bastille Day (France).
July 15 - Grand Prince Alexander defeated the Swedes on the Neva, for which he received the nickname Nevsky (1240).
July 16 - Metallurgist Day.
July 17 - The docking of the Soviet spacecraft? Soyuz-19 ″ and the American ship? Apollo? (1975).
July 18 - Labor Day (Spain).
July 19 - The Emergency Commission for the Elimination of Illiteracy (1920) was created in Russia.
July 20 - International Chess Day.
July 21 - For the first time, a man stepped onto the surface of the moon. It was the astronaut Neil Amstrong (USA).
July 22 - The first car race (1894) took place between Paris and Rouen.
July 23 - International Olympic Day. Day of the trade worker.
July 24 is the Day of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga.
July 25 - St. Christopher's Day (patron of motorists and traffic police).
July 26 - The decree on casting the Tsar Bell (1730) was signed.
July 27 - Russian ballet dancer, People’s Artist of the USSR Maris Liepa was born.
July 28 - International Day of the system administrator.
July 29 - In Moscow, on Mayakovsky Square, a monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky was opened (sculptor A. Kibalnikov).
July 30 - Day of the Navy of Russia.
July 31 - American astronauts made their first ever trip on the moon (1971).
August 1 - Day of Bread
August 2 - Day of the Airborne Forces (Day of the paratrooper).
August 3 - New York Radio used the world's first sound radio effect: two pieces of wood depicted slamming the door (1922).
August 4th? The birthday of champagne (1693).
August 5 - The USSR, USA and Great Britain signed in Moscow the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in the Atmosphere, Space and Under Water (1963).
August 6 - Day of the railway.
August 7 - Is a monument to Peter I unveiled in St. Petersburg? The Bronze Horseman? (1782).
August 8 - Foundation of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) (1967).
August 9 is the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.
August 10 - By the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the Military Space Forces of Russia were established (1992).
August 11 - St. Clara's Day - the patron saint of television.
August 12 - International Youth Day.
August 13 is World Lefty Day.
August 14 - Day of the builder.
August 15 is the International Day of the Archaeologist.
August 16 - Memorial Day of Elvis Presley (USA).
August 17 - The All-Russian Society of Disabled People (VOI) was founded (198.
August 18 - Peace treatise signed, ending the Russian-Swedish war of 1741-1743.
August 19 - Apple Saved.
August 20 - Air Fleet Day (Russia).
August 21 - Founded? Cadillac? (1902).
August 22 - Day of the State Flag of Russia.
August 23 - Day of the defeat by the Soviet troops of the German fascist troops in the Battle of Kursk.
24 August ? Rice Festival (India).
August 25 - Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel.
August 26 - Women's Equality Day (USA).
August 27 - Cinema Day.
August 28 is the Day of Baikal. Day Special Forces.
August 29 - Orthodox holiday in honor of the Holy Face of the Lord.
August 30th? The Alexander Column was established in Petersburg (1832).
August 31 - Alexander I proclaimed disinterestedness as the basic principle of Russia's foreign policy (1806).
1 September is the day of knowledge.
September 2 - Day of the Russian Guard.
September 3 - Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism.
September 4 - The first broadcast of the television club? Connoisseurs? ?What? Where? When??.
September 5 - The writer Alexey Tolstoy was born.
September 6 - Leningrad renamed to St. Petersburg (1991).
September 7th is the Day of the Battle of Borodino.
September 8 is the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists. International Day for the Eradication of Illiteracy.
September 9 - International Day of Beauty.
10 September ? World Youth Day.
September 11 - New Year (Ethiopia).
September 12 - The first Russian ship under the tricolor flag came abroad (Constantinople) (1699).
September 13 - Countries exporting oil united in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
September 14 - Professional holiday of workers of the All-Russian sanitary-epidemiological service.
September 15 - Russia proclaimed a republic (1917).
September 16 is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.
September 17 - The Orthodox Church glorifies the miraculous icon of the Mother of God? The Burning Bush ?.
September 18 - The Gorky Central Culture Park opened in Moscow (192.
September 19? Temple festival. Memories of the Miracle of Archangel Michael.
September 20 - The explorer Fadey Bellingshausen was born.
September 21 - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Victory Day in the Battle of Kulikovo (1380).
September 22 - This day was declared the first day of the revolutionary French calendar.(1792).
September 23 - Autumnal Equinox Day.
September 24? Engineering Day.
September 25 - World Day of the Sea.
September 26 - European Day of Languages.
September 27 is World Tourism Day.
September 28 is the Day of the Atomic Industry Worker.
September 29th - the birthday of the group? Tea ?.
September 30 - World Internet Day. International Translation Day.
October 1 is the International Day of Music. International Day of Older Persons. Teacher's Day.
October 2 - World Architecture Day. International Day of Housing.
October 3 - According to the classics, Anna of Austria was to appear at the ball with pendants presented to her by Louis XIII (1625).
October 4 is the Day of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Day of the Military Space Forces. World Day for the Protection of Animals.
October 5 - International Teacher's Day. Day of Criminal Investigation Officers.
October 6 - The beginning of the Russian-Turkish war.
October 7 - New Year (Gambia).
