18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway

It is considered that the need for repairs in the apartment - it is almost a natural disaster: it is inevitable and requires huge costs. But even more frightening is the number of questions that a person is forced to solve, who gets involved in this difficult, but such an exciting adventure.

Even starting redecorating, we face a lot of problems. How to start a repair? What kind of putty to choose for the walls under the wallpaper? What quality of putty should be, is it necessary to primer for wallpaper? How to choose the right wallpaper? Some questions you can find answers in this article.

What wallpaper to choose for the hallway? Primary requirements

The hallway room is the place where we find ourselves, crossing the threshold of the apartment. Dust of the street and dirt from shoes is a widespread problem, the presence of which must be taken into account when finishing this room.

When answering the question of which wallpaper to choose for the corridor, you should focus on the materials corresponding toseveral important requirements.

  1. Resistance to high humidity. Lack of windows and fresh air circulation increases the humidity of the room. How to choose wallpaper in the hallway, given this fact? Of course, relying on their moisture resistance, given the difficult operating conditions.
  2. Easy care. Since the wet cleaning of the hallway is carried out quite often, the quality of the wallpaper in this part of the apartment should allow the hostess to wash and scrub the stains from the surfaces of the walls without fear of damaging the texture of the wallpaper or erase the drawing.
  3. Suitability for minor repairs. The walls of the room are often subject to mechanical damage. Defects on a flat surface irritate and spoil the mood. The ability to quickly eliminate them is a huge plus when choosing wallpaper in the hallway.

Given the above factors, you can easily select the wallpaper in the hallway, stopping at onefrom several species.

  1. One of the most popular materials for the hallway -vinyl wallpapers. Excellent performance, a huge selection of colors, patterns, various textures will satisfy the most pretentious taste.
  2. Washable wallpaperYou can simply clean off, giving them the original appearance with a brush or sponge.These wallpapers are covered with a special moisture-resistant composition that repels dirt, as a result of which it can be quickly removed.
  3. Liquid wallpaper- not quite the usual type of coating: in its appearance and method of application, it resembles plaster. Not too large selection of colors of such wallpaper is compensated by the fact that the owner with his own hands will easily eliminate the defect in the surface of the wall. They have no joints, and if the wall is uneven, they are able to hide a non-ideal surface.
If you are thinking about how to choose liquid wallpaper, think also about the performance of these works by a qualified specialist - not everyone can immediately apply this coating ideally.

Selected wallpaper for the hallway and the corridor and wallpaper on the ceiling must necessarily be in harmony with each other and be an addition to the entire interior. And tastefully selected wallpapers can visually expand the room and additionally hide the irregularities of the walls.

A tastefully selected large mirror placed in the hallway also visually significantly expands the room.

What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen? We take into account all the features of the room

The kitchen is a small, but perhaps the most comfortable place in the house, an oasis where all family members gather for dinner or Sunday breakfast.But, unfortunately, we often encounter a lack of square meters, which can be corrected by choosing the right wallpaper.

What wallpaper to choose for the kitchenSo which wallpaper is better to choose for the kitchen? When choosing kitchen wall decorationsshould consider:

  • insolation level of the room;
  • kitchen size and configuration;
  • the desired style;
  • furniture color (if purchased in advance).

What color wallpaper to choose for the kitchen? In fact, color solutions can be any. But remember: even if you choose the wallpaper in the kitchen, the curtains should certainly be combined with their color, pieces of furniture and take into account the wallpaper on the ceiling.

When considering which wallpaper to choose for a small kitchen or what color the wallpaper should be for the kitchen, give preference to light-colored coatings or with a small pattern.

Here issome rules.

  1. Kitchen wallpaper must be waterproof and washable, because the purity of the kitchen is always judged by its owner. Yes, and few people are pleased to be in a room whose walls are often stained with droplets of fat, oil and other products. That is why the choice is not deformed in the process of washing the wallpaper will be the most correct in the present situation.And do not forget about the wallpaper on the ceiling - they will also have to be washed thoroughly!
  2. Another important factor is the ability of the wallpaper to resist the effects of steam and recover quickly, since it is very important to maintain the microclimate of the room in its natural state.
  3. Often the kitchen windows are located on the sunny side of the house. In this case, you should choose those wallpapers in the room that do not lose color for a long time under the influence of the bright sun.

