143 clinic, Zhulebino: photos and reviews

Providing quality medical care for children is the goal of the work that the 143 polyclinic (Zhulebino) sets itself, located in Moscow on ul. Aircraft designer Mil, d. 5 Bldg. 1.

The structure of the medical institution №143

The Children's Clinic (Zhulebino) 143 is a public health institution funded from the budget. But in terms of the quantity and quality of services provided, it is not inferior to private medical units.143 polyclinic Zhulebino

The 143 polyclinic (Zhulebino) has a multi-profile infrastructure that ensures the preservation of the health of children.

Development monitoring from an early age, corrective treatment measures are carried out by medical and support staff on the basis of:

  • pediatric department;
  • 4 branches;
  • day pediatric hospital;
  • radiology department;
  • children's emergency room;
  • dental office;
  • laboratories;
  • disease prevention departments;
  • specialty rooms;
  • "Health Center";
  • swimming pool;
  • dairy cuisine.

Parents very much appreciate that in the list of services provided by polyclinic 143 (Zhulebino), a call to the doctor at home is also present, so help for children can be provided around the clock.

Staffing of the outpatient center

The 143 polyclinic (Zhulebino) fills its staff only with qualified medical staff. Therefore, the problem of personnel security remains relevant, there are vacancies of doctors, nurses.Children's Clinic Zhulebino 143

Polyclinic doctors, having extensive experience in pediatrics, undergo certification, are trained in advanced training courses in order to obtain current knowledge about the achievements in the theory and practice of world medicine. Certificates confirming the high level of professional training adorn the doctor's offices.

Medical personnel have the skills to work on modern equipment, which helps in the qualitative diagnosis of diseases and allows for effective treatment of children.

Organization of medical work and diagnostics

For the proper development of the child, the timely detection of deviations, diseases, pathologies requires regular and comprehensive monitoring of the state of children's health.To this end, the 143 clinic (Zhulebino) organized work in the following areas:

  • general pediatrics;
  • the provision of surgical care;
  • children's traumatology and orthopedics;
  • cardiology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • nephrology;
  • children's dentistry.

Accurate comprehensive diagnosis of childhood diseases is performed in well-equipped rooms:

  • radiological examinations;
  • functional diagnostics;
  • studies of organs, tissues and systems of the body using ultrasound;
  • endoscopic studies.

Many tests are performed in the clinical laboratory.

In addition to these areas, children's clinics of narrow specializations work in the clinic:

  • urologist;
  • oncologist;
  • hematologist;
  • allergist;
  • neurologist.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of physical therapy classes, various physiotherapy.

The schedule of work of all cabinets is made in such a way that it was convenient for parents of young patients who are admitted to 143 clinics (Zhulebino). The schedule of doctors is posted on the information stand near the registry. You can make an appointment in advance by telephone.

From Monday to Friday, the 143 polyclinic (Zhulebino) admits patients from 8.00 to 20.00, on Saturday its work begins one hour later and ends at 15.00. Sunday is a day off.143 clinic Zhulebino reviews

The work of the "Health Center"

In order to identify possible risk factors in the development of children, the city polyclinic No. 143 organized the work of the Health Center on the basis of its branch No. 4. Here, children can start a comprehensive examination (screening) free from 6 years old.

The medical staff of the Health Center carries out a large program of diagnostic procedures:

  • measurement of the physical indicators of child development - body mass, height, muscle strength of the hands;
  • removal of blood pressure parameters;
  • monitoring the functioning and condition of the central nervous system;
  • screening of the heart using computer equipment;
  • rapid blood tests to determine the level of glucose and cholesterol;
  • evaluation of the respiratory system;
  • detection of toxic substances in the body;
  • diagnosis of bioimpedance (electrical) resistance of body parts.

143 clinic Zhulebino schedule of doctors

Children's visit to the outpatient center pool number 143

The polyclinic has its own swimming pool. A special sector has been allocated for conducting studies with infants, starting from 3 months of age and up to 3 years. Older guys (7-15 years old) are engaged separately in a large pool.

Physical therapy doctors make up for each child individual programs for the correction of physical development, strengthening their immune protection, saving them from many diseases.

Group and individual rehabilitation classes are possible, which are necessary for children with severe illnesses - cerebral palsy, complications after injuries.

The issuance of food for children in the dairy kitchen

According to the conclusion of a doctor in the clinic, children's food products are given to families in preferential categories, where:

polyclinic 143 zhulebino call a doctor

Relieve suffering, return children health and cheerful laughter - with this sincere aspiration every city day 143 polyclinic (Zhulebino) begins. Reviews of many grateful patients testify to this. They are pleased with the advice of experienced doctors, the caring attitude of all the staff, the organization of the work of the Health Center, the pool, and the dental department.

Everyone who had to visit the clinic with their child, responds with delight about the quality of the services provided. This level of staff skills can be observed not in every medical institution, so the clinic has more than once been noted as one of the best medical institutions throughout Russia.

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