October 8 - The Dow Jones index, a key indicator of the situation on the American Stock Exchange (1896), was first published.
October 9 - World Post Day.
October 10 is International Mental Health Day.
October 11 is the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction.
October 12 - The first football match in Russia took place in St. Petersburg (between the teams? Sport? And? Vasileostrovsky Football Lovers' Circle?) (1897).
October 13 - Greenwich is approved as the passage point of the prime meridian (1884).
October 14 - Pokrov of the Most Holy Mother of God.
October 15 - Poet Mikhail Lermontov was born. Day of the food industry.
October 16 - World Food Day.
October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
October 18 - Alaska Day (USA).
October 19 - John Adams (USA) was born.
October 20 is the Day of the Communications Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
October 21 - Revolution Day (Somalia).
October 22 - The act of presenting the title Emperor of the All-Russian title of the Great and Father of the Fatherland to the Tsar Peter the Great. Feast of White Cranes (Dagestan).
October 23 ? Employee Advertising Day.
October 24 is the United Nations International Day.
October 25 - Day of the customs officer.
October 26 - Adoption of a Decree on Peace. Adoption of the Land Decree.
October 27 - The Theater of Working Youth opened in Moscow (now the theater? Lenkom?) (1927).
October 28 - The premiere of Peter Tchaikovsky's Sixth (Pathetic) Symphony (1893) was held in St. Petersburg.
October 29 - Birthday Komsomol.Born Christopher Columbus.
October 30 is the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repression.
October 31 - Halloween (USA). Day of the Apostle and Evangelist Luke.
November 1 - Celtic New Year.
November 2 - International Recognition Day of St. Petersburg. Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia.
the 3rd of November ? The first USSR currency auction was held in Moscow (1989).
November 4 - National Unity Day (Russia).
November 5 - The artist Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin was born.
November 6 - Writer Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak was born.
November 7 - Day of consent and reconciliation. The day of the liberation of Moscow by the forces of the national militia under the leadership of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky from the Polish interventionists.
November 8 - For the first time a TV show? KVN? (1961).
November 9 is the International Day against Anti-Semitism and Fascism.
November 10 - Militia Day. World Youth Day.
November 11 - The Tatar-Mongol yoke is dropped (1480).
November 12th is Banker's Day.
November 13 - International Day of the Blind. Born Alexander Suvorov - commander.
November 14 - World Diabetes Day.
November 15 is the All-Russian Day of the Recruit.
November 16 - Opening of the Suez Canal.
November 17 - International Students Day.
November 18 - New Year (Yemen).
November 19 - National Day of Monaco. Indira Gandhi was born. Mikhail Lomonosov was born. Ivan Kruzenshtern was born - the navigator.
November 20 - Judicial statutes of Russia are adopted.
November 21 - Day of the employee of the tax authorities of the Russian Federation. World Day greetings.
November 22 - According to the classics, Tarzan was born (188.
November 23 - The first broadcast of Moscow Radio (1924).
November 24 - The great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov was born (1729).
November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence.
November 26 - Mother's Day (Russia). St. John Chrysostom Day.
November 27 - Zagovhenie on Christmas Lent.
November 28 - Beginning of the Advent (from November to January 6).
November 29 - The Day of the Apostle and Evangelist Matthew.
November 30 - The double-headed eagle is approved as the national emblem of the Russian Federation (1993).
December 1 - World AIDS Day. Victory Day squadron commanded by PS Nakhimov above the Turkish squadron at Cape Sinop.
December 2 is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.
December 3 - International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
December 4 - Introduction to the temple of the Blessed Virgin. Victory Day of the Russian soldiers of Prince Alexander Nevsky over the German knights on Lake Peipsi. Ordering gifts to Santa Claus.
December 5 - Adoption of the Constitution of the USSR.
December 6 ? The birthday of the microwave oven (patent granted in 1945).
December 7 - International Day of Civil Aviation.
December 8 - Immaculate Conception (Catholic countries).
December 9 - International Day against Corruption.
December 10 - World Football Day.
December 11 - World Day of children's television and radio.
December 12 is the Constitution Day of the Russian Federation.
December 13 - The text of the solemn oath of the Soviet pioneers (1957) was approved.
December 14 - Memorial Day of AD Sakharov (1921-1989).
December 15 is the Day of the formation of the Radio Engineering Forces of the Russian Air Force.
December 16 - The official holiday of Tver.
December 17 - Day of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation.
December 18 - International Migrant Day.
December 19 - St. Nicholas Day.
December 20 is the Day of the Security Service of the Russian Federation.
December 21 - (1965) The UN General Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Winter solstice.
December 22 is the birthday of Russian hockey. An energy worker's day.
December 23 - Day of the long-range aviation of the Russian Air Force.
December 24 - Day of Military Glory of Russia. The day of the capture of the Turkish fortress Izmail by Russian troops under the command of A.Suvorov (1790).
December 25 - Catholic and Lutheran holiday - Christmas. Jewish holiday Hanukkah.
December 26 - St. Stephen's Day. Boxing Day.
December 27 - Day of the rescuer (Russia).
December 28 - The invention of chewing gum (USA).
December 29 is the International Day for Biological Diversity.
December 30 - the Day of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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