Thinking how to choose wallpaper for the kitchen? Take time to study the labeling of wallpaper and purchase those that take into account the characteristics of this room in your apartment.

If you are thinking about the problem, how to choose wallpaper for painting, and plan to apply them in the kitchen, select the floor with a sufficiently deep texture that can withstand repeated staining.

Criteria for choosing wallpaper for living rooms are not as tough as those that apply to common areas, but, nevertheless, have a number of features.

How to choose a wallpaper for the living room? We study options

Thinking about how to choose wallpaper for the hall of our apartment, we are faced with a truly huge choice.From traditional coatings can pay attention to paper, vinyl or non-woven wallpaper.

How to choose a wallpaper for the living roomWant to add some exotics? Pay attention to the wallpaper made of foiled materials, which not only increase the sound insulation of the room, but also help to maintain a constant microclimate. Do you like woven textures? Pay attention to the textile coating.

When thinking about which wallpaper to choose in the living room, do not forget aboutmain criteria.

  1. The microclimate of the room where the whole family rests and a group of friends gathers is very important. Consequently, the wallpaper in the room should be perfectly breathable, be environmentally friendly.
  2. Large windows of living rooms and sunlight contribute to the accelerated fading of the design. In part, you can level this drawback with the help of heavy curtains, but this is not always appropriate. Therefore, glass wallpaper, wallpaper of dense non-woven or liquid wallpaper can significantly improve the situation.
  3. Practicality and compatibility are very important - the color and pattern of the walls should emphasize all the features of the style. And if you really want to see wallpaper on one of the walls, write them into the interior organically.
  4. And do not forget about curtains - it is necessary to choose wallpaper for a room, taking into account the rules of color compatibility.
If you do not know what wallpaper to choose for the hall, complaining that the room is too small, remember the general rule. It answers not only the question of how to choose wallpaper for a small room, but is also comprehensive: light full! Use tastefully selected light monophonic wallpaper, wallpaper on the ceiling a couple tones lighter, the curtains are a little darker than the walls, and you will not recognize your living room.

What wallpaper to choose in the bedroom? Reason and Feelings

When choosing a wallpaper in a room where almost half of life goes, it will be appropriate to fully surrender to your feelings and understand what color would you like to wake up with every morning.

What wallpaper to choose in the bedroomPlanning to choose a wallpaper for the bedroom alone or with your family? Consider, above all, the interests of the people who own the room.

Considering which wallpaper to choose for the bedroom, you can realize your wildest desires and dreams, but keep in mind that wallpapers made from natural materials are the best option.

So which wallpaper is best for your bedroom? A variety of perspectives fascinates: paper, fabric, wallpaper for painting.Highlight one wall: paste wallpapers - and the selected photo every day will make you smile, giving a little joy.

Not sure how to choose a wallpaper for a small bedroom or another small room? The best option would be bright wallpaper without a picture. If the presence of the pattern is important, purchase a canvas with a small pattern located vertically; curtains in bright colors in a small space of the room will look good and organic.

How to choose a wallpaper in the nursery? Selection criteria

Your baby is a person with his own ideas and feelings. It is not entirely correct to not take into account his opinion when deciding which wallpaper to choose for a children's room. But often parents make repairs in the child’s room when he is not yet able to make an independent decision. In this caseThe main criteria are the following nuances.

  1. Walls should be environmentally friendly and safe (for example, paper wallpaper).
  2. Little tomboys are capable of pranks and unexpected actions, therefore, the material of the wallpaper must be practical (wallpaper with washable or vinyl impregnation).
  3. The color of the wallpaper should not be variegated,otherwise, the child’s eyes will tire quickly.
  4. Capricious kids fall asleep faster when they see something beautiful and fascinating in front of them. Choose wallpaper on the ceiling with twinkling stars or any other pattern and make sure that your child began to cry less, and fall asleep faster.
  5. When the child grows up, you can choose together choose a wallpaper for his bedroom - believe me, this will be very exciting.

Serious business requires a serious approach. But if you take into account all the nuances, you can quickly make a choice. And how to choose the wallpaper in the room, you already know.

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18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway 3

18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway 67

18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway 50

18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway 71

18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway 36

18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway 44

18 tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom and hallway 60