10 best breeds of dogs for the apartment and children: we choose a true friend for the child

If you decide to purchase a shaggy friend, be sure to consult with experts what breeds of dogs for an apartment and children are suitable, and which are better not to start. After all, they, like people, have their own character, habits, instincts.

It has long been proven that the presence of a dog in the house makes the child more healthy, responsible and sociable. In families where there are children and pets, it is always noisy and fun. Agree that a dog in the house is a full member of the family who will always keep your child company in games and pranks. Yes, and the four-legged friends themselves do not mind to fling. You just need to choose the right pet.

The dog is not a toy!

Friend to children

Before you take a puppy into the house, think about whether you are ready to consider him as a member of the family and care for him? To love as gratisly as he does for you? Do not sleep at night if he is sick? Walk in any weather? Are you patient with his pranks? Do not swear and do not beat if you are in a bad mood,and the dog did not please you? Are you ready to consider him a friend, not a burden? Think and think again!

Weigh the pros and cons, because the dog is not a toy, not a temporary fun, it is a living being who will trust you immediately and forever.

Many parents make the mistake when they rid their child of the fear of animals, trying to cure them on the principle of wedge knocks them out with a wedge. If once a kid was attacked by a dog or very frightened, and now he is afraid not only to play, but also to approach the animal, then you should not take a puppy into the house - this is a living creature that requires care and love, and not a “medicine for fear.”

At what age can you get a dog for a child?

Is your baby passionately dreaming about a dog and asking to buy him a puppy? Are you on the one hand not against, but on the other afraid? Then answer yourself the question - why do you personally need a dog? As an adult, aware of yourself, you must understand that all worries about the pet and its content will fall on your shoulders. Yes, the child will acquire a friend, feel responsibility and develop a love for animals, but he cannot cope without your help.

If you are ready to take another child into the family, and the puppy is a small ball that you want to feed and raise, like your little ones, then you should definitely have a dog.

Parents are often interested at what age you can buy a dog for a child? Yes, from anyone! This will be your decision and your dog, and everything else will follow. If the baby is just born, and the dog is already a member of the family, then it will protect and care for him. If the child is a preschooler, then the puppy and the child are equally helpless and you will have to redouble your efforts in raising and caring. A child of preschool age can accidentally harm a puppy, but cannot take care of it by definition.

If a pupil has grown up in a family, the puppy will acquire a nanny and a friend. Psychologists and dog breeders, dog experts, I advise you to start a pet when the child can take care of him: walk, feed, play. This is at least a junior school age. Of course, you cannot do without the help of parents, but you should immediately agree on the distribution of responsibilities so that caring for the dog does not fall entirely on the shoulders of mom or dad.

The teenager and the dog are complex relationships, because teenagers have interests outside the home, a group of friends, first relationships with the opposite sex, and the four-legged friend involuntarily fades into the background.

In general, you should not go into psychological problems.Do you like dogs? So you are destined to be together, and this will happen when you are ready for it.

Tips for novice hosts

  1. When choosing a puppy, consider the temperament and character of your child, his health and lifestyle. Talk to experts about how much your chosen dog breed suits your baby, because an active restless person will not be interested in a calm, phlegmatic friend.
  2. The weight of a dog in adulthood should not differ much from the weight of the child, so that he can cope with it and keep it on a leash if the dog sees a cat or decides to run after the ball.
  3. If you still want a large dog, then be sure to conduct a course of training, the pet must listen to your commands and members of your family.

The best breeds of dogs for the child and the apartment

The issue of acquiring a dog is finally and completely resolved. Now it is worth thinking about the breed. You can not come to the market and buy the first puppy, because "he is so cute." All the kids are cute, but not all grow into good-natured sociable dogs.

Your pet will live in a family with children, and therefore, simply must have a good disposition, a stable psyche and affection for the child.If you have a boy, then a retriever or a Dalmatian will accompany him on walks, play catch-up and run after the bike. And if a girl, then you can pay attention to glamorous Chihuahuas or Crested Chinese, which you can dress up in clothes and decorate with ribbons and hairpins.

Let's dive into a small excursion of the breeds, consider habits and descriptions so that you have an ideal dog for the apartment and a child, and the dog has an ideal loving family.


Dog breeds

The Golden Retriever is one of the smartest and most capable dogs. He is very friendly, not only with people, but also with other animals. Its distinguishing feature is increased activity. Running, swimming, romping, catching up - it's all about him, the energy just hits the key!

A reliable friend, loves children, is very patient - even if the young disgraceful people tugging at his fur or tail, he will not be offended.

But, despite numerous advantages, there is also a fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey. His long hair requires special care - combing, combs and brushes must be ready, the retriever sheds very much.


Dog breeds

Dalmatians have a lot of controversy.On the one hand, he is an aristocrat, confident, refined and polite. On the other - sly, sassy, ​​playful and naive. Sometimes it is cowardly and aggressive. He has a complex nature and not all can come up. This is not a cartoon hero, he is a hunter - a hound on a blood trail.

