09.09.18. Expectations. Khakassia

We continue to look at how the situation is developing in the regions where gubernatorial elections will be held this fall. Today is the Republic of Khakassia.
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Khakassia is one of the few regions where this year's gubernatorial elections will be next, not early. The current head and chairman of the government of the republic, Viktor Zimin, was elected to this post in 2013, his powers expire in September. In total, Zimin has headed Khakassia since January 2009 (approved by the Supreme Council of Khakassia on the proposal of President DA Medvedev).
Here is how the previous elections of the heads of Khakassia took place (until 2010 - Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Khakassia, after 2010 - Head of the Republic of Khakassia - Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Khakassia; until 1996 he was appointed by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Khakassia):
1996: turnout of the first round - 52.06%, second round - 46.34%, Aleksey Lebed - 71.85%;
2000: turnout - 52.25%, Aleksey Lebed - 71.23%;
2004: turnout - 38.44%, Alexey Lebed - 59.15%;
2013: turnout - 37.84%, Victor Zimin - 63.41%.
This year, 9 candidates were nominated for the election of the head of the republic: the current governor Viktor Zimin (United Russia), a journalist,deputy of the Council of Deputies of the city of Sayanogorsk, Mikhail Valov (LDPR), retired Irina Butanaeva (“Small Business Party of Russia”), lawyer from Moscow, Ivan Mironov (“Russian People’s Union”), deputy of the Supreme Council of Khakassia, Oleg Ivanov (“Russian Party of Pensioners for Social Justice "), Director of Sovremennye Tekhnologii LLC, head of the growth division of the Growth Party, Alexander Myahar (Growth Party), head of the regional office of Fair Russia Andrei Filyagin (Fair Russia), chairman of the board of the Union of Housing kopitelnyh cooperatives Sergey Erbyagin ( "Green") and the first secretary of the Republican Committee of the Communist Party, Valentin Konovalov (CPRF).
To pass the municipal filter, each candidate had to submit at least 126 signatures of deputies and heads of municipalities of the region to the electoral commission of the republic by 18:00 on July 25, and representatives of the district or city level must give at least 28 signatures. Only four coped with this task - Victor Zimin, Alexander Myahar, Andrey Filyagin and Valentin Konovalov. The remaining five candidates did not provide the necessary packages of documents within the specified period.
The Election Commission of the Republic of Khakassia completed consideration of the documents submitted by the candidates and their registration on 2 August. As a result, all four candidates were registered. The registration of Zimin and Miakhar was announced on July 31, the registration of Filyagin and Konovalov - on August 2. It was also decided to deny registration to those who did not apply.
Note that not all candidates calmly perceived their failure. So, Mikhail Valov, who was nominated by the regional branch of the Liberal Democratic Party, accused the ruling party of collecting signatures for the "right" candidates with violations: "I know of cases when representatives of United Russia literally lined up, they were taken to a notary to there they signed lists of support for candidates whom they hadn’t seen in principle, and some surnames couldn’t even be spoken. This suggests that, in fact, there was no democracy in the collection of subscription lists. " At the same time, Valov did not file an official complaint to the election commission on this issue.
Local experts say that not one of the other three candidates will be Viktor Zimin’s main rival in this election.and its own anti-rating due to the difficult socio-economic situation in the region: not so long ago Khakassia became the first subject of the Russian Federation in which an external treasury administration was introduced.
The political analyst Alexander Bortnikov assesses the pre-election situation in Khakassia: "The most boring campaign in the history of the region is perhaps the first time. Our Liberal Democratic Party for the first time does not participate in this campaign. Their candidate did not go to the gubernatorial elections. And because they themselves did nothing. All the major political players gave up on this matter. At best, they depict something for the sake of appearances, but it is clear that they do not set any serious goals. Whether there will be some kind of revival is doubtful. a lot of time left until the day of the voice Ia. <...> The de facto out, that with such low-intensity campaign, when one does not encourage voters to visit the sites and vote to win the acting head. "
Dmitry Bureev, a political consultant and deputy of the Council of Deputies of the city of Chernogorsk, shares his opinion on what kind of turnout will be at this election: "Turnout will be between 35% and 40%, that is, about 150 thousand active voters per republic. The date of September 9 will win active attendance.For the villagers it is the time of harvesting and harvesting fodder, for the townspeople it is the time of leaving the summer holidays, the beginning of the school year. All this will affect the turnout. However, the legitimacy of the elections will not suffer from this, since there is no lower turnout. And, in my estimation, a high turnout will “blur” the nuclear electorates of candidates and parties. At the same time, in my opinion, traditionally high activity will be in Sorsk, in Sayanogorsk, where they will also hold mayoral elections, in Beisk, Bogradsky and Shirinsky districts. <...> With Abakan everything is more complicated. Here, 30% of voters in the republic, their activity gives a total vote of almost every third active voter of the republic. Taking into account the election of the mayor of the city, deputies of the city council, an active propaganda summer campaign and a series of events, including the City Day, the turnout may be even higher than in some districts of the republic. In general, the main guideline in turnout and the results of all elections is Abakan. <...> I cannot give any estimates to the candidates so that it does not look like agitation, but I will say this: now a bear, a nightingale, a fox, a marten are going to the polls. And the choice of the voter will be based on the level of reputation and image of the candidates, and not on the programs. "
Well, something like this.
The full version of the material with detailed comments of experts can be read here.
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