Friendly, sociable dog, gets along well with children, but vindictive and remembers insults. It requires a delicate and respectful attitude, does not tolerate familiarity.

Caring for him is easy, his wool does not require haircuts and trimming, only regular combing. Very clean and on the street will not get into the dirt.

When choosing a puppy, be sure to check his ear; at birth, 10% are born deaf.

The beagle

Dog breeds

Hunter on the hare and other small animals. That is why the presence in the house of other pets can end for them a good bashing.

Kind and loyal, sociable and cheerful, smart and energetic. He likes big companies, he is so friendly that he will follow a stranger. He can never be a guard. Loves to play with children.

It requires a lot of physical activity, it is enduring, you need to walk and run a lot with it, otherwise there will be health problems, biggles are subject to obesity.

In the care there are no problems, the beagle is neat and clean.

Welsh Corgi

Breeds for children

Professional shepherds and detectives. Small size, friendliness, excellent character, complete absence of aggression - these are ideal pets for urban conditions.

The most smiling dog, not devoid of a sense of humor. Easily subject to training, likes to show their acquired abilities in public.

This breed is recommended as a friend to autistic children. Treat the child, as to the ward sheep. They protect their family like a flock that needs to be “dropped out” and protected from dangers.

The peculiarity of corgi is that they do not bark for no reason or for a company, which is especially important in an apartment. Wool is short, a comb once every two weeks will be enough.

Breeds for children

A real treasure for the family. Pugs are not suitable for running and outdoor games due to the structure of the muzzle, so it will be a good friend to a calm and balanced child.

This is a companion dog, likes to constantly be near the owner and substitute one or another part of the body for scratching. Smart, well understood team. Do not howl, do not whine and do not bark just like that. Grunts from pleasure or even purrs like cats.

On the street, it is enough for him to walk for 15-20 minutes, this is a fully-fledged little dog.


Breeds for children

Who has not seen a poodle in a circus? Curly, clever, loves to play and bring joy. Sociable, feels very good emotions, can be sad and worried with the owner. This is a convivial doggie that should not be left alone for a long time, otherwise it can get psychological trauma.

A poodle is a guard and watchman. With the aggression of strangers boldly rush to protect the owner.

Children are treated patiently and condescendingly; they do not take offense at the pranks of the “human baby”. For the student - a good friend and companion.

Bichon frize

Dogs for children

It looks like a poodle. It is also easy to train and loves to show off their success. Affectionate and playful, responsive and very sensitive. She reacts sensitively to her attitude to herself, she is incredibly happy when she is stroked and praised.

Get along with everyone - children, adults, strangers, other animals.

Haircut bimonthly and daily combing is the price for great character and friendliness.

Spitz dogs

Friend child

Energetic dog loves little children and can play with them for hours. This is not a sofa decoration, but a vigorous and hardy animal that requires constant movement.

Despite its small size, she is courageous, loyal to the owner, she has a highly developed guard instinct.It prefers to dominate everywhere and in everything, but it does not apply to children. Not jealous, but selfish.

The spitz is a small fluffy ball that one wants to cuddle, which the children are trying to do without paying attention to its fragility.


Little friend

Energetic animal for active owners. Sociable hunting dog, loves children, friendly and benevolent.

Good defender. The clever and smart dachshund prefers to make decisions on their own, is disobedient in training - she understands everything, but she does everything in her own way. Stubborn and cunning, if not brought up, then he will sit on the neck and deliver a lot of trouble to the owner.

A curious creature, always and everywhere poking its long nose. A wonderful companion and interlocutor - he will listen and sympathize.


Dog for child

Very attached to the owner, trying not to depart a single step. It gets along with the children, but you should not leave it alone with the kids - it can bite.

Smart, loves to learn. Charming and loyal. She has a loud voice and is not afraid to say everything she thinks about you.

He likes to play, but is very fragile, may be injured. A great companion for glamorous ladies, older ladies and teenage girls.

What breeds are not suitable for a child and an apartment

What are the dogs for the apartment and the children do not fit? Experienced dog handlers and dog breeders in one voice will tell you that in order to communicate with children you should not start fighting breeds, service dogs and some hunting dogs. They do not tend to become attached to children, moreover, they may show aggression or not cope with instincts.

It is strongly recommended not to have pit bulls, boxers, dobermans, rottweilers - they have a complicated character, and not even every adult will be able to cope with them.

Rare breeds that require meticulous care will also be difficult for a child. And if you are not a hunter or you do not have enough time for active and energetic walks, then you should not torment a hunting breed dog by closing it in an apartment.

Particularly noteworthy are very small breeds of dogs for the apartment and children. They are very selfish and jealous. All attention requires themselves. In addition, their fragility can lead to injury if children started active games.

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